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  • TV commercial for Total (1989)
  • In 1973, he starred in an unsold sitcom pilot for NBC called "Where's Mama." He played a real estate agent trying to raise twin boys who was assisted by the ghost of his dead wife.
  • (October 13, 1976) Mystery of the Week episode entitled "Shock-A-Bye, Baby", with Fritz Weaver as "Alex McQuade" and Richard Mulligan as "Jayson". The plot: McQuade, a mystery writer whose son is being held for a million dollar ransom. Possible pilot for the "Mystery of the Week" series' like Banacek (1972), Columbo (1971), McCloud (1970), McMillan & Wife (1971), etc., that wasn't picked up.
  • "Special Occasions" (1982). Written by Bernard Slade. Scenic Design by David Jenkins. Directed by Gene Saks. Music Box Theatre: 7 Feb 1982 (1 performance + 26 previews that began on 15 Jan 1982). Cast: Richard Mulligan (as "Michael Ruskin"), Suzanne Pleshette (as "Amy Ruskin"), David Jay (as "Voice of Stephen"). Produced by Morton Gottlieb, Ben Rosenberg and Warren Crane. Associate Producer: Martin Cohen and Milly Schoenbaum. Produced in association with Thornhill Productions Inc. Note: Theatre Owned and operated by Irving Berlin [who had no direct involvement in the production] and The Shubert Organization (Gerald Schoenfeld: Chairman. Bernard B. Jacobs: President).
  • (1973) TV commercial: Loving Care Hair Color lotion
  • (1960) Stage Play: All the Way Home. Drama. Written by Tad Mosel [final Broadway credit]. Based on the Pulitzer Prize novel "A Death in the Family" by James Agee. Assistant Director: Gene Lasko. Directed by Arthur Penn. Belasco Theatre: 30 Nov 1960- 16 Sep 1961 (333 performances + 1 preview on 29 Nov 1960). Cast: Robert Ader (as "A Boy"), Thomas Chalmers (as "Joel Lynch") [final Broadway role], Jeff Conaway (as "A Boy") [Broadway debut], Colleen Dewhurst (as "Mary Follet"), Lillian Gish (as "Catherine Lynch"), Arthur Hill (as "Jay Follet"), Clifton James (as "Ralph Follet"), Dorrit Kelton (as "Aunt Sadie Follet"), Aline MacMahon (as "Aunt Hannah Lynch"), John Megna (as "Rufus"), Christopher Month (as "Jim-Wilson"), Gary Morgan (as "A Boy"), Lenka Peterson (as "Sally Follet"), Larry Provost (as "A Boy"), Georgia Simmons (as "Jessie Follet"), Art Smith (as "Father Jackson"), Lylah Tiffany (as "Great-Great-Granmaw") [Broadway debut], Tom Wheatley (as "Andrew Lynch"), Edwin Wolfe (as "John Henry Follet"). Understudies: Robert Ader (as "Jim-Wilson"), Shirley Gale (as "Catherine Lynch/Great-Great-Granmaw") [final Broadway role], Charles Gerald (as "Father Jackson/Ralph Follet"), Christopher Month (as "Rufus), Richard Mulligan (as "Andrew Lynch/Jay Follet"), Mary Perry (as "Aunt Sadie Follet, Jessie Follet") and Lenka Peterson (as "Mary Follet"). Replacement actors: Elizabeth Lawrence (as "Sally Follet"), Lenka Peterson (as "Mary Follet"), Frank Tweddell (as "Joel Lynch"). Produced by Fred Coe. Produced in association with Arthur Cantor. Note: Filmed by Paramount Pictures as All the Way Home (1963).
  • (1962) Stage Play: Never Too Late. Comedy. Written by Sumner Arthur Long. Incidental music by John Kander. "Never Too Late" cha-cha by Jerry Bock. Lyrics for song "Never Too Late" cha-cha by Sheldon Harnick. Scenic Design by William and Jean Eckart. Choreographed by Jerry Bock. Directed by George Abbott. Playhouse Theatre: 27 Nov 1962- 24 Apr 1965 (1007 performances + 1 preview on 25 Nov 1962). Cast: Orson Bean (as "Charlie"), Paul Ford (as "Harry Lambert"), Maureen O'Sullivan (as "Edith Lambert"), John Alexander (as "Mayor Crane") [final Broadway role], Wally Engelhardt [credited as Wallace Engelhardt] (as "Mr. Foley"), Ed Griffith (as "Policeman"), House Jameson (as "Dr. James Kimbrough"), Leona Maricle (as "Grace Kimbrough"), Fran Sharon (as "Kate"). Understudies: Nancy Donohue (as "Kate"), Wallace Engelhardt (as "Dr. James Kimbrough), Ed Griffith (as "Charlie"), House Jameson (as "Mayor Crane") and Lorraine MacMartin (as "Edith Lambert/Grace Kimbrough"). Replacement cast: John Alexander (as "Harry Lambert"), John Allen (as "Mr. Foley"), Fred Burrell (as "Policeman"), Wallace Engelhardt (as "Dr. James Kimbrough"), Will Hutchins (as "Charlie"), House Jameson (as "Mayor Crane'), Richard Mulligan, Dennis O'Keefe (as "Harry Lambert"), Martha Scott (as "Edith Lambert"). Understudies: Wally Engelhardt [credited as Wallace Engelhardt] (as "Mayor Crane"), House Jameson (as "Harry Lambert"). Produced by Elliot Martin and Daniel Hollywood.

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