Wrestling Daily News Round-Up – Goldberg at Wrestlemania? Sixth Elimination Chamber Participant Leaked, Former WWE Star Makes Roh Debut

Liam Hoofe with a round-up of the latest wrestling news…

Goldberg at Wrestlemania?

Since it was announced that Goldberg would be the star inductee at this year’s Hall of Fame ceremony, fans have been speculating as to whether or not the former Universal Champion would be making an appearance in the ring in New Orleans.

This weekend, The Sun (make of that what you will) reported that Goldberg will be appearing in this year’s Andre the Giant Battle Royal. Rumours began swirling online last week that the company planned to make the match, which has been seen as a filler for the last few years, into a big platform at this year’s event, with the company noting the hype surrounding the HBO documentary surrounding Andre the Giant.

Sixth Elimination Chamber Participant Leaked

This weekend, WWE posted a graphic on their website for the Elimination Chamber which featured the five announced superstars,
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Wrestling Daily News Roundup – Women’s Elimination Chamber, Rumoured Women’s Matches at Wrestlemania 34, Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

Liam Hoofe with a round-up of the latest wrestling news…

Women’s Elimination Chamber Match Confirmed

During the opening segment of last night’s WWE Raw, Stephanie McMahon announced that following the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble match, the company would hold the first-ever women’s elimination chamber match at the upcoming pay-per-view. The match will be for the Raw’s women’s championship, though, the six competitors in the match were not announced.

The match has been rumored for some time now and will hopefully be able to replicate the success, and quality, of the women’s Rumble match.

Rumoured Women’s Matches at Wrestlemania 34

The women’s division is the hottest topic in the WWE right now following the success of the women’s Rumble match and the long rumoured debut of Ronda Rousey at the same event. Dave Meltzer said on yesterday’s Wrestling Observer Radio that
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Wrestling Daily News Roundup – Vince McMahon Announces Return of the Xfl, Major Royal Rumble Odds Shift, Braun Strowman’s Wrestlemania Opponent

Liam Hoofe with a round-up of the latest wrestling news…

Vince McMahon Announces The Return of the Xfl

2018, what a time to be alive. After months of speculation, Vince McMahon officially announced yesterday that his often ridiculed football franchise, the Xfl will be making its return in 2020. Vince has funded the project through his new brand, Alpha Entertainment and has confirmed that the running of the Xfl will not interfere with his role in the WWE, and that there will be no crossover between the two products.

The Xfl is notorious among wrestling fans, with Vince trying, and failing at the project once before, back in 2001. This time around, Vince is encouraging fan involvement, stating the product will be fan-centric and that it will see the sport, ‘reimagined’. Just what that means is anybody’s guess.

Major Royal Rumble Odds Shift

Well, if anyone pays attention to the odds of wrestling events,
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Wrestling Daily News Roundup – Several Stars Confirmed for Monday’s Raw, Injury Updates, Triple H, Stephanie and The New Day on Jimmy Fallon

Liam Hoofe with a round-up of the latest wrestling news…

Several Stars Confirmed for Monday’s Raw

WWE has confirmed several more stars for this Monday’s 25th Anniversary edition of Raw. Former United States champion Mvp has been confirmed for the event and so has the former announcer and Raw General Manager Jonathan Coachman. Several Smackdown stars have also been announced for the event, including Aj Styles, Charlotte Flair, Jinder Mahal, The New Day, The Usos and Randy Orton. Just how WWE is going to fit all of these superstars into three hours is anybody’s guess but it looks like this edition of Raw is definitely going to be worth staying up for.

Injury Updates

It seems that Wrestlemania season is a prime-time for wrestling injuries, and this year is no different. Superstars Samoa Joe, Jason Jordan and Kevin Owens are all injured at the moment and the
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Looking At Superstars Who Could Win The 2018 Royal Rumble

Liam Hoofe takes a look at the Superstars who could potentially win the 2018 Royal Rumble…

The Royal Rumble is one of the most exciting events on the wrestling calendar. The event, which sees 30 men compete in an over the top rope battle royal for the chance to compete in the main-event at WrestleMania is an unpredictable affair and as we learned last year, the favourite may not become apparent until the final days leading up to the event. So, with speculation running riot, let’s take a look at several superstars who could win this year’s event.

Shane McMahon

This couldn’t happen, could it? It seems that right now, in the eyes of the WWE, Shane McMahon is the biggest star on SmackDown. The commissioner of Tuesday nights has opened pretty much every edition of SmackDown since about September and has been involved in and around the main
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Wrestling Daily News Roundup – Paige Update, Two Impact Stars Leave The Company

Liam Hoofe with a round-up of the latest wrestling news…

Paige Update

It was reported this weekend that Paige’s in-ring career looks to be over following an injury picked up at a house show last month. While the WWE is yet to confirm the news, Paige has tweeted a series of cryptic tweets and Instagram posts over the weekend, indicating that this is indeed the case.

Dave Meltzer, talking on Wrestling Observer Radio about the situation, also confirmed that the rumors are likely to be true and that Paige has been ‘medically disqualified’ from wrestling. Meltzer also mentioned that Paige is likely to be at tonight’s Raw but is unsure as to whether or not she will announce her retirement.

Two Impact Stars Gone from the Company

As reported a few weeks ago, Lashley and EC3 both bid farewell to Impact Wrestling this weekend and the duo, if rumors are to be believed,
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Wrestling Daily News Roundup – Kenny Omega Signs New Contract, Brackets Announced for the Mixed Match Challenge, Women’s Royal Rumble Participants Update

Liam Hoofe with a round-up of the latest wrestling news…

Kenny Omega Signs New Njpw Contract

Dave Meltzer reported in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter than Kenny Omega has signed a one-year contract extension with Njpw, thus ending any and all speculation surrounding Omega moving to the WWE. Talk of Omega joining the WWE was always more in hope than in expectation, but this new contract is rumored to be until January 31st 2019, which totally rules him out of any WWE events in 2018.

Meltzer also released his star ratings for this weekend’s Njpw Wrestle Kingdom event, awarding the much-loved match between Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega 5 stars, the highest rating on the card, with the main event, Okada Vs Naito, being awarded 4.75 stars.

Omega also appeared on this week’s episode of Talk is Jericho, Chris Jericho’s podcast, and the two discussed both the build-up
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Wrestling Daily News Roundup – The Undertaker at Smackdown, Rey Mysterio Signing for Impact!?, Samoa Joe Injured

Liam Hoofe with a round-up of the latest wrestling news…

The Undertaker at Smackdown

Click on any wrestling site at the moment and you will see rumours of The Undertaker returning to face John Cena at this year’s Wrestlemania. The Deadman has not been seen on WWE TV since losing to Roman Reigns at last year’s Wrestlemania, in what many fans presumed what his retirement match. Fans have been wanting to see Taker take on Cena for some time now and if reports are to be believed, then they may finally get their wish.

PWInsider is reporting that The Undertaker was backstage at last night’s Smackdown Live event. While there is no word on what he was doing there, speculation is rife that the Deadman could have been there to discuss an angle with Cena for the upcoming 25th-anniversary edition of Monday Night Raw. Of course, Taker
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Chris Jericho vs. Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 12 is the perfect fusion of wrestling’s East and West

Tom Beasley previews the massive wrestling bout between New Japan Pro Wrestling standout Kenny Omega and WWE legend Chris Jericho at this week’s Wrestle Kingdom 12 event…

It’s a match nobody would thought would happen, even right up until the moment it was announced.

Chris Jericho, six-time WWE world champion and wrestling legend, had been engaged in a war of words on Twitter for several weeks with Kenny Omega, who had been on a red hot streak in New Japan Pro Wrestling throughout 2017. Few believed this would come to anything, until Jericho appeared on the big screen at Njpw’s Power Struggle event in November, challenging Omega to a match at Wrestle Kingdom 12 – the biggest show of the Japanese wrestling calendar. This Thursday, the two will finally step into the ring.

This is a truly unique prospect in the world of professional wrestling. Jericho has not competed in a
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Wrestling Daily News Roundup – Ronda Rousey Appearing at The Rumble?, Dean Ambrose Injury Update, Interesting Us Title Segment on Smackdown

Liam Hoofe with a round-up of the latest wrestling news…

Ronda Rousey Appearing at the Royal Rumble

The long rumoured Women’s Royal Rumble match was announced on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, and the internet has been ablaze with discussions about the match ever since. The biggest, and most likely rumour coming out of the announcement is that former Ufc star Ronda Rousey is likely to make her debut during the match.

Dave Meltzer added to this on Wrestling Observer Radio by stating that Rousey making her debut is highly likely, though he did not confirm whether or not that was the case. If Rousey is to enter the match, then many would have her pencilled in as one of the favourites on the night, though how well this would sit with WWE fans remains to be seen. Rousey would definitely help draw money for the
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Wrestling Daily News Roundup – Two Impact Stars Headed to WWE?, The Miz Return Update, WWE Holds Annual Tribute to the Troops

Liam Hoofe with a round-up of the latest wrestling news…

Two Impact Stars Headed to WWE?

When you take a look back at superstars that never got the chance to achieve their full potential in the WWE, two names often come in the discussion – Ethan Cartner III and Lashley. The two men, both former WWE employees, have gone on to become two of the biggest stars in Impact Wrestling and many fans have long hoped that they would get another chance to prove themselves in the WWE.

Well, it looks as though we may not have to wait for this much longer. Dave Meltzer, in The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, indicated that the duo could well be heading back to their former home when their contracts expire with Impact Wrestling. While it is not clear exactly when that is, it looks as though it may be in the coming months.

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Wrestling Daily News Roundup – Three Matches Announced for Clash of Champions, Paige Set for In-Ring Return, Nxt To Find a New Home

Liam Hoofe with a round-up of the latest wrestling news…

Three Matches Announced for WWE Clash of Champions

This weekend, via the official WWE YouTube channel, the company revealed the following three matches will be taking place at WWE Clash of Champions on December 17th:

The New Day Vs The Usos Vs Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin

Charlotte Flair Vs Natalya

Baron Corbin Vs Dolph Ziggler Vs Bobby Roode

Also taking place on the card is a match for the WWE title between Jinder Mahal and Aj Styles. It would appear that the company has made several changes from what were the initial plans for the event. The addition of Dolph Ziggler is a random choice, though it could have been done to protect Roode, with Ziggler likely taking the pinfall loss and holding the Roode/Corbin feud for a little longer.

The New Day will no doubt add even
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Wrestling Daily News Roundup – Big Name Released From the WWE, Broken Matt Coming Sooner than Expected, Rumoured Matches for Next Year’s Royal Rumble

Liam Hoofe with a round-up of the latest wrestling news…

Big Name Released From the WWE

According to various sources, including Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer live, Jim Johnston, the man behind so many iconic wrestling themes, has been released from the company after three decades.

This news is particularly surprising, and also quite sad. Johnston was, for many fans, an integral part of the company for the last 30 years, and he effectively crafted the soundtrack for many of our childhoods. His work in the attitude era was something that really helped get me invested in the WWE and its characters.

Johnston’s release will be a big surprise to many, and he is a much-loved figure backstage in the WWE. With Wrestlemania around the corner, there will no doubt be a push for him to be inducted into next year’s Hall of Fame, and rightfully so.

Broken Matt
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Wrestling Daily News Roundup – The Undertaker Return Rumours, Starrcade to Return Next Year? Woman’s Royal Rumble Update

Liam Hoofe with a round-up of the latest wrestling news…

Starrcade To Return Next Year?

This past Saturday night, WWE hosted their first ever Starrcade event in Greensboro, Nc. The show was a Smackdown branded event and featured the one-off returns of many wrestling legends including Arn Anderson and The Rock N Roll Express. Dustin Rhodes also dropped his Goldust gimmick for the night, paying tribute to his father, Dusty, the man responsible for the first ever Starrcade event.

While many fans were left frustrated that Starrcade was not broadcast on the WWE network, the event did draw a large crowd in Greensboro, North Carolina, one which is said to be their largest in the area in quite some time, prompting many fans to wonder whether the event will be brought back.

Well, according to PWInsider, that is the plan, with the WWE already discussing bringing the event back for
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Wrestling Daily News Roundup – Former WWE Champion Wants Full Time Return, Brock Lesnar’s Royal Rumble Opponent Aj Styles’ Contract, Rumoured Card For Clash of Champions

Liam Hoofe with a round-up of the latest wrestling news…

Former Champion Wants Full-Time Return

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Batista revealed on Jr’s podcast this week that he would definitely consider a full time return to the WWE in the near future, going as far as to reveal that he is has been in contact with Vince McMahon in the very recent past. He said ‘I don’t want to do a one-off. I want to go and I want to wrestle. I want to do some house shows. I want to be a part of the program and I love it. The one-off thing, the cheap pop thing, it doesn’t do anything for me.’

Batista’s most recent return to the company was in 2014, where he won the Royal Rumble went on to main-event Wrestlemania, and then reformed Evolution for a brief period to take on The Shield.
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Wrestling Daily News Roundup: Triple H’s Wrestlemania Opponent, Huge Return on Raw, Royal Rumble Main Event Plans, Landmark for Roman Reigns

Liam Hoofe with a round-up of the latest wrestling news…

Triple H’s Wrestlemania Opponent

The ending of Survivor Series was an absolute mess, I think most wrestling fans would agree on that. While it could be argued that the match was booked as to get Braun Strowman over, most of us can agree that once again, Triple H stole the limelight.

Wrestlemania feuds are often started at Survivor Series, though, and with Triple H screwing pretty much everybody in this bout, and then having a confrontation with Braun Strowman- fans were left a little bit confused as to who his Mania opponent would be. Rumoured opponents for Hunter have been Shane or Kurt Angle in recent months, and with him attacking both of these men at Survivor Series, things still remain unclear.

The rumours circulating today are that Triple H will face both Braun Strowman and Kurt Angle (sorry,
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WWE Summerslam main event changed, Scott Steiner shoots on Triple H – WrestleTalk News

Oli Davis rounds up the biggest professional wrestling news in his daily WrestleTalk column…

When Satire Becomes Real

On this week’s Smackdown, Jinder Mahal revealed the stipulation for his third WWE Championship match against Randy Orton: the dreaded Punjabi Prison. ‘Dreaded’ because the matches in it are usually pretty rubbish.

While a Steel Cage stipulation only has one layer of entrapment, the Punjabi Prison surrounds its competitors with two – an inner cage of bamboo, with an octagonal structure topped with ‘razor-sharp bamboo spikes’. It’s so successful, there’s only been two Punjabi Prison matches in WWE history, and the stipulation hasn’t been used in over a decade.

But according to satirical wrestling website KayFabe News – who publish humorously fake articles – this has been the plan all along.

Reddit user GeePrimus has unearthed a 2012 article from the site entitled: ‘Jinder Mahal only hired so WWE can use
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WWE Raw backstage “chaos”, Daniel Bryan teases Roh wrestling return – WrestleTalk News

Oli Davis rounds up the biggest professional wrestling news in his daily WrestleTalk column…

Daniel Bryan Teases Roh Return

Bryan returned to WWE TV on last week’s Smackdown Live after the release of his debut child the previous month, and he’s quickly been reminding everyone how much he loves to wrestle.

Despite retiring from competition last February because WWE wouldn’t medically clear him because of his history of concussions, Bryan revealed to Sports Illustrated last week that he’s “working on” an in-ring return.

Shortly after that interview, Cage Side Seats reported that Bryan has undergone more medical tests over the last couple of months, which may have gone well. This is why there’s talk of him wrestling again, although it’s expected he’ll never do so in WWE.

Then last Friday night, following Cody Rhodes’ Roh Championship win at their Best in the World pay-per-view,
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‘Glow’: 30 Years After the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, the WWE and Others Are Still Figuring Out What to Do With Women

Netflix’s “Glow” arrives at a time when women who step inside the squared circle are taken much more seriously than they were 30 years ago.

The show re-creates the world of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, the campy all-female promotion whose 1980s heyday is fictionalized in the new series starring Alison Brie. Fittingly, its subject helped start that process three decades ago.

Last weekend’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view was emblematic of the current state of women’s wrestling in WWE, both in terms of how far it’s come and how much further it still has to go. On the one hand, it featured the first-ever women’s Money in the Bank ladder match (progress!), which guarantees the winner a championship match at the time of her choosing. On the other hand, it ended when a dude named James Ellsworth ascended the ladder and dropped the briefcase down
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Big Show unhappy with WWE, shoots on Raw! Money In The Bank plans – WrestleTalk News

Oli Davis rounds up the biggest professional wrestling news in his daily WrestleTalk column…

Flashback Thursdays…

2011 was a different time. The first brand split had come to an end. The Anonymous Raw General Manager wasn’t going anywhere. And six years to the day tomorrow, WWE ran one of its best angles in recent times, with Cm Punk escaping through the crowd with the WWE Championship, blowing Vince McMahon a kiss, after beating John Cena in Money in the Bank’s main event.

Meanwhile, over in the UK during 2011, Raw’s current day Cruiserweight roster were wrestling for Dragon Gate.

We were in the same ring in 2011.#Tbt #205Live

Akira Tozawa (@TozawaAkira) June 15, 2017

Akira Tozawa has shared a photo of his fellow wrestlers from the promotion – the very young looking Noam Dar, Jack Gallagher and Pac, who now wrestles for WWE as Neville. It’s
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