Review: "From Stage To Screen: Face To Face Interviews With Some Of Britain's Finest Actors", Region 2 DVD Set

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By Tim Greaves

Writer Derek Pykett (whose excellent book " MGM British Studios: Hollywood in Borehamwood" was reviewed here earlier this year) has turned his hand to directing; setting up and playing host to a dozen intimate interviews with some of Britain's most respected and beloved thesps, the results are now available on DVD with "From Stage to Screen", a privately produced, limited edition 6-disc box set.

With each performer given their own ‘episode’ and a total running time of 15 hours, there's so much material here that it'll take the average viewer a number of sittings to get through it all. Beyond starting with disc one and working through methodically, where one begins is probably going to be proportionate to the level of esteem in which the viewer holds each particular actor or actress represented within the set; I confess that at the time of writing I still have a fair bit to get through.
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"From Stage To Screen: Face-to-face Interviews With Some Of Britain's Finest Actors" DVD Released In UK

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Cinema Retro has received the following press announcement:

For the first time on DVD a brand new series of relaxed, intimate, face to face interviews with some of Britain’s finest, much loved actors, who share with us moments from their lives and work in theatre, television and films.

With careers that span over seven decades, we hear stories about the greatest theatres (The National; The Old Vic; The Royal Shakespeare Company); the theatrical knights (Olivier; Gielgud; Richardson); the bright lights of Broadway, and the most celebrated movie directors of the twentieth century (Spielberg; Fellini; Huston; Chaplin; Visconti; Lean).

Featuring an extensive archive of rare photographs and film trailers, it is a nostalgic trip down memory lane in the company of highly respected actors who have given us some unforgettable performances.

Joss Ackland, Michael Medwin, Vera Day, Julian Glover, Michael Craig, Roy Dotrice, Sarah Miles, Lee Montague, Michael Jayston, Derren Nesbitt,
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Tmp Reviews: How I Won the War on DVD!

The Movie Pool takes in the new release of the John Lennon anti-war film How I Won the War on DVD!

Blu-ray Specs

Aspect Ratio: 1.66:1 enhanced for widescreen TVs

Running Time: 111 minutes

Rating: Not rated

Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0

Subtitles: English  

Special Features: Trailer, commemorative photo book

The DVD is offered as part of MGM's "Limited Edition Collection" on DVD, which are available from select online retailers and are manufactured only when the DVD is ordered. The DVD features a simple menu with no menu for chapters or scenes. Chapters are set every ten minutes. Manufacture-On-Demand (Mod) DVDs will play in DVD playback units only and may not play in DVD recorders or PC drives. This DVD did not play in our laptop DVD drive but did play in our Toshiba DVD recorder.

The Set-up

Michael Crawford and John Lennon (in his only non-Beatles film role) play incompetent British soldiers during World War II.
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Exclusive: How I Won the War DVD Clip Featuring John Lennon

Exclusive: How I Won the War DVD Clip Featuring John Lennon
On March 20th, the hard-to-find cult favorite How I Won the War will be making its DVD debut exclusively on as part of the MGM Collectors Series. John Lennon stars alongside Michael Crawford in his first film performance in this hilariously surreal collage of battle footage and one-liners lampooning the absurdity of the war. To help celebrate this unqiue release, we have an exclusive clip of John Lennon on the battlefield. Check it out below.

Click to watch Exclusive: Hearts Not in It!

For a limited time, How I Won the War the Special Editition DVD comes with a Commemorative Photo Album, which features behind the scenes photos from the film. The feature has been remastered for this DVD release with supervision from Richard Lester (Director), and John Victor-Smith (Editor). Now you can bring home John Lennon's only non-Beatles performance in a feature film.

How I Won the War
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