‘Bloody Moon’ Blu-ray Review

Stars: Olivia Pascal, Christoph Moosbrugger, Nadja Gerganoff, Jasmin Losensky, Corinna Drews, Ann-Beate Engelke, Peter Exacoustos, María Rubio, Antonia García, Beatriz Sancho Nieto, Alexander Waechter | Written by Erich Tomek | Directed by Jess Franco

What would you expect from a Slasher directed by Jess Franco? The chances are it would feature nudity, be bloody and feel different from the rest of the films that were being churned out in the eighties. Bloody Moon is just that, and may just be one of Franco’s best films.

Severin Films have released this full uncut version of the film and the first thing you notice is the impressive picture quality. There are some scenes where the quality does dip, but it is safe to assume that these are ones that had been cut out and were later added in. One of the most infamous scenes, the ‘stone mill power saw’ sequence doesn’t suffer
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DVD releases for Tuesday October 28, 2008

With Halloween right around the corner we're getting a stack of cult and foreign scare flicks finally getting released on DVD. The fine people at Synapse Films are releasing a trio of previously tough to track down flicks; Patrick, Dark Forces, and Thirst while Jesse Franco's Devil Hunter and Bloody Moon are getting the royal treatment from Severin.

We've also got a slew of Qe faves Poutrygeist, and Isidro Ortizs' Shiver (Eskalofro). The oddly enjoyable Zombie Strippers premieres on unrated DVD along with Anchor Bay's animated Dead Space: Downfall.

Rounding off the list of must sees this week are; the Tarantino produced Hell Ride, Red, and 13 Hours in a Warehouse. More goodies like trailers and links after the break.


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A comatose hospital patient harasses and kills though his powers of telekinesis to claim his private nurse as his own.

Dark Forces

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