Ron Moore Featurette Outlines Helix Show Premise, Jeri Ryan Added to Cast

This show Helix is looking really, really promising. attended a set tour and panel Q&A session last week in Montreal – more about that in the days to come – and this show could fill a real void in the science-fiction thriller arena. Executive producer Ronald D. Moore (Battlestar Galactica) wasn’t at the panel session, but he did record this outline of the show which was released to attendees:

Featurette: HelixRon Moore on the Series

Syfy also announced during the panel that Jeri Ryan (Star Trek: Voyager) has been added to the cast. Here are the details:

Jeri Ryan (Star Trek: Voyager, Body Of Proof) Cast In Syfy’S New Scripted Thriller Helix For A Multi-episode Arc

New York– October 8, 2013 – Jeri Ryan (Star Trek: Voyager, Body of Proof) is set to join Syfy’s newest original scripted series Helix for a multi-episode arc. Ryan joins a cast
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Jeri Ryan and Ivan Sergei Develop Killer Chemistry on Body of Proof

Where's Olivia Pope when you need her? Body of Proof's ambitious chief medical examiner and congressional candidate Kate Murphy (Jeri Ryan) hasn't even been elected yet and she's already facing her first potential scandal on this week's episode (Tuesday, 10/9c, ABC). While making an appearance at a ritzy Russian political gala, Kate strikes up a conversation with a tall, dark, secretive Ukrainian attaché named Sergei Damanov (Ivan Sergei). "Sergei and Kate have this very steamy, very passionate thing," Ryan says. "And then it gets complicated."

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'Body of Proof': Dana Delany reunites with Mark Valley for Season 3

Even with a midseason return and a shorter run this time, Dana Delany is happy her latest series still has life.

It actually can be considered a new life, since the ABC medical mystery "Body of Proof" will reflect significant changes as its third season starts Tuesday, Feb. 19. Delany's Dr. Megan Hunt will be without several colleagues who were present from the show's start: Peter Dunlop (Nicholas Bishop), her investigator, who was stabbed by an enemy of Megan's in the Season 2 finale, and homicide detectives Bud Morris and Samantha Baker (John Carroll Lynch, Sonja Sohn).

Police work will remain a factor in "Body of Proof," though ... a bigger factor, in fact, given the main cast addition. Mark Valley ("Human Target," "Boston Legal") worked previously with Delany on the short-lived Fox serial "Pasadena," and their reunion makes him Tommy Sullivan, an investigator with whom Megan has a personal past -- a
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Jeri Ryan Talks Significant 'Body' Swaps

Jeri Ryan Talks Significant 'Body' Swaps
Dana Delany's Body of Proof has had some work done since last April's season finale -- but despite the removal of a couple Body parts (John Carroll Lynch, Nicholas Bishop and Sonja Sohn will not be returning) and the addition of several new faces (most notably, Mark Valley as a detective/love interest for Megan), the stars of ABC's medical examiner drama promise all the nips and tucks were designed to give their super-passionate fans the best viewing experience possible.

"None of us would be here if it wasn't for the fans," Jeri Ryan tells ETonline of her show, which draws solid ratings, but little critical acclaim. "They have always supported the show, and that gives us, the actors, an insane amount of energy to feed off of."

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For Ryan's character, Kate Murphy (Chief Medical Examiner and Delany's boss), the biggest change comes as she announces plans to run for
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ABC shifts season premiere of 'Body of Proof'

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ABC shifts season premiere of 'Body of Proof'
ABC has pushed back the season premiere of “Body of Proof” two weeks to Tuesday, February 19 at 10:00 pm Et/Pt. It was previously announced for February 5. “Body of Proof” stars Dana Delany stars as Dr. Megan Hunt, Jeri Ryan as Dr. Kate Murphy, Mark Valley as Detective Tommy Sullivan, Geoffrey Arend as Dr. Ethan Gross, Windell D. Middlebrooks as Dr. Curtis Brumfield, Elyes Gabel as Detective Adam Lucas and Mary Mouser as Lacey Fleming. The upcoming new season is the medical drama's third. Upcoming guest stars include Shawn Hatosy, Annie Wersching, Michael B. Silver, Erin Cahil and...
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'Body of Proof' at TCA: What's new in season 3?

After its somewhat surprising renewal for a third season, "Body of Proof" underwent many changes. Several cast members have left and have been replaced by new actors in new roles. The format of the show promises more action and changes for many of the existing characters, including medical examiner Megan Hunt (Dana Delany) herself.

What exactly will change? The cast and producers gave some clues to reporters at the TCA winter press tour.

Mark Valley and Elyes Gabel have joined the cast as police detectives. Valley's character, Detective Tommy Sullivan, in particular, will be important on the show -- at some point in the past, Tommy and Megan had a romantic relationship. Their tension will be important to the new season.What is Tommy Sullivan's purpose, other than being a potential love interest? "We wanted to create a character that would stand up to her," executive producer Matthew Gross said.
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Sarah Jane Morris Soars on to Body of Proof

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Actress Sarah Jane Morris played Julia Walker on Brothers & Sisters once upon a time, but her story continues as she signs on for a guest spot on ABC’s Body of Proof.

Body of Proof follows Dana Delany as medical examiner Dr. Megan Hunt, who was once a star neurosurgeon until a car accident ended her career. Season three kicks off in February of 2013 and in that season’s 12th episode, Sarah Jane Morris will appear as a flight attendant. TV Line reported that her character’s name is Pamela Jacks and she’ll become key in the aftermath of an “airline tragedy”. I wonder if this episode was at all inspired by the recent Denzel Washington film, Flight.

In season three, adds dashing former Human Target actor, Mark Valley will join the cast, so makr your calendar for Tuesday, Feb. 5 at 10/9c. It will take the place of Private Practice
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'Desperate Housewives' actor Richard Burgi joins 'Body of Proof'

'Desperate Housewives' actor Richard Burgi joins 'Body of Proof'
Desperate Housewives' Richard Burgi is set to join the cast of ABC's Body of Proof. Burgi previously portrayed Karl Mayer in the ABC show, and has also appeared in One Tree Hill and Burn Notice. According to TVLine, the actor is set to play a district attorney who is a potential love interest for Jeri Ryan's character Kate Murphy. The introduction (more)
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Body of Proof Midseason Report Card: C+

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Body of Proof has plenty of potential, thanks to a cast of entertaining and likable characters. But they too often appear to be wandering in circles in the hopes of finding a destination.

The concept of a top surgeon, who can no longer cut it and deciding to speak for the dead, isn't an original concept. Honestly, there isn't much new here, although some of the stories are more unique than others. (See death by baby snake bite). But procedural elements won't engage an audience nearly as strongly as great characters. Body of Proof has them, but as outlined in this midseason report card, they aren't being utilized to their full potential.

Dr. Megan Hunt: Dana Delany is the star that draws in the audience and holds this drama together. She's the reason I tuned in and didn't simply write this show off as one more crime procedural among the masses.
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Jeri Ryan to Guest Star on Warehouse 13 August 1st

Syfy has announced that Jeri Ryan (Star Trek: Voyager) will be crossing paths with Myka, Pete, and the gang on an upcoming episode of Warehouse 13. On August 1st, Ryan will reportedly be playing a bride exposed to a life threatening artifact that could have some serious collateral damage for everyone in her life. Ryan will be one of several guest stars on the successful show's third season, including Jaime Murray, Ashley Williams, and Faran Tahir, among others.

Most known to sci-fi fans as Borg Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Voyager, Ryan has since appeared on Leverage, Boston Public, Dark Skies, and Shark. The veteran actress and former Miss Illinois can currently be seen on ABC's Body of Proof as Dr. Kate Murphy, the superior to series heroine Megan Hunt. The show was recently picked up for a second season, which will premiere Tuesday, September 20th.

Warehouse 13 airs
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Sneak peek at Alibi’s ‘Body of Proof’

Airing on Alibi from Tuesday, Body of Proof follows the life and career of Medical Examiner Megan Hunt, once a high-flying neurosurgeon, who now works in Philadelphia’s Medical Examiner’s Office after a car accident abruptly ended her neurosurgery career. As a Medical Examiner Megan applies her vast medical knowledge, keen instincts and variously charming and scalpel-like personality to the task of solving the medical mysteries of the dead and bringing the people responsible for their deaths to justice.

This hit Us forensics series stars Desperate HousewivesDana Delany as Megan, and sees her use forensics to get to the bottom of some grisly murders, strange medical phenomena and intriguing causes of death. Her team includes Dr Kate Murphy (Star Trek: Voyager‘s Jeri Ryan,) and Detective Samantha Baker (The Wire‘s Sonja Sohn).

Body of Proof which also stars Nicolas Bishop, John Caroll Lynch and Gregory Arend, airs on Alibi at 9pm tonight.
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Amy Madigan and Lance Henriksen to Guest Star on Memphis Beat Finale

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Just a few episodes in to its second season, Memphis Beat is already looking ahead to the finale - and the TNT drama is setting up a major showdown.

Amy Madigan and Lance Henriksen will guest star on the August 16 episode as the heads of rival crime families.

Madigan - forever known for her role in Field of Dreams and a recent Grey's Anatomy guest star - will portray Kate Murphy. Look for her character's daughter to be shot, thereby ending Kate's truce with Henriksen's Tom Harrison.

Enter Dwight and the police force in an attempt to settle the matter.

Henriksen starred in the Alien franchise and has appeared in episodes of NCIS and Castle.
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Lance Henriksen, Amy Madigan for 'Memphis Beat'

Lance Henriksen, Amy Madigan for 'Memphis Beat'
Lance Henriksen and Amy Madigan have signed up for guest roles on TNT's Memphis Beat. The pair will play feuding crime lords in an upcoming episode of the comedy-drama, according to TV Guide. After a 25-year truce, Kate Murphy (Madigan) will declare war on Tom Harrison (Henriksen) when she suspects his clan of shooting her daughter. Field of Dreams star Madigan recently played a recurring role on Grey's Anatomy and also appears on Fox's Fringe (more)
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Exclusive: Amy Madigan and Lance Henriksen Go to War on Memphis Beat

Memphis Beat's second-season finale is setting up quite a showdown: Field of Dreams' Amy Madigan and Millennium star Lance Henriksen will guest-star as the heads of rival crime families, has learned.

Summer TV: Get scoop on your favorite shows

Madigan will play Kate Murphy, whose 25-year truce with Henriksen's Tom Harrison is thrown out the window when one of Murphy's daughters is shot. Naturally, the Harrison clan is suspected, and it will be up to Dwight (Jason Lee) to crack the case before the warring families take matters into their own hands and shed more blood...

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Body of Proof: Watch Episodes of the ABC TV Show

On Body of Proof, Dr. Megan Hunt (Dana Delany) was a brilliant neurosurgeon whose world was turned upside down after a devastating car accident. She eventually reinvented herself as a Philadelphia medical examiner, determined to solve the puzzle of who or what killed the victims. She uses her vast medical knowledge and investigative instincts to solve the medical mysteries of the dead and bring those responsible for their deaths to justice.

Unfortunately, she isn't so good at balancing her professional and personal lives. A bitter divorce ended with Megan's ex-husband gaining sole custody of their daughter and she's trying to rebuild that relationship.

Dr. Kate Murphy (Jeri Ryan) must balance relationships with the Medical Examiner's Office, the Philadelphia Police Department, and City Hall. It's no easy task -- especially when she has to rein in Megan.

A former cop, Peter
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Body of Proof Review 1.3 "Helping Hand"

Once again, Megan proves how adept she is at her job and how ill-equipped she is in dealing with real people. For the most part, she is her job. She never knows who is married or divorced or having children. She's far more concerned with her immediate family and her desire to bring meaning to the deaths of her patients. Her acute observation skills are worthless outside of the medical arena.

The victim in tonight's crime of the week was a former neurosurgeon patient of hers, but she didn't recognize her face, her name or even her father. When they spoke, it seemed they had discussed things in depth (such as the death of her mother and it's affect on her) during the time she had surgery, but she remembers none of it. That really hit Megan when the victim's father told her she was her role model, and because
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Dana Delany’s ‘Body’ needs an overhaul

By Pat Ryder ABC’s new Dana Delany vehicle ‘Body of Proof’ premiered last night, and the series needs serious resuscitation to compete with 10 p.m. rivals ‘The Good Wife’ (CBS) and ‘Parenthood’ (NBC).

Delany stars as Megan Hunt, a bristly former neurosurgeon who became a medical examiner after an accident rendered her surgery skills ineffective.

Here’s the first flaw in the setup: doesn’t an Me still need to have steady hands when performing an autopsy? Or do we not care if evidence is destroyed by shaky incisions if the patient is already dead?

Viewers soon discover that in addition to being a brilliant former surgeon, Dr. Hunt appears to also be a brilliant detective – one that must have cut her teeth watching ‘Law and Order: Criminal Intent.’ Hunt is rarely in the lab, spending most of her time flat-footing it with the Philadelphia homicide
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TV On My Terms: Dana Delany Has A "Body" Worth Examining

  • TVfanatic
Procedurals don't typically do it for me. In general, the casts are pretty much interchangeable (carbon copies of the once-fresh CSI proves that) and stories so repetitious that on more than one occasion I've fallen asleep during a viewing.

But once in a while, a procedural comes along with just enough personality to keep things interesting. Case in point: ABC's new drama, Body of Proof. Much like its network counterpart, Castle, its lead stands out in such a way that the series feels fresh.

As Megan Hunt - neurosurgeon turned medical examiner, following a career-ending car accident - Dana Delany makes great strides in setting this series apart from your average, run of the mill procedural. While some might consider it House in heels, I found Body of Proof to be much more entertaining than that Fox hit.

In fact, within the first five minutes of the pilot, I was already in love with Megan.
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Ryan: 'Star Trek helped with new role'

Ryan: 'Star Trek helped with new role'
Jeri Ryan has revealed that her past role on Star Trek: Voyager helped her play Dr. Kate Murphy on new ABC drama Body of Proof. The series stars Dana Delany as Dr. Megan Hunt, a medical examiner who solves crimes by examining dead bodies. Ryan told the Los Angeles Times that her time spent delivering science fiction "technobabble" dialogue on the Star Trek spinoff had helped her learn complicated "medical jargon" for Body of Proof. "I haven't had so much of that [medical dialogue] but it's not (more)
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'Body of Proof': Dana Delany grabs spotlight in ABC procedural

Dana Delany left "Desperate Housewives" for her own starring gig on ABC's "Body of Proof," but will fans find her new pastures greener?

Disclaimer: These posts are not reviews -- shows often make tweaks to their pilot episodes between filming in the spring and their fall debuts. Full reviews will come closer to the premiere date.

What it is: ABC wants a bigger slice of the procedural pie, and "Body of Proof" might help. Equal parts police and medical drama, the pilot introduces us to Dr. Megan Hunt (Delany), a neurologist who becomes a Philadelphia medical examiner after a crippling car accident leaves her incapable of operating on the living. Her curt demeanor makes professional and personal interactions a bit difficult as well.


Who's making it: Relative TV newcomer Christopher Murphey penned the pilot, and he'll be producing along with "Dirty Sexy Money" and "Day Break" alum Matt Gross.

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