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  • (1909 - 1952) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1909) Stage Play: The Bachelor. Scenic Design by Arthur Law [final Broadway credit]. Written by Clyde Fitch. Maxine Elliott's Theatre: 15 Mar 1909- May 1909 (closing date unknown/56 performances). Cast: Janet Beecher, Christine Blessing, Charles Cherry, Charles Laite [Broadway debut], Ruth Maycliffe, Ralph Morgan [Broadway debut], Richard Sterling.
  • (1912) Stage Play: The Master of the House.
  • (1913) Stage Play: The Girl and the Pennant. Written by Rida Johnson Young and Christy Mathewson [only Broadway credit]. Lyric Theatre: 23 Oct 1913- Nov 1913 (closing date unknown/20 performances). Cast: William Courtenay (as "Copley Reeves"), Florence Reed (as "Mona Fitzgerald"), Robert Brott, George W. Day, Edgar Hill, Jack Johnson, T. Morse Koupal, Tully Marshall, Ralph Morgan, Louis Morrell, Walter A. Mulvahill, Wallace Owen, James Reed, William Roselle, Harry Southard [credited as Harry D. Southard], Calvin Thomas, Malcolm Williams. Produced by Selwyn & Co.
  • (1914) Stage Play: Under Cover. Written by Roi Cooper Megrue. Cort Theatre: 26 Aug 1914- Jun 1915 (closing date unknown/349 performances). Cast: Lily Cahill, William Courtenay, Harry Crosby, Wilfred Draycott, Lola Fisher, Phoebe Foster [Broadway debut], DeWitt Jennings, John May, Ralph Morgan, Rae Selwyn, George Stevens, Lucile Watson, Jay Wilson. Produced by Selwyn & Co. Note: Filmed by Famous Players Film Company [distributed by Paramount Pictures] as Under Cover (1916).
  • (1915) Stage Play: A Full House. Written by Fred L. Jackson [credited as Fred Jackson] (earliest Broadway credit). Longacre Theatre: 10 May 1915- Aug 1915 (closing date unknown/112 performances). Cast: Bernice Buck, Hugh Cameron, Herbert Corthell, Ida Darling, Claiborne Foster, Charles Goodrich [credited as C.W. Goodrich], Maude Turner Gordon, Arthur P. Hyman, Ralph Morgan, Elizabeth Nelson, Edgar Norton, George Parsons, May Vokes, Clare Weldon. Produced by H.H. Frazee.
  • (1915) Stage Play: Our Children.
  • (1915) Stage Play: Fair and Warmer. Written by Avery Hopwood. Eltinge 42nd Street Theatre (moved to The Harris Theatre from 24 Jul 1916- Close): 6 Nov 1915- Unknown (377 performances). Cast: Janet Beecher (as "Laura Wheeler"), John Cumberland (as "Billy Bartlett"), Robert Fisher (as "Harrigan"), Madge Kennedy (as "Blanche Wheeler"), Harry Lorraine (as "Pete Mealy") [final Broadway role], Olive May (as "Tessie"), Ralph Morgan (as "Jack Wheeler"), Hamilton Revelle (as "Phillip Evans"). Produced by Selwyn & Co.
  • (1918) Stage Play: Lightnin'. Comedy.
  • (1919) Stage Play: The Five Million. Comedy. Written by Guy Bolton and Frank Mandel. Directed by Robert Milton. Lyric Theatre: 8 Jul 1919- Sep 1919 (closing date unknown/91 performances). Cast: Charles S. Abbe (as "Jefferson Adams"), Marie Ahearn, Helen Barnes, James Gleason (as "Mac"), Harry Harwood, Percy Helton (as "Grant Adams"), June Holbrook, Harry MacFayden, Sue MacManamy, Robert McWade (as "Otis Weaver"), Ralph Morgan (as "Douglas Adams"), Beatrice Noyes, Amy Ongley, Marjorie Poir, Edward Poland, Purnell Pratt (as "Albert Weaver"), Ralph Stuart, Lucille Webster. Produced by F. Ray Comstock and Morris Gest.
  • (1919) Stage Play: Buddies. Musical comedy.
  • (1921) Stage Play: The Poppy God. Melodrama. Written by Leon Gordon, LeRoy Clemens and Thomas Grant Springer. Directed by Leon Gordon. Hudson Theatre: 29 Aug 1921- Sep 1921 (closing date unknown/16 performances). Cast: Frank Allworth (as "Hick Lewis"), Robert Brister, King Calder (as "Exley"), J. Malcolm Dunn (as "Maj. Hawley"), Wallace Ford (as "Higgins") [Broadway debut], Victor Goddard, Ruby Gordon, Marion Grey, Edna Hibbard (as "Suie Ming"), Glenn Hopkins, Judson Langill, George MacQuarrie (as "Wo Ling Wo"), Doris Marquette, Harry Mestayer (as "Gin Long"), James Millward (as "Second Tough"), Ralph Morgan (as "Stanley Bennett"), Robert Peel, George Pembroke (as "Tubby"), Harold Seton, Nick Stark, Donald Strebig (as "First Tough"), H. Conway Wingfield (as "Doc"). Produced by the Selwyns.
  • (1922) Stage Play: The National Anthem. Drama. Written by J. Hartley Manners. Henry Miller's Theatre: 23 Jan 1922- Apr 1922 (closing date unknown/114 performances). Cast: Laurette Taylor, William Armstrong, Lillian Kemble-Cooper, Robert Hudson, Greta Kemble-Cooper, Richie Ling (as "Reuben Hale"), J. Hartley Manners (as "Waiter"), Dodson Mitchell (as "John K. Carlton"), Ralph Morgan (as "Arthur Carlton"), Paul Porcasi (as "Dr. Virande"), Frank M. Thomas (as "Tom Carroll"), Jo Wallace, Ray Wilson. Produced by Abraham L. Erlanger and George C. Tyler. Produced under the personal direction of J. Hartley Manners.
  • (1923) Stage Play: In Love With Love. Comedy. Written by Vincent Lawrence. Directed by Robert Milton. Ritz Theatre: 6 Aug 1923- Nov 1923 (closing date unknown/128 performances). Cast: Berton Churchill (as "William Jordan"), Lynn Fontanne, Henry Hull (as "Robert Metcalf"), Wanda Lyon (as "Marion Sears"), Ralph Morgan, Maryland Morne (as "Julia"), Robert Strange (as "Frank Oakes"). Produced by William H. Harris Jr.
  • (1924) Stage Play: Cobra. Drama.
  • (1925) Stage Play: The Dagger. Melodrama.
  • (1925) Stage Play: The Joker.
  • (1926) Stage Play: A Weak Woman. Comedy. Written by Ernest Boyd. From the French of Jacques Deval. Directed by B. Iden Payne. Ritz Theatre: 16 Jan 1926- Mar 1926 (closing date unknown/49 performances). Cast: Richard Bowler, Louise Bradley, Franklin Francis, Shirley Gale, Frank Henderson, Edward Keane, Charles Klouder, Frank Morgan (as "Henri Fournier"), Clement O'Loghlen, Ralph Morgan (as "Serge Paveneyge"), Diantha Pattison (as "Baroness De Claches"), Carl Reed, Flora Sheffield, Beverly Sitgreaves, Ernest Stallard (as "Baron De Claches"), Estelle Winwood (as "Arlette Leterne"). Produced by Henry Baron.
  • (1927) Stage Play: Damn the Tears.
  • (1927) Stage Play: The Woman of Bronze (Revival).
  • (1927) Stage Play: Romancin' Round.
  • (1927) Stage Play: Take My Advice. Comedy. Written by J.C. Nugentand Elliott Nugent. Belmont Theatre: 1 Nov 1927- Dec 1927 (closing date unknown/39 performances). Cast: Lawrence Grattan (as "John Weaver"), Gene Raymond [credited as Raymond Guion] (as "Bud Weaver"), Lucia Moore (as "Mrs. Weaver"), Ralph Morgan (as "Bradley Clement"), Mary Stills (as "Marella Scott"), Vivian Tobin (as "Ann Weaver"), Raymond Walburn (as "Jim Thayer"), Barry O'Moore [credited as Herbert Yost] (as "Kerry Van Kind"). Produced by William Caryl.
  • (1930) Stage Play: Sweet Stranger. Comedy. Written by Frank Mitchell Dazey [final Broadway credit] and Agnes Christine Johnston [only Broadway credit]. Directed by Worthington Miner. Cort Theatre: 21 Oct 1930- Nov 1930 (closing date unknown/24 performances). Cast: Frank H. Day (as "Charles"), Mel Efird (as "Miss Saunders"), Clyde Fillmore (as "J.W. Marvin"), Ralph Morgan (as "Albert Rustin"), Lloyd Nolan [credited as Lloyd B. Nolan] (as "Holloway"), Gertrude Coghlan Pitou (as "Betty Marvin"), Viola Roache (as "Mrs. Sturdevant'), J. Ascher Smith' (as "Preston"), Linda Watkins (as "Ann Norton"). Produced by Paul Streger.
  • (1940) Stage Play: Fledgling.
  • (1942) Stage Play: The Moon Is Down. Drama. Written by John Steinbeck. Directed by Chester Erskine. Martin Beck Theatre: 7 Apr 1942- 6 Jun 1942 (71 performances). Cast: E.J. Ballantine (as "George Corell"), Lyle Bettger (as "Tom Anders"), Russell Collins (as "Major Hunter"), William Eythe (as "Lieutenant Tonder"), Philip Foster (as "Alex Morden"), Charles Gordon (as "Corporal"), Edwin Gordon (as "Sergeant"), Carl Gose (as "Lieutenant Prackle"), Alan Hewitt (as "Captain Loft"), Whitford Kane (as "Dr. Winter"), George Keane (as "Will Anders"), Kermit Kegley (as "Soldier"), Otto Kruger (as "Colonel Lanser"), Ralph Morgan (as "Mayor Orden"), Maria Palmer (as "Molly Morden"), Leona Powers (as "Madame Orden"), Jane Seymour (as "Annie"), John D. Seymour (as "Captain Bentick"), Joseph Sweeney (as "Joseph"), Victor Thorley (as "Soldier"). Produced by Oscar Serlin.
  • (1946) Stage Play: This, Too, Shall Pass.
  • (1952) Stage Play: Three Wishes for Jamie. Musical comedy.

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