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  • (1914) Stage: Appeared (Broadway debut) in "The Bludgeon" on Broadway. Written / produced by Paul Armstrong. Maxine Elliott's Theatre: 7 Sep 1914-Sep 1914 (closing date unknown/16 performances). Cast: George Farren, Maude Hanaford, Carl Harbaugh, Maxine Hodges, Beatrice James, James A. Marcus, Mark Price, Emily Romer.
  • (1914) Stage: "The Traffic" on Broadway.
  • (1915) Stage: "Back Home" on Broadway.
  • (1919) Stage: Appeared (as "Biff, the sergeant") in "Buddies" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Music by / lyrics by / Musical Director: B.C. Hilliam [Broadway debut]. Book by George V. Hobart. Selwyn Theatre: 27 Oct 1919-12 Jun 1920 (259 performances). Cast: Donald Brian (as "Sonny"), Peggy Wood (as "Julie"), Roland Young (as "Babe"), Maxine Brown (as "Louise Maitland"), Richard Cramer (as "Rube"), Camilla Dalberg (as "Madame Benoit"), Edouard Durand (as "Alphonse Pettibois"), Pauline Garon (as "Babette"), George Bergen George (as "Hank"), Bert Melville (as "Buddy"), Annette Monteil (as "Marie"), Douglas Newbury (as "Orderly"), Adrian H. Rosely (as "Abie"), Horace A. Ruwe (as "Johnny"), Frank R. Woods (as "Pete"). Produced by The Selwyns.
  • (1922) Stage: Appeared (as "Dick Wilmers") in "Up the Ladder" on Broadway.Drama. Written by Owen Davis. Directed by Lumsden Hare. Playhouse Theatre: 6 Mar 1922- Jun 1922 (closing date unknown/117 performances). Cast: Mary Brandon (as "Rosalind Henley"), Frederick Brennan (as "Dr. Maynard"), Nannette Comstock (as "Mary"), Claude Cooper (as "Bert Muller"), Edward Donnelly (as "Joe Henley"), George Farren (as "Henry Smith"), Albert Hackett (as "Jerry"), Grace Heyer (as "Ellen"), Mary Jeffery (as "Mrs. Muller"), Paul Kelly (as "John Allen"), Doris Kenyon (as "Jane"), Adele Klaer (as "Eva Wilmers"), George Le Guere (as "Stanley Grant"), Anna Marston (as "Lucy"). Produced by William A. Brady.
  • (1923) Stage: Appeared (as "Eugene Merrick") in "For All of Us" on Broadway. Written / Directed by William Hodge (also in cast as "Tom Griswald"). 49th Street Theatre: 15 Oct 1923-Apr 1923 (closing date unknown/216 performances). Cast: Marion Abbott (as "Mrs. Warren"), Frank Burbeck (as "Dr. Shipman"), Phillip Dunning (as "Mr. Dysart"), Echlin Gayer (as "Walter Fisher"), Frederick Howard (as "Frederic Warren, Jr."), Frank Losee (as "Frederic Warren"), Florence Mason (as "Joey"), Belle Murry (as "Ethel Warren"), Rita Sherman (as "A Maid"). Produced by Lee Shubert.
  • (1924) Stage: Appeared (as "Jacob Steinberg") in "Izzy" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Lillian Trimble Bradley (also director) and George Broadhurst (also producer). Broadhurst Theatre: 16 Sep 1924-Nov 1924 (closing date unknown/71 performances). Cast: Ralph Belmont (as "Moche Iskovitch"), Kenneth Hunter, Jimmy Hussey, Sam Jaffe (as "Eli Iskovitch"), Jacob Kingsbury (as "Abraham Iskovitch"), Helen Lackaye (as "Mary Byrd"), Robert Leonard, Fred Irving Lewis, Ralph J. Locke (as "Solomon Iskovitch"), Isabelle Lowe, Richard Martin, Dodson Mitchell (as "David Schussel"), Alfred Rigali.
  • (1925) Stage: "The Handy Man" on Broadway. Comedy/drama.
  • (1925) Stage: Appeared (as "Joseph Lehman") in "The Butter and Egg Man" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by George S. Kaufman. Directed by James Gleason. Longacre Theatre: 23 Sep 1925-Apr 1926 (closing date unknown/243 performances). Cast: George Alison, Marion Barney, John A. Butler, Tom Fadden, Sylvia Field (as "Jane Weston"), Gregory Kelly, Denman Maley, Harry Neville, Eloise Stream, Harry Stubbs (as "Bernie Sampson"), Puritan Townsend, Lucille Webster. Produced by Crosby Gaige.
  • (1926) Stage: "The Valiant" on Broadway.
  • (1927) Stage: "Rufus LeMaire's Affairs" on Broadway. Musical comedy.
  • (1928) Stage: Appeared (as "Capt. Conelly") in "The Clutching Claw" on Broadway. Written by Ralph Thomas Kettering. Directed by Rollo Lloyd. Forrest Theatre: 14 Feb 1928-Mar 1928 (closing date unknown/23 performances). Cast: Dulcie Cooper (as "Agnes Hayden"), Minnie Dupree (as "Mrs. Midgely"), Georgia Lee Hall (as "Patricia Thornton"), Percy Hilton, Bruce Leon, Alex McLeod, Ralph Morgan (as "Gordon"), Duncan Penwarden (as "Johannis Berlau"), Charles Slattery. Produced by Barbour and Bryant.
  • (1928) Stage: "The Valiant" on Broadway (revival).
  • (1928) Stage: Appeared (as "Lt. Carl Gorson") in "Gang War" on Broadway. Written / directed / produced by Willard Mack. Morosco Theatre: 20 Aug 1928-Oct 1928 (closing date unknown/80 performances). Cast: H. Lee Adams, Hardie Albright (as "Charlie Harrison"), Arden Benlain, True Boardman, Gordon Earle, Anne Forrest, Walter Gilbert, Charles Henderson, Reginald Holden, John Horan, Louis Kimball (as "Duke Kelton"), Donald Kirke, Wilma Lanyon, Charles T. Lewis, Max Mitzel, Albert Moore, Beatrice Nichols, Earl Redding, J. Romer, Joseph Skinner, Antony Spirella, Clyde Veaux, Fred Verdi.
  • (1929) Stage: Appeared (as "Freelock") in "Gambling" on Broadway. Drama. Written / produced by George M. Cohan (also in cast as "Draper"). Directed by Sam Forrest. Fulton Theatre: 26 Aug 1929-Jan 1930 (closing date unknown/152 performances). Cast: Frank Allen (as "Guest"), Isabel Baring (as "Dorothy"), Anna Bell (as "Guest"), Fred Britton (as "Policeman"), Elsie Brown (as "Guest"), Dan Carey (as "Lewis"), Manuel Duarte (as "Guest"), Ernest Fox (as "Martin"), Mary Fox (as "Maid"), William Gillard (as "Buddy"), Mary Graham (as "Guest"), Joseph Halsey (as "Attendant"), Harold Healy (as "Connelly"), Irving Jackson (as "Messenger"), Charles Johnson (as "Brennan"), Allan Jones (as "Policeman"), Harriet Keehn (as "Guest"), Duke Keeley (as "Wayne"), George Lamb (as "Policeman"), Helen Lambert (as "Guest"), Jack Leslie (as "Knowles"), Harry Lillford (as "Sheridan"), Lorena Lynott (as "Guest"), Lydia MacMillan (as "Mrs. Cromley"), Douglas MacPherson (as "Braddock"), Edward Nannery (as "Chief"), Theodore Newton (as "Gaylor"), Kathleen Niday (as "Marie"), Mary Philips (as "Mazie"), Carl Reed (as "Policeman"), Edmund Reese (as "Guest"), Neil Stone (as "Carlysle"), Mark Sullivan (as "Mason"), Jane Thomas (as "Miss Daly"), Harry Waterman (as "Guest"), Earl White (as "Policeman"), Gene White (as "Guest"), Jack Williams (as "Captain"), Franklin Wills (as "Guest"), Walter Winn (as "Policeman").
  • (1930) Stage Play: The Tavern. Comedy/satire/tragedy (revival). Written by Cora Dick Gantt. Directed by Sam Forrest. Fulton Theatre: 19 May 1930- Jun 1930 (closing date unknown/32 performances). Cast: George M. Cohan The Vagabond"), Joseph Allen (as "The Hired Man"), Isabel Baring (as "The Governor's Daughter"), Dan Carey (as "The Sheriff's Man"), Manuel Duarte (as "The Sheriff's Man"), Harold Healy (as "The Attendant"), Jack Leslie (as "The Governor"), Lida MacMillan (as "The Governor's Wife"), Douglas MacPherson (as "The Fiance"), Robert Middlemass (as "The Tavern Keeper"), Edward Nannery (as "The Sheriff"), Theodore Newton (as "The Tavern Keeper's Son"), Kathleen Niday (as "The Hired Girl"), Mary Philips (as "The Woman"), Jack Williams (as "The Sheriff's Man"). Produced by George M. Cohan.
  • (1930) Stage: "The Song and Dance Man" on Broadway. Comedy/drama.
  • (1931) Stage: Appeared (as "Jackson" / "Clarkson") in "Miracle at Verdun" on Broadway. Drama. Written by Hans Chlumberg. Translated by Julian Leigh. Directed by Herbert J. Biberman. Martin Beck Theatre: 16 Mar 1931-Apr 1931 (closing date unknown/49 performances). Cast: Edward Arnold (as "Dr. Paetz"), J.W. Austin (as "Sharpe"), Anthony Baker, Jacob Bleifer, Thomas A. Braidon, George Brant, Hilda Case, Valerie Cossart, Martin Cravath, Alexander Danaroff, Juan De La Cruz, Robert Deviera, Walter Dressel, Miriam Elias, Jules Epailly (as "Remusat, Premier Delcampe"), Shirley Gale, Douglas Garden, John Gerard, Caryl Gillin, Lucien Girardin, Germaine Giroux, David Gorcey, Joan Grahn, Joseph Green, Hans Hansen, John Hoyt (credited as John Hoysradt; as "Pillwein" / "French Officer" / "Radio Announcer" / "Jacques"), Alexander Ivo, J. Kunihari, Ari Kutai, Edouard La Roche, Joseph Lazarovici, Con MacSunday, George Magis, Mario Majeroni, Owen Meech, Claude Rains (as "Heydner" / "Messenger" / "Lamparenne"), Michael Rosenberg, Helene Salinger, Francis Schaeger, Sidney Stavro, Marion Stephenson, Akim Tamiroff (as "Roubeau"), Peter Wayne, Crane Whitley (credited as Clem Wilenchick; as "Morel"), Max Willenz, Percy Woodley, Hanaki Yoshiwara, Ali Yousuff, Salvatore Zito. Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1932) Stage: Wrote "The Budget. Comedy", produced on Broadway. Directed by Hugh Ford. Hudson Theatre: 20 Sep 1932-Sep 1932 (closing date unknown/7 performances). Cast: Nicholas Adams, Olive Burgoyne, Virginia Curley, Paul C. Floyd, John M. Kline, Mary Lawlor, Lynne Overman (as "Peter Harper"), Clara Palmer, Olive Reeves-Smith (as "Elsie Knowles"), Raymond Walburn (as "Claude Knowles"). Produced by Harry Askin and Hugh Ford.
  • (1932) Stage: Appeared in "Criminal at Large" on Broadway. Mystery. Written by Edgar Wallace. Directed / produced by Guthrie McClintic. Belasco Theatre: 10 Oct 1932-Feb 1933 (closing date unknown/161 performances). Cast: St. Clair Bayfield, Alexandra Carlisle, David Glassford, William Harrigan, Walter Kingsford, Scott Moore, Perry Norman, Neville Percy, James Vincent, Geoffrey Wardwell, Emlyn Williams, Katherine Wilson.
  • Playwright: "The Man Who Wouldn't Talk" (filmed as The Man Who Wouldn't Talk (1940)).

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