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  • (1913 - 1933) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1913) Stage Play: The Beggar Student. Musical/operetta (revival). Music by Karl Millocker. Original Viennese libretto "Der Bettelstudent" by F. Zell and Richard Genee. Based on "Fernande" by Victorien Sardou. Based on "The Lady of Lyons" by Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton. Scenic Design by H. Robert Law. Costume Design by Melville Ellis. Musical Director: Frank P. Paret. Choreographed by Emile Agoust. Directed by William J. Wilson. Casino Theatre: 22 Mar 1913- 19 Apr 1913 (33 performances). Cast: Emile Agoust (as "Special Dances in Act 2"), Arthur Aldridge (as "Janitsky"), A Polish noble"), Anita Baretto (as "Chorus"), Louise Barthel (as "Eva, Cousin of Palmatica"), Mr. Bendall (as "Chorus"), Mr. Benedict (as "Chorus"), Mr. Bryant (as "Chorus"), Mr. Clay (as "Chorus"), Mr. Cody (as "Chorus"), Kate Condon (as "Countess of Palmatica), Jeannette Cook (as "Chorus"), Mr. Cronan (as "Chorus"), Arthur Cunningham (as "Enterich, A Jailer"), Mr. Curran (as "Chorus"), Nellie DeGrossart (as "Chorus/Ballet Dancer"), Louis Derman (as "Sitzka, Innkeeper/Chorus"), Mr. Dolan (as "Chorus"), Rozsika Dolly (as "Special Dances in Act 2"), Blanche Duffield (as "Laura, The Contess' Daughter"), Dorothy Duncan (as "Chorus"), Millie Dupree (as "Chorus/Ballet Dancer"), Marion Earle (as "Chorus"), Mr. Edwin (as "Chorus"), Ella Evans (as "Chorus/Ballet Dancer"), Jack Evans (as "Major Holzhoff"), Paul Farnac (as "Lieutenant Wangerheim"), Bessie Fisher (as "Chorus"), Leo Frankel (as "Alexis, A Prisoner/Chorus"), Joseph P. (J.P.) Galton (as "Major Schweinitz"), Viola Gillette (as "Lieutenant Poppenburg"), M. Hamilton (as "Chorus"), Florence Hart (as "Chorus"), David Heilbrunn (as "Mayor of Cracow/Chorus"), DeWolf Hopper Sr. (as "General Ollendorf, Governor of Cracow"), Olin Howland (as "Onouphrie, The Countess' Servant"), C.A. Hughes (as "Ensign Richtofen"), Mildred Jackson (as "Chorus/Ballet Dancer"), Louis Jaffee (as "Chorus"), Violet Lawson (as "Chorus"), Parker Leonard (as "Piffke"), Mr. Litchfield (as "Chorus"), Shirley Love (as "Chorus"), Gladys Macdonald (as "Chorus"), George MacFarlane (as "Symon Symonovicz, The Beggar Student"), Lawrence Mack (as "Chorus"), Helen Marche (as "Chorus"), Betty Marshall (as "Chorus"), Mr. Max (as "Chorus"), Mr. Mayer (as "Chorus"), Cecile Mayo (as "Chorus/Ballet Dancer"), Eva Mckenzie (as "Chorus/Ballet Dancer"), Charles W. Meyers (as "Bogumil, Cousin of Palmatica"), Lavinia Miller (as "Chorus"), Robert Milliken (as "Captain Henrici"), Elsie Mitchell (as "Chorus"), Lucille Monroe (as "Chorus"), Grace Moore (as "Chorus") [Broadway debut], Trixie Moore (as "Chorus"), Nina Napier (as "Maid of Honor"), Helen Neilsen (as "Chorus"), Bessie Nelligan (as "Chorus"), Miss. Nemo (as "Ballet Dancer"), Nemo Ormsden (as "Ballet Dancer"), Maude Preston (as "Chorus"), Marjory Purcell (as "Chorus"), Rosamund Rankin (as "Chorus"), Mr. Reyborn (as "Chorus"), Mr. Rice (as "Chorus"), Adelaide Robinson (as "Olga, Alexis' Wife"), Harry Rose (as "Chorus"), Rthel Roslyn (as "Chorus"), Anna Savce (as "Chorus"), Mr. Shannon (as "Chorus"), Harry Smith (as "Puffke/Chorus"), Helen Steele (as "Chorus"), Teddy Stein (as "Chorus"), Mr. Stuart (as "Chorus"), Constance Talbot (as "Chorus"), Mr. Walker (as "Chorus"), Elisabeth Warde (as "Chorus"), Mr. Warshaw (as "Chorus"), Anna Wheaton (as "Bronislava, The Contess' Daughter"), Mr. Williams (as "Chorus"), Mr. Zerbee (as "Chorus"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert and William A. Brady.
  • (1913) Stage Play: The Mikado [The Town of Titipu]. Musical comedy (revival). Written by W.S. Gilbert. Music by Arthur Sullivan. Directed by by William G. Stewart. Casino Theatre: 21 Apr 1913- 3 May 1913 (16 performances). Cast: Arthur Aldridge (as "Nanki-Poo son of the Mikado, disguised as a wandering minstr"), Louise Barthel (as "Peep-Bo, one of Three Sisters, ward of Ko-Ko"), Mr. Bryant (as "Ensemble"), Gladys Caldwell (as "Yum-Yum, one of Three Sisters, ward of Ko-Ko"), Mr. Clay (as "Ensemble"), Kate Condon (as "Nanki-Poo, son of the Mikado, disguised as a wandering minstr"), Arthur Cunningham (as "Pooh-Bah, Lord High Everything Else"), S. Smit Curran (as "Ensemble"), Nellie DeGrossart (as "Ensemble"), Louis Derman (as "Ensemble"), Mr. Dolan (as "Ensemble"), Ethel Duffield (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy Duncan (as "Ensemble"), Marion Earle (as "Ensemble"), Mr. Frankee (as "Ensemble"), M. Hamilton (as "Ensemble"), David Heilbrunn (as "Ensemble"), John Hendricks, DeWolf Hopper Sr. (as "Ko-Ko, Lord High Executioner of Titipu"), Mr Hughes (as "Ensemble"), Mildred Jackson (as "Ensemble"), Mr. Jeffe (as "Ensemble"), Violet Lawson (as "Ensemble"), Mr. Leonard (as "Ensemble"), Mr. Litchfield (as "Ensemble"), George MacFarlane [credited as George J. MacFarlane] (as "The Mikado of Japan"), Lawrence Mack (as "Ensemble"), Mr. MacSorley (as "Ensemble"), Betty Marshall (as "Ensemble"), Albert Masour (as "Ensemble"), Cecile Mayo (as "Ensemble"), Lavinia Miller (as "Ensemble"), Robert Millikin (as "Ensemble"), Grace Moore (as "Ensemble"), Trixie Moore (as "Ensemble"), Lucille Munroe (as "Ensemble"), Bessie Nelligan (as "Ensemble"), Nemo Ormsden (as "Ensemble"), Mr. Patterson (as "Ensemble"), Marjory Purcell (as "Ensemble"), Mr. Reyborn (as "Ensemble"), Adelaide Robinson (as "Ensemble"), Harry Rose (as "Ensemble"), Mr. Shannon (as "Ensemble"), Teddy Stein (as "Ensemble"), William Stewart (as "Pish-Tush, a Noble Lord"), Constance Talbot (as "Ensemble"), Elisabeth Warde (as "Ensemble"), Anna Wheaton (as "Pitti-Sing"), one of Three Sisters, ward of Ko-Ko"), Mr. Williams (as "Ensemble"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert and William A. Brady.
  • (1919) Stage Play: The Magic Melody. Musical romance. Directed by J.C. Huffman. Shubert Theatre: 11 Nov 1919- 17 Mar 1920 (143 performances).
  • (1920) Stage Play: Hitchy-Koo. Musical revue. Music by Jerome Kern. Book by Glen MacDonough. Lyrics by Glen MacDonough and Anne Caldwell. Musical Director: Cassius Freeborn. Music orchestrated by Frank Saddler. Scenic Design by H. Robert Law Studios. Costume Design by O'Kane Conwell and Mme. B. Rasimi. Directed by Ned Wayburn. New Amsterdam Theatre: 19 Oct 1920- 18 Dec 1920 (71 performances). Cast: Pearl Bailey, Maurice Black, Dan Brennan, Tyler Brooke [final Broadway role], May Carlton, Vera Carlton, Vonda Case, Patricia Clarke, Lucille Conboy, Bobby Connelly, Arthur Cunningham, Jacqueline Delaine, Beatrice Deshaw, Fred DuBall, Joe Evans, Laurette Fallon, Inez Ford, Dorothy Harrigan, D. Hennessy, Raymond Hitchcock, Billy Holbrook, Phyllis Hooper, G.P. Huntley, Carolyn James, Amelia Johnson, Virginia Lee, Dorothy Leeds, Henri Lingen, Rose Lockwood, Muriel Lodge, Jack Lynch, Claire Martin, Ann Mason, Ruth Matthews, Helen McDonald, Virginia McDonald, Beulah McFarland, James McKenzie, Ruth Mitchell, Grace Moore, The Mosconi Brothers, Florence O'Denishawn, Betty Palmer, Corone Paynter, Anastasia Reilly, Julia Sanderson, Hal Sands, Eddie Simms, Douglas Stevenson, Myrtle Stewart, Nettie Thomas, Frances Tumulty, Gracie Turner, Peggy Underwood, Ruth Weeks, Fay West, Marion Wilbanks, Alvira Yates. Produced by Raymond Hitchcock. Note: This was the last of 4 versions of this musical revue that began in 1917. Each annual production featured completely different music.
  • (1922) Stage Play: Up in the Clouds. Musical comedy. Book and Lyrics by Will B. Johnstone. Music by Tom Johnstone. Musical Direction and Orchestration by Hilding Anderson. Scenic Design by H Robert Law Studios. Directed by Lawrence Marston. Lyric Theatre (moved to the 44th Street Theatre from 23 Jan 1922- close): 9 Jan 1922- 18 Mar 1922 (89 performances). Cast: Roy Alexander, Tyra Babcock, William N. Bailey, Gladys Coburn, Arthur Corey, Inez Foster, Richard 'Skeets' Gallagher, Laura Gaynelle, Agnes Hall, Adrien Hayes, Florence Hedges, Thelma Holiday, Josephine Hurley, Ann Lemau, Val J. Melino, Beverly Millar, Phyllis Millar, Grace Moore (as "Jean Jones"), Gertrude O'Connor (as "Ruby Airedale"), June Roberts, Angelo Romeo, Mark Smith, Dorothy Smoller, Betty Soule, Page Spencer, Melissa Ten Eyck, Katherine Valentine, Hal Van Renssalaer, Walter Walker, Max Welly, John J. Weis, Mary Welsh, Elsie Westcott, Elsie Young. Produced by Joseph M. Gates.
  • (1924) Stage Play: Music Box Revue. Musical revue. Music by Irving Berlin. Lyrics by Irving Berlin. Directed by John Murray Anderson. Music Box Theatre: 1 Dec 1924- May 1925 (184 performances). Cast: Fanny Brice, The Brox Sisters, Bobby Clark, Duell Sisters, Claire Luce, Helen Lyons, Margarita, Joseph McCauley, Paul McCullough, Grace Moore, Carl Randall, Irving Rose, Ula Sharon, Oscar Shaw, Hal Sherman, Tamiris. Produced by Sam Harris.
  • (1932) Stage Play: Gay Divorce. Musical comedy. Music and lyrics by Cole Porter. Book by Dwight Taylor. Based on an unproduced play by J. Hartley Manners. Musical Director: Gene Salzer. Music orchestrated by Hans Spialek and Robert Russell Bennett. Book adapted by Kenneth S. Webb and Samuel Hoffenstein. Choreographed by Carl Randall and Barbara Newberry. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Costumes under the supervision of Raymond Sovey. Directed by Howard Lindsay. Ethel Barrymore Theatre (moved to The Shubert Theatre from 16 Jan 1933- close): 29 Nov 1932-1 Jul 1933 (248 performances). Cast:Fred Astaire, Luella Gear, Claire Luce, Edna Abbey, Helen Allen, Eric Blore, Roland Bottomley, Joan Burgess, Martin Cravath, Eleanor Etheridge, Sonia B. Fitch, Jean Frontai, Mitzi Garner, Taylor Gordon, Billie Green, Ethel Hampton, G.P. Huntley, Mary Jo Mathews, Grace Moore, Pat Palmer, Erik Rhodes [credited as Ernest Sharpe], Bobbie Sheehan, Jacquie Simmons, Betty Starbuck, Dorothy Waller. Produced by Dwight Wiman and Tom Weatherly.
  • (1932) Stage Play: The Dubarry. Musical/operetta. Lyrics by Rowland Leigh. Music by Karl Millöcker [credited as Carl Millocker]. Music arranged by Theo Mackaben. Libretto adapted by Rowland Leigh [earliest Broadway credit] and Desmond Carter. From the German libretto of Paul Knepler and J.M. Willeminsky. Based on "Grafin Dubarry" by F. Zell and Richard Genee. Musical Director: Gustave Salzer. Scenic Design and Costume Design by Vincente Minnelli. Orchestra under direction of Gustave Salzer. Directed by Austin O. Huhn. George M. Cohan's Theatre: 22 Nov 1932- 4 Feb 1933 (87 performances). Cast: Charles Angelo (as "Baron Chamard"), Jean Audree (as "Suzanne/Lady of the Ensemble"), Fenton Barrett (as "Prince de Soubise"), Herman Belmonte (as "Gentleman of the Ensemble"), Ethel Britton (as "Maid to Madame DuBarry/Lady of the Ensemble"), Nana Bryant (as "Marechale de Luxenbourg"), John Clarke (as "Comte Lammond"), Patricia Clarke (as "Ninon/Lady of the Ensemble"), Joyce Coles (as "La Camargo"), Harold Crane (as "Comte Bordeneau"), L. Davis (as "Gentleman of the Ensemble"), Madaline De Sauter (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Henry Devitt (as "Gentleman of the Ensemble"), Max Figman (as "Duc de Choiseul"), Melba Forsythe (as "Elise/Lady of the Ensemble"), Mildred Gethers (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Mildred Gethins (as "Landlady"), Clare Gould (as "Dorothea Berke Ballet"), Marion Green (as "Louis XV"), Ruth Haidt (as "Dorothea Berke Ballet"), Ruth Hale (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), J. Horn (as "Gentleman of the Ensemble"), Lo Iven (as "Dorothea Berke Ballet"), Pert Kelton (as "Margot"), Jeane Kroll (as "Dorothea Berke Ballet"), Verta Kunkel (as "Dorothea Berke Ballet"), Jack Lee (as "Gentleman of the Ensemble"), Stanley Lipton (as "Gentleman of the Ensemble"), Eleanor Manning (as "Violet/Lady of the Ensemble"), Marjory Marlow (as "Dorothea Berke Ballet"), Howard Marsh (as "Rene Lavallery"), Paula Maysak (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Marjory Miller (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Tully Millet (as "Gentleman of the Ensemble"), Grace Moore (as "Jeanne") [final Broadway role], Robinson Newbold (as "Marquis de la Marche"), Iris Newton (as "Gwen May/Lady of the Ensemble"), Leslie Ostrander (as "Gentleman of the Ensemble"), Paul Owen (as "Gentleman of the Ensemble"), James Philips (as "Comte Fragonard"), Roberta Pierre (as "Therese/Lady of the Ensemble"), Rolande Poucel (as "Dorothea Berke Ballet"), Helen Raymond (as "Madame Sauterelle"), Jack Rees (as "Prince Lavery"), M. Remnek (as "Gentleman of the Ensemble"), Marie Rio (as "Dorothea Berke Ballet"), Lolita Robertson (as "Madame Libille"), Arthur Roland (as "Gentleman of the Ensemble"), Carl Rose (as "Gentleman of the Ensemble"), Alexis Sandersen (as "Hubert Oronais"), Marion Santre (as "Josephine/Lady of the Ensemble"), Len Saxon (as "La Jeune Moreau"), May Sigler (as "Dorothea Berke Ballet"), Georgine Stokes (as "Dorothea Berke Ballet"), Vivian Vernon (as "Sophie/Lady of the Ensemble"), Percy Waram (as "Comte DuBarry"), Alma Wertley (as "Dorothea Berke Ballet"), Esther Whetton (as "Dorothea Berke Ballet"), Craig Williams (as "Maitre Cascal"), Jerry Williams (as "Dorothea Berke Ballet"), Helen Withers (as "Didine/Lady of the Ensemble"). Produced by Morris Green and Tillie Leblang. Produced by arrangement with Crescendo Theatreverlag.
  • (1932) Stage Play: Hot-Cha! Musical comedy. Music by Ray Henderson. Lyrics by Lew Brown. Book by Mark Hellinger, H.S. Kraft, Ray Henderson and Lew Brown. Based on a story by H.S. Kraft. Musical Direction by Al Goodman. Music orchestrated by Robert Russell Bennett. Scenic Design by Joseph Urban. Costume Design by John Harkrider. Choreographed by Bobby Connolly. Directed by Edgar J. MacGregor and Edward C. Lilley. Ziegfeld Theatre: 8 Mar 1932-18 Jun 1932 (119 performances). Cast: Iris Adrian, Louise Allen, Mary Ann, Nick Basil, Miriam Battista, Herman Belmonte, Leonard Berry, Virginia Biddle, Joan Burgess, Alice Burrage, Tito Coral, Mary Coyle, Jack Daley, Dorothy Day, Antonio de Marco, Renee De Marco, Louis Delgado, Alan DeSylva, Marion Dixon, Dody Donnelly, Betty Dumbris, Prudence Edgar, Georgia Ellis, Jules Epailly (as "Store Keeper, Manuel"), Harriet Fink, Marjorie Fisher, Dorothy Flood, John Fulco, Robert Gleckler, Pearl Harris, Patty Hastings, Florence Healy, Hernandez Brothers, Theo Holley, Jean Howard, Stanley Howard, Mercedes Hughes, Alfonso Iglesias, Dorothy Kal, Gloria Kelly, Tom Kelly, June Knight, Frances Kruger, Charles La Torre, Bert Lahr (as "Alky Schmidt"), Jane Lane, Rose Louise, Evelyn Lowrie, Neva Lynn, June MacCloy, Frances Markey, Edwin Marsh, Mary Joan Martin, Lorelle McCarver, Lou Ann Meredith, Rosalie Milan, Vic Monroe, Grace Moore, Pauline Moore, George O'Brien, Ethel O'Dell, Catherine O'Neil, Lester Ostrander, Lynne Overman (as "Hap Wilson"), Arthur Page, Sherry Pelham, Theo Phane, Lilyan Picard, Eleanor Powell (as "Dancer"), Basil Prock, Polly Ray, Carol Renwick, Mary Alice Rice, Wilburn Riviere, Buddy Rogers (as "Jack Whitney"), Alma Ross, William Ruppel, Mina Ruskin, Marion Santre, Roy Sedley, Gertrude Sheffield, Marie Stevens, Kay Stewart, Thomas Thompson, Lupe Velez (as "Conchita"), Veloz and Yolanda [Veloz and Yolanda Veloz], Efim Vitis, Marion Volk, Molly Wakefield, Diana Walker, Lorraine Webb, Mildred Webb, Marjorie White. Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr..
  • (1923) Stage Play: Music Box Revue. Musical revue. Music and lyrics by Irving Berlin. Directed by Hassard Short. Music Box Theatre: 22 Sep 1923- May 1924 (closing date unknown/273 performances). Cast included: Robert Benchley, The Brox Sisters, Nellie King, Florence Moore, Ivy Sawyer, John Steel. Produced by Sam Harris.

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