Where No 'Star Trek' Soundtrack Has Gone Before

Where No 'Star Trek' Soundtrack Has Gone Before
Fresh fanfare surrounding the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness is revving up renewed interest in the original Star Trek TV series. One key component of what makes Star Trek great is the incredible symphonic soundtrack that accompanied every episode, and now La-la Land Records has released Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collection, a limited-edition, must-have box set for true fans of the series – and the perfect gift for the Trekkies and Trekkers in your galaxy.

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According to the set's incredibly detailed and thorough liner notes, Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry looked to veteran composer and arranger Alexander Courage to use a nautical approach to the show's soundtrack, hoping to keep the mid-'60s space series that was originally pitched as "A Wagon Train to the Stars" grounded.

"My feeling was this," said Roddenberry in a 1982 interview, "that for the first time on television I was going
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Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collection Sets a Course for Our Sector

Set your phasers to stun: Did you know that the complete soundtrack for the original Star Trek TV series has never been released, separate from the episodes? That iconic music from your childhood and beyond is now soon to be released in its entirety, including music that was recorded but never actually used onscreen.

Don’t worry, Trekkies and Trekkers, they understand that some of us are obsessed and they fear our wrath, so when they say complete, they mean complete. 15 discs worth of complete. What they need to know now is how many sets to press. First, here’s a featurette about the project:

Featurette: Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collection- Behind the Score

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And here’s the press release with all the details, including their request for info on how many they should be pressing:

Coming Soon From La-la Land Records
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