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Mike Gold: Freedom of Speech Without Freedom to Listen?

Who decides what is pornography? Who gets to stop people from seeing it? And why do they bother?

A Utah state senator got a bill passed declaring pornography a public health crisis. It’s been a while since I’ve been in Utah, but I was in New York City a couple days ago and I figure if porn is a “public health crisis” in Utah, there would be some sign of that in the Big Apple. I saw no signs of any public health crisis whatsoever. I asked my fellow ComicMix columnist Mindy Newell if she’s seen any signs of a porn-related health pandemic; by day Mindy’s an operating room nurse in the New Jersey portion of the metropolitan area. She acknowledged that pornography might be a threat to the health of certain religions that maintain broad governmental power, but it’s not a physical health threat like,
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Barefoot Gen

In this unflinching portrait, we see the devastation of the 1945 nuclear bombing of Hiroshima through the eyes of an ordinary family, particularly that of a young boy. Adapted from Keiji Nakazawa's 1972 manga and based closely on his own experiences as a six-year-old in the stricken city, this uses the stylised strokes of richly-conceived animation to show what would conventionally be unfilmable.
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White Light/Black Rain: The Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Never Forgotten

On August 6 of 1945, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima less than one month after their initial test. With the clear intent of ”completely destroying Japan’s power to make war”, a second bomb was then dropped three days later of the city of Nagasaki. This is the must-see story of the only people on Earth who survived a nuclear blast.

Here is a complete rundown of the candid survivors who shared their stories ( it might seem tedious at this point, but suck it up, it’s worth it ). Yasuyo Tanaka and Chiemi Oka were the eldest of 20 or so children in an orphanage when the bomb went off. ”Why did I survive?” asked Kiyoko Imori visually traumatized by her experiences. While Shigeko Sasamori wondered out loud in broken English: ”If I didn’t get bomb, what kind of life I had?”.

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This Week in Comics – 1/25/10

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Some weeks are like this, Internet: you struggle to fill your largely ignored weekly comic book column with new, interesting releases that aren’t tie ins to crossovers or being made into movies, but some weeks you just clutter the week with Batman. And that’s okay, because Batman is awesome and superhero comics are good. The world just shouldn’t revolve around them. But this week they can, because two awesome Batman books are coming out in the same week. Batman, Batman, Batman.

Welcome to This Week in Comics, where every day is a comic book. And many days are Batman.


First Issues

Robocop #1

(Rob Williams/Faviano Neves)

Dynamite Entertainment

I like RoboCop. That’s all I’m sayin’.


New Manga Day

Barefoot Gen Volume 9: Breaking Down Borders & Barefoot Gen Volume 10: Never Give Up

(Keiji Nakazawa)

Last Gasp

Do you know someone who writes off
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