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  • (1921 - 1938) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1921) Stage Play: Face Value. Comedy. Based on the Italian of Sabatino Lopez. Book adapted by Solita Solano. Written by Laurence Grass. 49th Street Theatre: 26 Dec 1921- Jan 1922 (closing date unknown/41 performances). Cast: Nellie Burt (as "Cecilla Leonard"), Orlando Daly (as "Dr. Frederick Cutris, Husband of Alma Curtis"), Leo Ditrichstein (as "Jose Henriquez"), Mary Duncan (as "Miss Farrell"), Josephine Hamner (as "Mrs. Rose Jennings"), M.A. Kelly (as "Henry"), Clara Mackin (as "Arabella Mapes"), Lee Millar (as "Edward Barton"), Hugh O'Connell (as "Harry Stewart") [Broadway debut], Alexis Polianov (as "Alexis Borozouff"), Frances Underwood (as "Alma Curtis). Produced by Lee Shubert.
  • (1923) Stage Play: Zeno. Drama.
  • (1925) Stage Play: Cousin Sonia. Comedy. Written by Louis Verneuil. Translated by Herbert WilliamsDirected by Edward Elsner. Central Park Theatre: 7 Dec 1925- Jan 1926 (closing date unknown/30 performances). Cast: Katharine Hayden (as "Lucienne Burr"), Douglas MacPherson (as "Hubert Carter"), Hugh O'Connell (as "Maurice Burr"), Royal C. Stout (as "Dr. Mariot"), Marguerita Sylva (as "Sonya Orlova Varilovna, Cousin Sonia"). Produced by Sonia Productions Inc.
  • (1926) Stage Play: The Wisdom Tooth. Comedy.
  • (1926) Stage Play: Sure Fire. Comedy.
  • (1927) Stage Play: Ballyhoo. Written by Kate Horton. Directed by Richard Boleslawski. 49th Street Theatre: 4 Jan 1927- Jan 1927 (closing date unknown/7 performances). Cast: Arline Blackburn, Louise Carter, Eric Dressler (as "Cameron MacDonald"), Smith E. Frazier, Kathryn Givney (as "Judy MacDonald"), Minna Gombell (as "Starlight Lil"), James Green, Adelaide Hibbard, Earle H. Mayne, Hugh O'Connell (as "Texas Dan"), W.H. Post, William Sellery, Kent Thurber, Morgan Wallace. Produced by Russell Janney.
  • (1927) Stage Play: Fog. Written by John Willard. Directed by Arthur Hurley. National Theatre: 7 Feb 1927- May 1927 (closing date unknown/96 performances). Cast: Charles Dow Clark (as "Eph Kelly"), Alexander Clarke, Edward Colebrook (as "Jeelo"), Ben Hendricks Jr. (as "Olaf") [final Broadway role], Wilfred Jessop [credited as Wilfred Jessup] (as "Lord Jim"), Robert Keith (as "Charlie"), Frank McHugh (as "Scraggs") [Broadway debut], Hugh O'Connell (as "Darcy"), Vivienne Osborne (as "Eunice"). Produced by Lorton Productions Inc.
  • (1927) Stage Play: The Racket. Written by Bartlett Cormack. Ambassador Theatre: 22 Nov 1927- Mar 1928 (closing date unknown/119 performances). Cast: Ralph Adams (as "Sam Meyer"), Romaine Callender (as "Assistant State's Attorney Welch"), Jack Clifford (as "Clark"), Marion Coakley (as "Irene Hayes"), G. Pat Collins (as "Patrolman Johnson"), John Cromwell (as "Captain McQuigg"), Edward Eliscu (as "Joe"), Harry English (as "Lieutenant Gill"), Mike Flanagan (as "Another Patrolman"), Norman Foster (as "Dave Ames"), Louis Frohoff (as "Alderman Kublacek"), Mal Kelly (as "Sergeant Sullivan"), Fred Irving Lewis (as "Detective Sergeant Delaney"), Harry McCoy (as "Turck"), Hugh O'Connell (as "Miller"), Charles O'Connor (as "A Patrolman"), Charles Peyton (as "Glick"), Willard Robertson (as "Pratt"), Edward G. Robinson (as "An Unidentified Man"), C.E. Smith (as "Sergeant Schmidt"). Produced by Alexander McKaig. Note: Filmed as The Racket (1951).
  • (1928) Stage Play: Gentlemen of the Press. Written by Ward Morehouse. Directed by George Abbott. Henry Miller's Theatre: 27 Aug 1928- Dec 1928 (closing date unknown/128 performances). Cast: Granville Bates (as "Braddock"), Paul Clare, Elmer Cornell, John Cromwell (as "Wick Snell"), Harry Cronk, Russel Crouse, J. Hammond Dailey, Helen Flint, Harold Grau (as "Haley"), Louis Halprin, Austin O. Huhn, George Humbert, Carlotta Irwin, Betty Lancaster, Lawrence Leslie, Harry Levian, Thos. A. Linker, Millard Mitchell (as "McBee"), Allan Nagle, Hugh O'Connell (as "Charlie Haven"), John Paschall, William Pawley, Duncan Penwarden, Francis Pierlot (as "McManahan"), Billy Quinn, J.H. Stoddart, Cornelius Vezin, Philip Wood. Produced by Thomas E. Jackson and H.S. Kraft.
  • (1929) Stage Play: Week-End. Comedy.
  • (1930) Stage Play: Once in a Lifetime. Comedy. Written by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman. Stage Manager: Robert B. Sinclair [earliest Broadway credit]. Directed by George S. Kaufman. Music Box Theatre: 24 Sep 1920- Sep 1931 (unknown closing date/406 performances). Cast: Frances E. Brandt (as "Mrs. Walker"), Jane Buchanan (as "A Voice Pupil"), Spring Byington (as "Helen Hobart"), George Casselberry (as "One of Three Scenario Writers"), Payson Crane (as "Bellboy"), Louis Cruger (as "Weisskopf"), Janet Currie (as "Phyllis Fontaine"), Jean Dixon (as "May Daniels"), Walter Dreher (as "Rudolph Kammerling"), Marie Ferguson (as "Miss Fontaine's Maid"), Stanley Fitzpatrick (as "Page"), Eugenie Frontai (as "Florabel Leigh"), Harold Grau (as "Mr. Flick"), Charles Halton (as "Herman Glogauer"), Virginia Hawkins (as "Miss Chasen"), John O. Hewitt (as "Electrician"), George S. Kaufman (as "Lawrence Vail"), Marc Loebell (as "Ernest"), Edward Loud (as "Miss Leigh's Chauffer/Leading Man"), Charles Mack (as "Miss Fontaine's Chauffer") [final Broadway role], Georgia MacKinnon (as "Script Girl"), Burton Mallory (as "One of Three Scenario Writers"), Leona Maricle (as "Miss Leighton"), William McFadden (as "Meterstein"), Edwin Mills (as "Page"), Grant Mills (as "Jerry Hyland"), Irving Morrow (as "Bishop"), Hugh O'Connell (as "George Lewis"), Sally Phipps (as "Susan Walker"), Oscar Polk (as "Porter"), Kempton Race (as "One of Three Scenario Writers"), Robert Ryder (as "George's Secretary"), Otis Schaefer (as "Coat Check Girl"), Dorothy Talbot (as "Miss Leigh's Maid"), Frances Thress (as "Bridesmaid"), Clara Waring (as "Cigarette Girl"), Jack Williams (as "Electrician"). Produced by Sam Harris.
  • (1932) Stage Play: Face the Music. Musical comedy revue. Book by Moss Hart. Lyrics by Irving Berlin. Music by Irving Berlin. Musical Director: Frank Tours. Music orchestrated by Frank Tours, Robert Russell Bennett and Maurice De Packh. Scenic Design by Albert R. Johnson. Costume Design by Kiviette and Weld. Choreographed by Albertina Rasch. Staged by Hassard Short. Directed by George S. Kaufman. New Amsterdam Theatre: 17 Feb 1932- 9 Jul 1932 (165 performances). Cast: Thomas Arace, Ward Arnold (as "Postman"), Jack Barnes, Virginia Bethel, Mary Boland (as "Mrs. Meshbesher"), Mary Brooks, Dave Burns, Charles Burrows, Katherine Carrington, Dorothy Claire, Charles Coleman, Aida Conkey, Leslie Cornell, Ed Crosswell, Guy Daly, Maxine Darrell, Peggy Dell, Martin Dennis, Nancy Dolan, Bert Doughty, Elsie Duffy, Clyde Fillmore, George Ford, Edward Gargan (as "Mr. O'Rourke"), Jack Good, Frances Halliday, Rita Horgan, Elizabeth Houston, Valerie Huff, Jay Hunter, Vernon Jayson, Alice Kellerman, Irene Kelly, Mary Kennedy, Phil King, Dorothy Lamb, Jeanette Lea, Betty Lee, Margaret Lee, Clark Leston, Bob Long, Helen Lyons, Joseph Macauley (as "Rodney St. Clair, Prosecuting Attorney"), Ruth Martin, Vida McLain, Howard Morgan, J. Harold Murray (as "Pat Mason, Jr."), Fred Nay, Dorissa Nelova, Evelyn Nielson, Chester O'Brien, Emmett O'Brien, Mortimer O'Brien, Hugh O'Connell (as "Martin van Buren Meshbesher"), Pat O'Keefe, Oscar Polk (as "Rivington"), Wilma Roeloff, Etna Ross, Jack Ross, Jimmy Ryan, Jean Sargent, Peter Sargent, Martin Shepard, Stuart Steppler, Helen Thompson, Andrew Tombes (as "Hal Reisman"), Kathleen VanNoy, Mary Grace Van Noy, Dorothy Waller, Teddy West, Jack Wolfe, Dan Wyler. Produced by Sam Harris.
  • (1933) Stage Play: A Saturday Night. Comedy. Written by Owen Davis. Directed by Melville Burke. Playhouse Theatre: 28 Feb 1933- Apr 1933 (closing date unknown/40 performances). Cast: Jane Corcoran (as "Annie"), Robert Courtleigh (as "Fred Dorris"), Owen Davis Jr. (as "Peter Cary"), Richard Jack (as "Ted"), Arthur Margetson (as "Dick Carrington"), Warren McCollum (as "Bill Cary"), Hugh O'Connell (as "Jim Langdon"), Addison Pitt (as "Doctor Morton"), Joseph Striker (as "Anthony Kirk"), June Webster (as "Lena"), Peggy Wood (as "Marguerite Langdon"), Elizabeth Young (as "Sally"). Produced by William A. Brady.
  • (1934) Stage Play: The Milky Way. Comedy. Written by Lynn Root and Harry Clork. Directed by William W. Schorr. Cort Theatre: 8 May 1934- Jul 1934 (closing date unknown/63 performances). Cast: John Brown, Brian Donlevy (as "Speed McFarland"), Leo Donnelly (as "Gabby Sloan") [final Broadway role], Edward Emerson, William Foran, Gladys George (as "Anne Westey"), Emily Lowry, Hugh O'Connell (as "Burleigh Sullivan"), Bernard Pathe. Produced by Sidney Harmon and James R. Ullman. Note: Considering it did not recoup it's investment, this play proved surprising durable on film. It was purchased rather cheaply by Paramount-- recently out of receivership-- and produced as a Harold Lloyd vehicle as The Milky Way (1936) (a flop) and reworked a decade later by Samuel Goldwyn as The Kid from Brooklyn (1946) (a hit) with Danny Kaye in the starring role.
  • (1936) Stage Play: Ziegfeld Follies of 1936. Musical revue. Music by Vernon Duke. Lyrics by Ira Gershwin. Based on material by David Freeman. Musical Director: John McManus. Music orchestrated by [error], Conrad Sallinger, Russell Bennett and Don Walker. Scenic Design and Costume Design by Vincente Minnelli. Sketches directed by Eddie Dowling. Ballets directed by George Balanchine. Directed by John Murray Anderson and Edward Clarke Lilley. Winter Garden Theatre: 30 Jan 1936- 9 May 1936 (115 performances). Cast: Fanny Brice, Bob Hope, Gertrude Niesen, Eve Arden, Gene Ashley, Josephine Baker, Milton Barnett, Vicki Belling, Herman Belmonte, Prescott Brown, Edward Browne, Florine Callahan, Judy Canova, George Church, Stella Clauson, Evelyn Dale, Dorothy Daly, Maxine Darrell, Roger Davis, Nancy Dolan, Tom Draper, Althea Elder, George Enz, Helene Fromson, Thomas Gleason, Vera Haal, Georgia Hiden, Harriet Hoctor, Gay Hoff, John Hoyt, Stan Kavanaugh, Irene Kelly, Lyn Leslie, Ula Love, Elena Marano, Helene Marchand, Duke McHale, Rodney McLennan, Betty McMahon, Mary Alice Moore, Jean Moorhead, Howard Morgan, Jane Moxon, Paul Nelson, The Nicholas Brothers, Gertrude Niesen, Hugh O'Connell, Eileen O'Driscoll, Jessica Pepper, Gloria Pierre, Cherry Preisser, June Preisser, Isabel Pulsford, William Quentmeyer, Peggy Quinn, J. Ramos, Erminie Randolph, Frances Rands, Cornelia Rogers, J. Sastere, Marion Semler, Thelma Shearon, Didi Skoug, Marlyn Stuart, Ricki Tanzi, Peggy Thomas, Ethel Thorsen, Williem Van Loon, Marie Vanneman, Everette West, Irving West, Ben Yost. Produced by Billie Burke Ziegfeld, Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1938) Stage Play: Run Sheep Run. Comedy. Written by Raymond Knight. Directed by Donald Blackwell. Windsor Theatre: 3 Nov 1938-Nov 1938 (closing date unknown/12 performances). Cast: Tom Drake [credited as Alfred Alderdice] (as "Eighteen"), Hilda Bruce (as "Mrs. Buker"), Alan Bunce (as "Claude Pratt"), Virginia Campbell (as "Phyllis Goodspeed"), Peter Goo Chong (as "George"), James Corner (as "Steve Bellows"), Peggy Coudray (as "Mrs. Frisbie"), Zamah Cunningham (as "Mrs. Hopple"), Aison Ewing, George Ewing Jr., Edith Gresham (as "Edith Pratt"), Beatrice Herford (as "Mrs. Potter"), Leo A. Kennedy (as "Kenneth Goodspeed") [final Broadway role], John Kirk, Enid Markey (as "Emily Terhune"), John Maroney, Hugh O'Connell (as "Wilkes Potter") [final Broadway role], Paul Porter, Dick Van Patten [credited as Dickie Van Patten] (as "Nine"), Regina Wallace (as "Mrs. Kenneth Goodspeed"), Ruth Weston (as "Leila Stuart"). Produced by Donald Blackwell and Raymond Curtis.

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