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Ross Kemp Behind Bars: Inside Barlinnie review – Ross gets the inmate experience, minus the strip-search

Despite a few misguided stunts, the TV hard man provides a thorough look at our struggling penal system with a journey into the notorious Scottish prison. Plus: moving migration stories in Exodus: Our Journey Continues

‘I’m Ross Kemp and I’m going to prison” says Ross Kemp, as he’s cuffed and led into the back of a G4S van. Ha! Best place for him, some might say, and about time. What for, though? For having once been Grant Mitchell? Or having been married to Rebekah Brooks? Is this violence-related or something to do with hacking? No, it’s just his latest hardnut doc, Ross Kemp Behind Bars: Inside Barlinnie (ITV). As in the notorious Hmp Barlinnie in Glasgow, Aka Bar-l and The Big Hoose, once home to Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, gangster-turned-artist-and-writer Jimmy Boyle, and (briefly) Duncans Ferguson and Bannatyne, footballer and Dragon respectively.

To understand what prisoners go through,
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The month in soaps: the real father of the Battersby baby is revealed

From love children to the fab Fox sisters, the world of lather was ticking every great storyline box there in February

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The rules of soap decree that the woman who says: “I am not having a baby in this lift!” is the woman who’s about to have a baby in a lift. Which is exactly what happened to Leanne Battersby, Coronation Street’s bump-holder-in-heels, who gave birth to baby Ollie while marooned in Victoria Court. A towering emblem of gentrification it may be – soaps, eh, always keeping with the times – but, just like real life, maintenance isn’t a priority and phone signal is as rare as truffle mushrooms.

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12 (sort of) memorable soap star singles

Jenny Morrill Sep 6, 2016

Den Of Geek raises a glass to some lesser-known soap star pop singles, from Coronation Street to Neighbours and more...

“Do you remember the guy who played that guy in that thing? His song was good wasn't it?”

The above is an example of a conversation regularly heard in our house. The only variants are that sometimes it was 'that girl from that thing', and a lot of the time the song was far from good.

Well sod it – I think we as a nation need to have more discussions about Craig McLachlan and Stefan Dennis. It's the only way our society will grow. So here are 12 songs from Soapland that weren't done by Kylie, Jason, or Kylie and Jason.

1. Kevin Kennedy (Curly Watts) – Bulldog Nation

Here we see Coronation Street's finest and supermarket manager extraordinaire with an indie effort from 2000. Did You Know - Kennedy
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'You're not going to kill me, I'm a warrior': Ross Kemp's giddy brand of danger tourism

Ross Kemp’s Britain is a nightmare ride through the UK’s grimmest fringes. The actor’s documentaries verge on self-parody – but his ability to stay detached in the face of danger makes for thrilling viewing

This is a big year for Ross Kemp. A few months from now, he’ll be reprising his role, albeit briefly, as EastEnders’ boggle-eyed nutter Grant Mitchell. Before that – tonight, in fact – he’ll be back on our screens doing what he loves most: solving all the world’s problems in a manner that sits somewhere between Louis Theroux and Jeremy Kyle.

Ross Kemp’s Britain is a three-part documentary chronicling Kemp’s efforts to get to the bottom of what he sees as the three biggest issues facing the country today: immigration, alcohol abuse and child sexual exploitation.

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Danny Dyer wants Mick to throw Grant across the bar

EastEnders' Danny Dyer wants to see Mick Carter throw bad boy Grant Mitchell across the bar when he returns to Walford. The 38-year-old actor, who plays the pub landlord in the soap, is hoping his alter-ego develops a friendship with the volatile thug (Ross Kemp) when he trots back onto Albert Square this year, but thinks they will lock horns and a brawl will break out instead. Speaking backstage at the National Television Awards last night (20.01.16), he said: ''I'm really excited about Grant's return. Hopefully I'll get to have a tear up with him. If he comes in the pub and
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Ross Kemp to return to EastEnders as Grant Mitchell

Actor set for family reunion with on-screen brother Phil to say goodbye to their mother Peggy, whose cancer has returned

Ross Kemp is to reprise his role as EastEnders hardman Grant Mitchell in a family reunion to say goodbye to on-screen mother Peggy.

The actor, who last appeared regularly in the soap in 1999, will make a “brief return” to coincide with Dame Barbara Windsor’s final scenes where her character will pass away from cancer.

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EastEnders omnibus to return

Ross Kemp is returning to 'EastEnders'. The 51-year-old actor - who last appeared in the soap as Grant Mitchell 10 years ago - will return to the BBC One soap to bid farewell to his onscreen mother Peggy Mitchell (Dame Barbara Windsor, 78), who is dying of cancer. Ross said: ''When I was approached about returning to 'EastEnders' for Barbara's final episodes, it was something I could not turn down. Barbara is a very close friend. When I learned of the storyline, it felt right that the Mitchell brothers are reunited with their mother for the last time. I am really
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Nigels With Attitude: A Straight Outta Compton feature

I don’t know anything about hip-hop and research is hard, not to mention time consuming. So, with the eagerly awaited Nwa movie Straight Outta Compton approaching release, I point you in the direction of Thn’s gushing review (“one of the best films of the year”). For anyone more interested in four Nigels, you’re welcome.

Nigel Havers ‘Straight Outta…London’

If there was ever a Nigel of ups and downs, it’s London’s very own Nigel Havers. He became a household name in 1981 thanks to his portrayal of Lord Andrew Lindsay in Chariots of Fire. He allegedly had an affair and went on to marry his mistress later that decade. He took his love-ratting from real life to fiction, playing womanising scoundrel Lewis Archer in Coronation Street in 2009. Just five years later he starred as ‘King Rat’ in Swindon Wyvern Theatre’s production of Dick Whittington. Presumably
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Long Before Day-Lewis, Oscar-Nominated Actor Played Lincoln: TCM 'Stars' Series Continues

Raymond Massey ca. 1940. Raymond Massey movies: From Lincoln to Boris Karloff Though hardly remembered today, the Toronto-born Raymond Massey was a top supporting player – and sometime lead – in both British and American movies from the early '30s all the way to the early '60s. During that period, Massey was featured in nearly 50 films. Turner Classic Movies generally selects the same old MGM / Rko / Warner Bros. stars for its annual “Summer Under the Stars” series. For that reason, it's great to see someone like Raymond Massey – who was with Warners in the '40s – be the focus of a whole day: Sat., Aug. 8, '15. (See TCM's Raymond Massey movie schedule further below.) Admittedly, despite his prestige – his stage credits included the title role in the short-lived 1931 Broadway production of Hamlet – the quality of Massey's performances varied wildly. Sometimes he could be quite effective; most of the time, however, he was an unabashed scenery chewer,
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Former soap stars cashing in on personal appearances

Former soap stars are making up to four times the amount of current cast-members for personal appearances. Todd Carty - who played Mark Fowler in 'EastEnders' from 1990 to 2003 - is charging up to £10,000 while the BBC One soap's longest serving star Adam Woodyatt (Ian Beale) only makes between £2,500 and £5,000 per appearance, The Sun newspaper reports. Other former stars of the east London-based soap including Tamzin Outhwaite and Ross Kemp - who played Melanie Owen and Grant Mitchell respectively - would cost in the region of £15,000. Zoe Lucker - who previously starred in both 'EastEnders' and 'Footballers'
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Ross Kemp: 'I have no problem with going back to EastEnders'

Ross Kemp has admitted that he would be happy to make a return to EastEnders.

The actor, who played Grant Mitchell on the soap for ten years, said that he would go back if the time was right.

Ross Kemp on Extreme World: 'It's emotionally draining - but worth it'

In an interview with Jonathan Ross on BBC Radio 2, he said: "I've got no problem going back.

"It was ten years of my life. Some of it was happy, some of it wasn't so happy, but I enjoyed most of it or wouldn't have stayed that long."

The 50-year-old actor left the show in 1999 and returned for two short stints in 2005 and 2006.

He has recently ruled out an appearance in the EastEnders 30th anniversary week, later this month.

"If an opportunity comes up and it's at the right time, I definitely don't see why not," Kemp added to Ross.
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Joey Essex to be Kim Kardashian West of skiers

Ross Kemp is up for a return to 'EastEnders'. The 50-year-old actor originally starred as cockney tough guy Grant Mitchell from 1990 until 1999 and he insists if the right storyline came up he would be up for coming back to Walford. Speaking about whether he would ever return to the show, he said: ''I've got no problems with going back there. It was 10 years of my life; some of it was happy, some of it wasn't so happy but I enjoyed most of it, or I wouldn't have stayed there so long. Yeah, if the opportunity comes along and it's
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Ross Kemp won't return for EastEnders 30th anniversary

Ross Kemp will not return for EastEnders' 30th anniversary. The 50-year-old star insists he will not join his on-screen mother Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor) in rejoining the BBC One soap for their upcoming week of live episodes because of prior filming commitments. He said: ''I can't join her [Windsor]. It's just about space in my diary.'' The 'Ross Kemp: Extreme World' host has played Grant Mitchell in the popular drama on and off since 1985 and admits he would definitely consider reprising the role in the future. He told the Gloucester Citizen newspaper: ''I would never rule out going back to 'EastEnders', I owe
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Steve McDonald blames himself for crash

Ross Kemp will not return for EastEnders' 30th anniversary. The 50-year-old star insists he will not join his on-screen mother Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor) in rejoining the BBC One soap for their upcoming week of live episodes because of prior filming commitments. He said: ''I can't join her [Windsor]. It's just about space in my diary.'' The 'Ross Kemp: Extreme World' host has played Grant Mitchell in the popular drama on and off since 1985 and admits he would definitely consider reprising the role in the future. He told the Gloucester Citizen newspaper: ''I would never rule out going back to 'EastEnders', I owe
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On TCM: Conservative Actress Young in Audacious Movies

Loretta Young films as TCM celebrates her 102nd birthday (photo: Loretta Young ca. 1935) Loretta Young would have turned 102 years old today. Turner Classic Movies is celebrating the birthday of the Salt Lake City-born, Academy Award-winning actress today, January 6, 2015, with no less than ten Loretta Young films, most of them released by Warner Bros. in the early '30s. Young, who began her film career in a bit part in the 1927 Colleen Moore star vehicle Her Wild Oat, remained a Warners contract player from the late '20s up until 1933. (See also: "Loretta Young Movies.") Now, ten Loretta Young films on one day may sound like a lot, but one should remember that most Warner Bros. -- in fact, most Hollywood -- releases of the late '20s and early '30s were either B Movies or programmers. The latter were relatively short (usually 60 to 75 minutes) feature films starring A (or B+) performers,
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Three 1930s Capra Classics Tonight: TCM's Jean Arthur Mini-Festival

Jean Arthur films on TCM include three Frank Capra classics Five Jean Arthur films will be shown this evening, Monday, January 5, 2015, on Turner Classic Movies, including three directed by Frank Capra, the man who helped to turn Arthur into a major Hollywood star. They are the following: Capra's Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, You Can't Take It with You, and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington; George Stevens' The More the Merrier; and Frank Borzage's History Is Made at Night. One the most effective performers of the studio era, Jean Arthur -- whose film career began inauspiciously in 1923 -- was Columbia Pictures' biggest female star from the mid-'30s to the mid-'40s, when Rita Hayworth came to prominence and, coincidentally, Arthur's Columbia contract expired. Today, she's best known for her trio of films directed by Frank Capra, Columbia's top director of the 1930s. Jean Arthur-Frank Capra
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The day with some salacious penguins, some Smashing Pumpkins and some cute robots

Its another tumescent Guide Daily, your handy repository of internetty cultureal gubbinsTunes, vids, trailers, and - today - more mawkish tweeness than your can hurl a fwuffy wittle kitten atGet in touch with us @guideguardian or at that bit at the bottom of the page colloquially known as the commentsWere here until 5.30, so turn on, tune in, and, erm, make a brew or something

5.28pm GMT

Pop culture is No More today so Im off home. As promised, here are Phil and Grant Mitchell dancing to Robert Miless Children overdubbed with some Glaswegian rap. Not really relevant to anything but, well, yeah. What of it.

5.23pm GMT

Before you go home why not have a look at this spanking new trailer for upcoming sci-fi timetravel action thingemebob, Predestination.

4.38pm GMT

Its that time of the week again: its basically Friday, so youre looking for something to do tonight. Assuming youre
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James Ellroy Will Write Film Noir Remake 'Laura'

James Ellroy Will Write Film Noir Remake 'Laura'
Celebrated crime author James Ellroy, whose books have been adapted into films such as L.A. Confidential and The Black Dahlia, has signed on to write the screenplay for a remake of the 1944 film noir thriller Laura.

Otto Preminger directed Laura, which centered on a detective who falls for the woman whose murder he is investigating. Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews, Clifton Webb and Vincent Price starred in the thriller, which was nominated for five Oscars, including Clifton Webb for Best Actor in a Supporting Role and Otto Preminger for best director, with Joseph Lashelle winning the Oscar for Best Cinematography.

Stuart Till is serving as executive producer for Fox 2000, but the project doesn't have a director attached at this time.

Aside from his novels, James Ellroy has also written the screenplays for Street Kings and Rampart.

Laura was released October 11th, 1944 and stars Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews, Clifton Webb, Vincent Price,
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On TCM: Oscar Winner Colbert

Claudette Colbert movies on Turner Classic Movies: From ‘The Smiling Lieutenant’ to TCM premiere ‘Skylark’ (photo: Claudette Colbert and Maurice Chevalier in ‘The Smiling Lieutenant’) Claudette Colbert, the studio era’s perky, independent-minded — and French-born — "all-American" girlfriend (and later all-American wife and mother), is Turner Classic Movies’ star of the day today, August 18, 2014, as TCM continues with its "Summer Under the Stars" film series. Colbert, a surprise Best Actress Academy Award winner for Frank Capra’s 1934 comedy It Happened One Night, was one Paramount’s biggest box office draws for more than decade and Hollywood’s top-paid female star of 1938, with reported earnings of $426,944 — or about $7.21 million in 2014 dollars. (See also: TCM’s Claudette Colbert day in 2011.) Right now, TCM is showing Ernst Lubitsch’s light (but ultimately bittersweet) romantic comedy-musical The Smiling Lieutenant (1931), a Best Picture Academy Award nominee starring Maurice Chevalier as a French-accented Central European lieutenant in
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Ross Kemp sometimes regrets EastEnders exit: 'Why did I ever leave?'

Ross Kemp has revealed that he sometimes regrets leaving EastEnders.

The actor played Grant Mitchell in the BBC soap for nine years, briefly returning in 2005 and 2006, but has since focused on hard-hitting documentaries such as Ross Kemp on Gangs and Extreme World.

In an interview with The Mirror, Kemp said: "I'm still happy doing what I do, but the older you get the less you want to be taking risks. There have been a few moments where I've thought, 'Why did I ever leave EastEnders?'

"I'm already pushing my body to the limit. I'm not going to be able to do this in a few years' time. So maybe the comfy chair is beckoning.

"I've decided I want to be that boring old man who sits in the corner. At least I'll have some good stories to tell."

Kemp admitted that spending prolonged periods of time away from his
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