Doctors plan Jane Austen-themed week

'Doctors' are planning a Jane Austen-themed week. The BBC soap are set to show several storylines across five episodes, expected to air in the autumn, inspired by the iconic author's novels following their Shakespeare week last year in collaboration with the World Shakespeare Festival. Actress Dido Miles, who plays Emma Reid in the medical-based show, said: ''We film it in June, so it'll go out in September, October time. Some of us will be our characters as you know us, and then others of us won't be the characters as you know us - we'll be real Jane Austen characters. ''Most of us
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Foreign Objects: Mum & Dad

Foreign Objects travels the world of international cinema each week to look for films worth visiting. So renew your passport, get your shots, and brush up on the local age of legal consent, this week we’re heading to… the UK! I get flack sometimes for including British movies under a foreign film heading due to the fact that they're still in English. This would make sense if the column specified foreign language, but since it doesn't I'm going to continue including English language films produced in a country more than 3000 miles away. Besides, if I stopped covering British films you may have gone your entire life without seeing the image above. We'll get to what exactly it is in a minute... Lena (Olga Fedori) is a Polish immigrant who makes a meager living cleaning toilet stalls in London's Heathrow Airport. She hopes to eventually afford to move other members of her family in with her, but
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Mum & Dad (DVD Review)

Mum & Dad and their “adopted children” are your typical horror-film family. They torture, they kill and they see nothing wrong with watching Dad use severed body parts to pleasure himself—but they still celebrate Christmas.

Steven Sheil, writer/director of the new DVD release, explains in the disc’s extras that he wanted to create a British version of this genre staple, a task at which he certainly succeeds. Olga Fedori (of the upcoming The Wolfman remake) is Lena, a young woman from Poland who gets a job on the cleaning staff of London’s Heathrow Airport. An adorable-but-strange co-worker named Birdie (Ainsley Howard) seems to take a liking to Lena and introduces her to her mute “brother” Elbie (Toby Alexander). When Lena misses the bus one night, Birdie invites her over.

As one might expect, accepting that invitation was not a good idea. Lena is very quickly and intimately
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Mum and Dad - Trailer

Partly inspired by the grisly, real-life exploits of serial killers Fred and Rosemary West, and starring Shane Meadows regular Perry Benson (Somers Town; This Is England), the film puts a unique spin on the British horror genre, setting its tale very close to home (quite literally) and resulting in a brutally realistic horror story.

Directed by Steven Sheil and co-starring Dido Miles, Olga Fedori, Toby Alexander and newcomer Ainsley Howard, this boundary-pushing journey into suburban terror is not without its moments of dark humour, but, viewers be warned, Mum & Dad is definitely not a film for the squeamish or the easily offended.

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Watch Five Clips from the Acclaimed Mum & Dad

A fair amount of critical praise if following Steven Sheil's horror movie Mum & Dad , a nasty looking bit of work opening in the UK on the 26th of this month. Revolver Entertainment is bringing the film Stateside, we're told, on May 9th but you can catch a sneak peek now via five film clips residing in our film database here . And yes, this does look a lil' warped (see the censored clip, too). Perry Benson and Dido Miles play the titular couple who live with "adopted" children and survive off whatever their can grab at the airport they're employed at. The film picks up when they kidnap an office cleaner and pull the poor gal into their world of depravity. Sounds a tad People Under the Stairs -ish but take a look at the clips and decide for yourself.
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First Stills From UK Horror 'Mum & Dad'

The UK Frightfest is at it again, this time they've scored your first look at stills from Mum & Dad, a film we first told you about here. Inside you'll find a much longer synopsis, along with the stills from the Steven Sheil directed UK horror pic starring Dido Miles, Perry Benson, Olga Fedori, Ainsley Howard and Toby Alexander. You dont have to go to Texas for a deranged cannibal family. Try Heathrow Airport closer to home. Thats where Terminal cleaner Lena is stranded after night shift and accepts help from perky colleague Birdie who lives nearby with her parents. But her home turns out to be the worst House of Horrors.
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Film Review: Mum & Dad

Edinburgh Film Festival

EDINBURGH — The family that slays together stays together in “Mum & Dad, ” a nightmarish little Brit-horror that makes a virtue of micro-budget limitations. The screenplay takes the harrowing, still fresh-in-the-memory case of suburban serial-killers Fred and Rosemary West as loose basis for a nailbiting shocker — a controversy-courting move that may translate into limited UK theatrical play and healthy DVD action elsewhere. The many festivals hungry for unpleasant, well-made midnight-movie fare should investigate.

First product of London’s Microwave initiative — funding 10 movies costing under £100,000 (about $200,000) apiece — it’s a confident, full-blooded debut from horror-aficionado writer/director Steven Sheil. Focus is on pretty Lena (Olga Fedori), a Polish immigrant working as a cleaner at Heathrow airport. After missing her bus home one night, she accompanies chirpy colleague Birdy (Ainsley Howard) to the latter’s nearby house where she’s promptly knocked unconscious. Lena wakes in a squalid bedroom, helpless prisoner of Birdy’s sadistic “parents, ” known only as Mum (Dido Miles) and Dad (Perry Benson).

Ensuing episodes follow the established pattern seen in many similar claustrophobic-ordeal tales. Various attempts at escape lead to escalating punishments, then a final-reel bloodbath and desperate dash for freedom. In contrast to his resourceful heroine, self-confessed horror-nut Sheil makes little attempt to get away from his chosen genre’s established conventions. That said, the acidic caricature of “family” life within his house of horrors carries satirical bite, while the juxtaposition of kitchen-sink banalities alongside unspeakable nastiness is disturbingly convincing — and sometimes jaggedly, unexpectedly comic.

Be Thankful for Mum & Dad

I wanted to bring this story to you guys sooner ... but stuffing dead bodies down the toilet sort of caused a large flood in the Dread Central office. Leason learned!

Styd dug up a trailer for Steven Sheil's Mum & Dad, a UK horror pic that was produced thanks to Film London's Microwave project. The program "challenges film-makers to shoot a full length feature film for up to £100,000" and it really has yielded some good results.

Mum & Dad, played by Perry Dbeson and Dido Miles, "and their 'adopted' children, Birdie & Elbie, work at the airport. The family live off whatever they scavenge from cargo holds, offices and hotels - including a steady stream of transient workers who populate the airport's soulless hub. When Lena, a young Polish office cleaner, is befriended by Birdie, she gets drawn into a nightmarish world of torture, murder and perversity. Imprisoned in a suburban House
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