New Criminal Minds Season 9,Episode 23 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By CBS

Last night, CBS released the new,official, synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming "Criminal Minds" episode 23 of season 9. The episode is entitled, "Angels," and it sounds like things will get quite intriguing and intense as the team looks into a religious murder case that might turn fatal, and more! In the new, 23rd episode press release: A murder investigation in Texas with religious overtones, could put the lives of the Bau in danger. Press release number 2: When the Bau is called to Texas to consult on the murders of prostitutes, evidence is going to point to killings with religious overtones. But as they delve further into the investigation, the team might put their lives at risk. Esai Morales returns as Bau Section Chief Mateo Cruz. Guest stars will feature: Michael Trucco as Owen McGregor and Brett Cullen as Preacher Mills. Other guest stars will feature: Kevin E. West (Sheriff Coleman
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Former Saturday Night Live and MSNBC Interns Sue NBCUniversal

Former Saturday Night Live and MSNBC Interns Sue NBCUniversal
I’ve been an intern before, but thankfully, I’ve been paid for my work. However, as a freelancer, I’ve seen many “job opportunities” and “internships” that offer no pay whatsoever. That’s a travesty. So, since I’m used to seeing such listings, I feel heavily for the “Saturday Night Live” and MSNBC interns and I hope they win their case. So what’s the case? According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jesse Moore and Monet Eliastam are suing NBCUniversal for unpaid or underpaid wages for their time. Moore said he worked 24-hour-or-more weeks in the booking department at MSNBC in 2011 and Eliastam said she worked 25-or-more hour weeks as part of the “Saturday [ Read More ]

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NBCU Slapped With Latest Intern Lawsuit

A former Saturday Night Live intern and a former MSNBC intern are the latest unpaid workers to take to the courts. Monet Eliastam and Jesse Moore filed a proposed class action complaint today against NBCUniversal in federal court in New York. “By misclassifying Plaintiffs and hundreds of workers as unpaid or underpaid interns, NBCUniversal has denied them the benefits that the law affords to employees, including unemployment, workers’ compensation insurance, social security contributions, and, most crucially, the right to earn a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work, says the 23-page complaint (read it here). The proposed class action goes after NBCUniversal for labor law violations in using what are essentially free workers. “A key part of NBCUniversal’s success are the hundreds of unpaid or underpaid interns who work for it as production assistants, researchers, and delivery-people, but receive no or very little compensation for their work,
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Former MSNBC and 'Saturday Night Live' Interns Target NBCUniversal in Lawsuit

The avalanche of lawsuits on the internship front keeps coming. The latest is a proposed class action against NBCUniversal from Jesse Moore, who says he worked 24-hour-or-more weeks in the booking department at MSNBC in 2011, and Monet Eliastam, who says she worked 25-hour-or-more weeks on the staff of Saturday Night Live in 2012. They are being represented by Outten & Golden, the same law firm that represented two former Black Swan interns in a summary judgment win against Fox Searchlight last month. TV Ratings: MSNBC Suffers Worst Quarter Since 2007, Piers Morgan Drops

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