A Landscape of Lies review – film-making frauds serve up a taxing watch

Beginning life as a bogus project aimed at defrauding the public purse, this silly geezer Brit-flick is as bad as its backstory is good

There’s something heroic in the backstory to this ropey Brit geezer-gangster film; it would be nice to report that it’s a classic, or even good. Sadly no. But maybe James Franco or Mel Brooks will make a hilarious drama about how it came to be made. A Landscape of Lies began as a phoney movie that existed only on paper: a scam to defraud the tax authorities, who suspiciously demanded to see the finished print. So, with some chutzpah, these dodgy fake-film chancers quickly cobbled together an actual movie – this movie – with its director and cast doing their best and entirely unaware of the illegality. Their employers were convicted in 2013, and only now can the film be seen: a clunkily written and embarrassingly acted extravaganza of silliness,
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‘A Landscape of Lies’ Review

Stars: Andrea McLean, Danny Midwinter, Andre Nightingale, Philip Brodie, Victoria Hopkins, Marc Bannerman, Anna Passey | Written and Directed by Paul Knight

Another grand addition to the traditional “Brit Flick” stable, featuring murder, intrigue, deception, drama and a twist-y turn-y plot that will leave you wondering “Who can you trust when the truth is buried in A Landscape of Lies” In a sea of gritty Brit flicks, half the battle can often be finding one that first of all grabs your attention but once they have it they can keep it? A Landscape of Lies, on paper, sounds right up my Sesame (Street, bit of rhyming for you there). It’s British, it’s fairly low budget and the cast is a veritable smorgasbord of “Hey, that’s him from that other movie I liked” or “Oh crap, its her… nice”. The performances are The area where the indie movie can
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DVD Review – The Fall of the Krays (2016)

The Fall of the Krays, 2016.

Directed by Zackary Adler.

Starring Simon Cotton, Kevin Leslie, Phil Dunster, Danny Midwinter, Alexa Morden, George Webster, Adrian Bouche and Josh Myers.


Now established as the most feared gangsters in London, twins Ronnie and Reggie Kray must fight to keep their empire as dogged police officer Nipper Read closes in.

Following on from last year’s The Rise of the Krays, The Fall of the Krays picks up with twins Ronnie (Simon Cotton) and Reggie (Kevin Leslie), now successful club owners and ruling the London underworld using fear tactics. However, police detective Leonard ‘Nipper’ Read (Danny Midwinter) is determined to put the twins away, and as he persuades his bosses to let him reinvestigate the brothers and their activities it seems a few chinks in their armour are starting to appear as Reg’s marriage to Frances hits the rocks and Ronnie’s mental
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‘Chancers’ – The Great Gangster Film Fraud

Bashar Al Issa, a bankrupt Middle Eastern entrepreneur and Aoife Madden, an unemployed Irish actress join up to make feature films. Their first movie will have an almost unheard-of budget for a British film of £20m. But there’s a problem – the money never actually comes in. Undeterred, Bashar and Aoife submit £8m of production accounts to the British taxman and claim £2.5m in film tax breaks. The authorities smell a rat. They investigate, arrest, and charge the producers, and then bail them.

While out on bail, the producers decide to prove their innocence by actually making a film. They hire Paul Knight, a former nightclub bouncer, now a self-made film director, whose credits are some unreleased and unfinished films uploaded to Youtube, to make their movie for just a £100,000. The title: “A Landscape of Lies.” Paul Knight recruits an unusual cast that include one of the presenters of ITV’s daytime show Loose Women,
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DVD Review – The Rise of the Krays (2015)

The Rise of the Krays, 2015.

Directed by Zackary Adler.

Starring Simon Cotton, Kevin Leslie, Phil Dunster, Nicola Stapleton, Danny Midwinter, Anita Dobson, Alan Mathis and James Weber Brown.


London, 1961: Ronnie and Reggie Kray begin a reign of terror that would endure and define Londons East End for years to come. From protection rackets to members clubs, from brutal street brawls, arson via blackmail extending all the way up to the Cabinet Office, the Krays rained red on anyone who crossed them.

The real story of infamous London gangsters Ronnie and Reggie Kray will never fully be told in a film, mainly because the exploits of the twins have now passed into folklore and, as is the nature of most true crime stories, the truth has mainly been buried with most of the victims. 1990’s The Krays touched on most of the known stories surrounding the twins but the
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Blu-ray, DVD Release: Interview With a Hitman

Blu-ray & DVD Release Date: March 5, 2013

Price: DVD $19.98, Blu-ray $29.98

Studio: Well Go USA

Luke Goss (r.) looks for answers before getting down to business in Interview With a Hitman.

Luke Goss (Death Race 2) stars in first-time writer/director Perry Bhandal’s 2012 action-thriller film Interview With a Hitman.

Trust no one…feel nothing…never lose – that’s Viktor’s (Goss) personal code. It’s the mantra that took him from the slums of Romania to the pinnacle of his profession – as a murderer for hire. But this perfect killer is running into problems lately: After a ruthless betrayal by his bosses, he escapes to London, joins a new “family,” and finds himself caught in a vicious underworld power struggle. But while Viktor is better, faster and more ruthless than ever, an encounter with a dark beauty (Caroline Tillette, Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life) offers him a chance at new life. But can
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Luke Goss Stars In Interview With A Hitman, Coming Out March 5

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Luke Goss Stars In Interview With A Hitman, Coming Out March 5
Luke Goss stars as a hitman that has realized his future is in jeopardy in Well Go USA’s “Interview with a Hitman,” coming out on DVD, Blu-ray and digital download March 5. The film, which also stars Caroline Tillette, Stephen Marcus and Danny Midwinter and written and directed by Perry Bhandal, will include bonus materials, such as the behind-the-scenes featurette “The Making of Interview with a Hitman.” Here’s the official synopsis of “Interview with a Hitman:” “Trust no one. Feel nothing. Never lose. This is Viktor’s (Luke Goss) code. This mantra took him from the slums of Romania to the pinnacle of his profession – as a murderer for hire. [ Read More ]

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New Release: Dead Cert Blu-ray and DVD

Shout! Factory will release the 2010 gangsters-strippers-and-vampires-filled horror movie Dead Cert on Blu-Ray and DVDon September 27 for the list prices of $24.99 and $19.97, respectively.

A lap dancer moonlights as a vampire--or vice versa--in Dead Cert.

Craig Fairbrass (TV’s EastEnders) stars as reformed London gangster Freddie Frankham, who tries to go legit with his newly opened lap dancing club while continuing to make illegal bets on his brawling brother-in-law’s (Danny Midwinter) bare-knuckle fighting competitions. Everything changes when a group of Romanian bad guys attempt to take over the club, prompting the brothers-in-law to take some serious action. The problem is that the Romanian goon squad is actually a gaggle of vampires, who are determined to turn Freddie’s club into the city’s most decadent bloodsucking den.

The 2010 British production directed by Steven Lawson also stars Jason Flemyng (Ironclad), Steve Berkoff (The Tourist) and Billy Murray (TV’s EastEnders). It rolled
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DVD Review: Freight



Directed by Stuart St. Paul

Starring Billy Murray, Danny Midwinter, Craig Fairbrass, Stephen Uppal, Matt Kennard, Sam Kennard, Laura Aikman, Natalie Anderson

Released April 18, 2011

British cinema has long been associated with crime dramas. It is a long tradition which stretches from gritty gangster fares such as Get Carter and The Krays through to more recent underworld flicks like Gangster No1 and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Thanks to the success of these, the latest generation of British filmmakers has produced a constant reel of new British crime films in recent years.

These films, it has to be said, are of varying quality. Often they are films full of enthusiasm but slightly rough-around-the-edges and sometimes just downright boring. So I was slightly apprehensive when I came to watch the latest genre effort to make it on to DVD, Freight, the sixth film written and directed by ex-stunt coordinator Stuart St. Paul.
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This week's new films

Restrepo (15)

(Tim Hetherington, Sebastian Junger, 2010, Us) 94 mins

This powerful frontline Afghanistan doc has been compared to a real-life Hurt Locker but here, war is all difficulty and very little glory. Closely observing a Us company in the hostile Korengal Valley, it's a mix of tense combat, bunker downtime and tricky "hearts and minds" local engagement efforts, interspersed with moving post-combat reflection. It all leaves you with a great deal of respect for the soldiers, and very little for the people who put them there.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (12A)

(Oliver Stone, 2010, Us) Michael Douglas, Shia Labeouf, Carey Mulligan. 133 mins

Nice timing for the return of Gordon Gekko, but has the lizard changed his spots? He's now preaching that greed isn't good, and taking in young buck Labeouf for dubious reasons, in a flawed but fun sequel.

Mr Nice (18)

(Bernard Rose, 2010, UK) Rhys Ifans, Chloë Sevigny, David Thewlis. 121 mins

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Dead Cert Set Visit

  • HeyUGuys
When talking about British Film there are certain, unavoidable, assumptions one automatically makes. Those crisply enunciated words have long conjured pictures of rolling hills, heaving bosoms, mad Kings and foppish fools. An entire industry has been built upon the ever changing hair of Mr Hugh Grant and Jane Austen’s back catalogue has been taken advantage of in the parlour time and time again.

It is a world apart from those reliable old exports that we may find the Britain of gangster flicks. They populate a straight-to-dvd nether world which has scant regard for global recognition. These are not slick Ritchie flicks, attracting Hollywood stars to a middle-class vision of roughing it. These are honest to goodness, behind the scenes at the terraces, unflinching looks at a crude life of crime. A fist-full make it to limited big screen release bolstered by underworld faces, true-crime notoriety and boxing names. Few
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Dead Cert Shows Off New Poster Art for DVD and the Film's Premiere at Frightfest

Dead Cert UK DVD ArtDead Cert is a United Kingdom shot film, which will have a World Premiere at London's 2010 Frightfest. Dead Cert translates to practically guaranteed, or dead certain and fans can see this feature on the big screen August 26th (only in UK). This flick will move to DVD also in the UK September 27th through Momentum Pictures. The film itself involves Romanian Vampires who have an eye for business and the London nightlife. Their insatiable hunger leads them to take out local mid-level gangsters and raqueteers with a fatal fanged bite. A trailer is available for those interested in the film along with a UK movie poster seen here.

The synopsis for Dead Cert here:

"A gang of tough London Hoods get more than they bargained for when a Group of Eastern European Businessmen make an offer to buy their Club, the Paradise. Refusing to take no
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The UK's take on Vampires in Dead Cert

Dead Cert is a an action horror film from the United Kingdom that has a violent trailer inside that shows a group of thugs taking on a city infested with vampires. Shot for $2.5 million, Dead Cert currently has no North American distribution, but Momentum Pictures will give the show a theatrical premiere in the UK sometime in 2010 (Uhm). Have an early look at a smart take on Vampires in one of UK's rougher inner cities.

The synopsis for Dead Cert here:

"A Gang of tough London Hoods get more than they bargained for when a Group of Eastern European Businessmen make an offer to buy their Club, the Inferno. Refusing to take no for an answer mayhem ensues as the ‘Businessmen’ turn out to be nothing less than a group of Vampires hell-bent on reclaiming what they consider to be ‘their’ property. Gangsters and Vampires battle it out for the ultimate prize…
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First pics from Dead Cert bite in

  • Fangoria
Producer Jonathan Sothcott sent along an exclusive batch of first photos (see ’em below) from his vampire movie Dead Cert, currently lensing in the UK under the direction of Steven Lawson. “We have been filming on location in East London and Essex since Saturday—tough night shoots, but the shots Steve is getting are amazing,” Sothcott tells us.

Dead Cert, which we last covered here, stars “Craig Fairbrass and Lisa McAllister as Freddie Frankham and Jen Christian, a couple whose world is torn apart by vampires,” Sothcott continues. “Craig and Lisa have an amazing chemistry; they work brilliantly on screen as a couple and are giving powerhouse performances.”

Also starring is veteran actor Steven Berkoff as vampire hunter Kenneth Mason. “Steven is an absolute legend, and I’m thrilled he’s doing the film,” the producer says. “I called him and asked him, and he said yes immediately. We were all amazed and so excited.
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More cast, new poster for vampire film Dead Cert

  • Fangoria
UK producer Jonathan Sothcott let us know that his vampire movie Dead Cert begins principal photography this Saturday night under the direction of Steven Lawson. He also passed on the final poster that’ll be used to sell the film at the American Film Market later this year, which reveals some additional casting; you can see it below.

Joining the actors announced in our last Dead Cert story here are Dexter Fletcher, Mum & Dad’s Perry Benson, Bruiser’s Jason Flemyng, Ciaran Griffiths, Ricky Grover, Dave Legeno (The Cottage’s monstrous Farmer, pictured above), Danny Midwinter, Coralie Rose and Lorraine Stanley. Set in and around a London nightclub, the movie introduces fangs and bloodsucking into a battle between local and Romanian gangsters. An official website for the film will be active soon here; look for more on Dead Cert once it starts rolling!
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