'NBA Jam' Inspired By 'Settlers Of Catan'? - Developer Pop Quiz #7

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Playing "NBA Jam" in the arcades in the early 1990s was an experience that most gamers have never forgotten, but one fan, Trey Smith, turned it into much more than just a memory. Going from playing the game in the arcades to helping create a revitalized version, Smith has helped put the "NBA Jam" name back on the map as the game's Creative Director, and he's answering our questions about video games in this week's Developer Pop Quiz.

Name: Trey Smith

Title: Creative Director

Company: Electronic Arts

Job Description: Part Director, part Designer, part Producer

First title worked on: "Spider-Man" PS1/Dreamcast

Most recent title worked on: "NBA Jam"

What game has most influenced you, and why?

Honestly, I'd have to say the original "NBA Jam.
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Fat Princess: A Videogame Returns for More Cake

The aptly-named Fat Princess is a sprawling two-team capture-the-flag game that involves, well, a fat princess and a lot of cake. Players on the red and blue teams play warriors, mages, and workers who all work to protect their team’s princess. Originally developed by Titan Studios, Fat Princess has been updated by SuperVillain Studios for the PlayStation Portable and released this month.Matt Morton, the game’s producer, talks about the newest version.
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