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Exclusive: James Kyson Lee Talks Heroes Season 4!

James Kyson Lee talks about the upcoming season four finale and the fate of Heroes's fifth season James Kyson Lee has portrayed Ando Masahashi on the popular NBC drama Heroes for four seasons and counting. He is currently working his way through Volume Five of the Series, known to fans as Redemtion. Lee got his start on the show as a recurring cast member and sidekick to Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka). As the show evolved and moved forward, so did Ando. Once looked at as just another Yamagato Industries worker, and powerless friend of time traveling Hiro, Ando has since gained the ability to massively amplify the power of any post human he touches. Coming into this fourth season, Masahashi also learned that he could channel his energy into concussive blasts of lightening strong enough to knock back any oncoming targets. Lee's Ando has become an important player throughout
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Preview – Heroes Cast Discusses Season 4

Heroes needs to return to its season one glory in the worst way. Seemingly, that is not only a fact – it's the talking point handed out to the Heroes cast before they recorded these soundbites to prep fans for the fourth season. Heroes fans remain steadfast, while others have either given up on the show completely or are reluctant to believe the series can achieve 'Redemption.' All of the hype and trash talk will come to an end for at least a couple of hours tonight when Tim Kring and Company unveil the recipe they have whipped together for their fourth inning.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have to say I'm a skeptic. There are performances on the show that I am hopelessly addicted to – the sorely underutilized Greg Grunberg, Jack Coleman's H.R.G, and Zachary Quinto's Sylar – and whose presence guarantee that I
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