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The “It” Crowd: 2017’s 20 Best Horror Movies

With 2017’s charred remains now in the rear-view, let’s take one final chance to reflect on the year’s best-of-the-best horror films (a single opinion, of course). It’s my favorite year-end tradition when it comes to recaps, because I get to look back on all the best genre content with fondness while hopefully turning readers onto films they might have somehow missed. These are the distinguished titles that left me stunned, psyched-out and wholly fulfilled as a horror lover. Filmmakers, you were too good to me this year – now let me try and return the favor.

Before we jump into the actual ranking, allow me take a minute to point out how many first-time directorial efforts deemed placement on this list. Out of my total thirteen main selections, six are feature debuts – two of which from female powerhouses. Maybe this was a fluke, or maybe this is what
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The Nastiest Movie Moments of 2017

Ben Robins on the nastiest movie moments of 2017…

It’s been a banner year for fairly disgusting things on-screen. No real guesses as to why, but we’re not here to slave over the reasons. We’re here to simply recount, and to celebrate.

From FrightFest-backed horrors, to gonzo arthouse dealings and even the occasional indie weepy, this year’s rundown of the grimiest and grisliest goings-on in film is actually, for the first time in a while, a little over-stuffed. And it’s not all just visceral gore either, 2017 saw a whole bunch of seriously effective psychological thrillers throwing their hat in the ring too, not to mention the occasional bit of dark humour. So without much further ado, and in no particular order…

*The following may contain spoilers*

Raw – The Finger

Originally hitting the festival circuit in 2016, Julia Ducournau’s coming-of-age cannibal horror was a serious breakout hit
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Exclusive ‘Wolf Creek’ Season One Clip Sets a Trap in the Outback

Back in 2005, director Greg McLean made his directorial debut with the lean, mean slasher thriller Wolf Creek, which quickly earned a reputation as one of the more sadistic, disturbing horror films on the market -- no mean feat in a decade that introduced mainstream audiences to the realm of torture horror. Wolf Creek's secret weapon was the character of Mick Taylor (John Jarratt), a calculating maniacal murderer, who gets his thrills hunting tourists in the Australian outback. Good ol' Uncle Mick was terrifying enough to spawn a sequel, and most recently, a horror series of the same name. The …
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Afm: Yossi Ghinsberg Talks About His ‘Jungle’ Experience

Afm: Yossi Ghinsberg Talks About His ‘Jungle’ Experience
Jungle,” the new adventure/survival film from Australian helmer Greg McClean (“Wolf Creek”), is based on the true-life story of adventurer and executive producer Yossi Ghinsberg, who became lost in the Amazonian jungle for three weeks in 1981. Starring Daniel Radcliffe as Ghinsberg, “Jungle” has been making the festival rounds, and Ghinsberg spoke with Variety about getting the project made.

How did you feel when you saw the completed film for the first time?

It was out of this world. I’d seen various cuts as it was being edited, but nothing could prepare me for the first time that I saw the film with an audience. It was then that I realized just how great everything had come together. Greg McLean did a masterful job, and the film was shot on a limited budget, and I was amazed at the production value that was achieved. It’s just so great to see a captivated audience on the
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Exclusive Interview – Greg McLean on his new film Jungle, working with Daniel Radcliffe and more

Alex Moreland chats with director Greg McLean about his new film Jungle

So, how did you first get involved with Jungle?

The script was sent to me from a producer in Australia; he’d worked with me before and said I might be interested in the story. So, I read the script – I was kind of dubious that it was all real, but then I read the book and realised it was a true story. I thought, “wow, this is pretty amazing” so I called him back and said “whatever I’ve got to do to get on this movie, I’d love to direct it”. So, it kind of went from there.

As you were saying there it’s based on a true story – how do you maintain a level of accuracy while also making a movie out of it as well?

The true story really does lend itself
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“My next picture could be a remake of Howard’s End…” Greg McLean ‘Jungle’ Interview

Out to own this week is Jungle, the knuckle-gnawing true story of adventurer Yossi Ghinsberg. Ghinsberg was stranded in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, where he faced a terrifying ordeal battling the elements for his very survival.

Daniel Radcliffe plays Yossi in the movie, which is directed by Wolf Creek‘s Greg McLean. We sat down for a chat about raging rapids, rugged Radcliffes and the inhospitable climes of Wolf Creek Season 2…

Thn: The film is something of a departure for you. What drew you to the project?

Greg McLean: I wanted to make a movie where people were trying to save a life rather than take it. (Laughs) A lot of my films have been horror films. I thought the true story was incredible, it was very inspiring. When I first read it I thought what these guys did and how it happened was very moving and
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Tfe ...which you may recall he raved about right here.

Variety Jamie Foxx and Anthony Mackie will star in a Johnny Cochran biopic (Mackie as Cochran) with Taylor Hackford directing

Guardian can Michael Fassbender survive his string of flops?

Coming Soon The Seagull starring The Bening and Saoirse Ronan will be distributed by Sony Pictures Classic next year

ScriptNotes John and Craig welcome female screenwriters Daley Haggar and Dara Resnik to discuss the possible Post-Weinstein era in Hollywood

The New Yorker Harvey Weinstein's cameo in a 2005 animated movie for Mattel

My New Plaid Pants five photos of rising French actor Rabah Nait Oufella

My New Plaid Pants 'do, dump, or marry' on Greg McLean's Jungle with
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‘Jungle’ Review: Dir. Greg McLean (2017)

Jungle review: Daniel Radcliffe continues his quest to distance himself from his previous wizarding worlds with this engaging survival tale, based on a true story.

Jungle review by Steve Palace.

Jungle review

In the early Eighties, aspiring Israeli adventurer Yossi Ghinsberg was travelling in Bolivia, having a typical travelogue-type experience and hanging out with some newfound friends: rugged man’s man Kevin and soulful intellectual Marcus. However when Yossi met the mysterious Karl, who offered him the journey of a lifetime into the rainforest in search of a “hidden world”, the young backpacker jumped at the chance.

With his two pals joining the trek, they entered unknown territory. But with an odd and slightly sinister character for a guide, fraying tensions between the men and the savagery of the jungle stalking their every step, was this going to be an odyssey or a horror fest?

Turns out it’s a bit of both.
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Second Opinion – Jungle (2017)

Jungle, 2017.

Directed by Greg McLean.

Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Thomas Kretschmann, Alex Russell, Joel Jackson, Lily Sullivan, and Yasmin Kassim.


Three travellers meet up in Bolivia and can’t resist the temptation of a trip into the rainforest to find a lost tribe. When things don’t go according to plan, two of them give up and the others carry on, but are soon separated. The local villagers find one of them, but the other is stranded in the jungle.

Remember that TV show, Walk on the Wild Side, the one where the animals had human voiceovers? There was a marmot which seemed to be yelling “Alan! Alan! Alan!” Given the way that a lost Daniel Radcliffe wanders around the Bolivian rainforest in Jungle yelling “Kevin! Kevin! Kevin!” at the top of his voice, I can only assume he saw it as well.

Which is to make light of a
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‘Jungle’ Review: Harry Potter Meets Werner Herzog in a Feverish Survival Story

‘Jungle’ Review: Harry Potter Meets Werner Herzog in a Feverish Survival Story
In the years since hanging up his quidditch broom, Daniel Radcliffe has blazed a surprisingly adventurous trail, devoting himself to risky projects that stray far from the beaten path, some of them quite literally. For the second time in the last 18 months, the former “Harry Potter” star has wandered off into the wilderness, following the miraculously inventive “Swiss Army Man” with a true-life survival story about a restless Israeli kid who wound up stranded by himself in an uncharted stretch of the Amazon. And while “Jungle” glaringly lacks the flair and depth of feeling that defined Radcliffe’s previous stroll through the great outdoors, it’s somehow even more disgusting than “Swiss Army Man,” a movie in which the actor plays a corpse whose farts are so explosive that they propel his body across the surface of the ocean like a jet ski.

“I was desperate to escape the well-worn path,
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Jungle Review

Once an actor lands that iconic role that catapults him or her to mainstream stardom, few are ever able to truly escape its shadow. Yet, despite playing The Boy Who Lived in eight films over the course of a decade, former Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has all but left Hogwart’s behind. In just a few short years, Radcliffe’s work in offbeat — to put it mildly — releases like Swiss Army Man and Horns has proven his willingness to take on challenging projects and provides sufficient evidence that he’s much more than the bespectacled child who won the world’s heart way back in 2001. Now, his latest film, Jungle, continues that string of intriguing and divisive choices.

Based on a true story, the movie follows Yossi Ghinsberg (Radcliffe) and a pair of globe-trotting friends (Joel Jackson and Alex Russell) as they embark on a journey through the Bolivian jungle.
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Jungle review

Daniel Radcliffe stars in Jungle, a true story of survival. But is it any good?

Daniel Radcliffe is doing an accent. That’s the first thing that grabs your attention in Jungle, which opens with the brave British actor intoning an opening narration over a blank screen. He introduces the themes of adventure and exploration, explaining why his character will venture into the Amazon rainforest a bit later on.

It’s not the most remarkable opening, but it’ll do. And that same sentiment could sum up the film that follows. Jungle is another survival film about a young man who’s way out of his depth. Straight of the gate, it’s got a fair bit to prove if it wants to stand out from the pack.

The film’s ‘based on a true story’ tag is its Usp. Radcliffe plays the real-life Israeli explorer Yossi Ghinsberg, who, at
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Interview: Director Greg McLean on Collaborating with Daniel Radcliffe and the Real-Life Horrors That Inspired Jungle

  • DailyDead
This Friday, Momentum Pictures is set to release Jungle, the latest from Greg McLean (The Belko Experiment, Wolf Creek 1 and 2), which tells the real-life story of Yossi Ghinsberg (played by Daniel Radcliffe), who traveled to the Amazon rainforest during the 1980s, and had to contend with the brutal dangers lurking all around him and his group of fellow travelers as they made their way through the unforgiving titular locale. Shortly after surviving his ordeal, Ghinsberg wrote a book about his experiences, which is also entitled Jungle, and McLean discussed in a recent interview with Daily Dead how he first discovered the autobiographical tale and knew that he needed to adapt it for the big screen.

McLean also chatted about what made Daniel Radcliffe perfect to portray Jungle’s hero, the challenges they all faced during the ambitious shoot, and more. Look for Jungle in theaters and on VOD on Friday,
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Movie Review – Jungle (2017)

Jungle, 2017.

Directed by Greg McLean.

Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Thomas Kretschmann, Alex Russel, Joel Jackson, Lily Sullivan, and Yasmin Kassim.


A group of friends join a guide for a trek into the Bolivian jungle, searching for an Indian village. The men soon realize that the jungle is a difficult place to be.

Seeing as Daniel Radcliffe (Aka the boy wizard Harry Potter) hit a grand slam with his similarly themed but far less reality grounded performance in Swiss Army Man (a severely overlooked and underrated film, easily the best of 2016), it’s a no-brainer that he was attracted to the script for director Greg McLean’s (Wolf Creek and his first 2017 film, The Belko Experiment) survivalist biopic Jungle, a genre feature about a tightknit band of close friends and a shady travel guide exploring uncharted Bolivian territory for pleasure, treasure, and a hidden Indian tribe. However, heading back to the
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Wolf Creek Season 2 Gets an All-New Teaser Trailer

The second season of Stan’s original series based on Greg McLean’s classic Wolf Creek film series is heading our way this (Australian) summer. Meaning this December. In an effort to get fans ready for the upcoming second season, Stan has… Continue Reading →

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October 2017 VOD Releases Include Cult Of Chucky, Better Watch Out, War For The Planet Of The Apes

  • DailyDead
With the Halloween season finally upon us, that we’ve got a ton of horror and sci-fi titles headed our way via VOD and various digital platforms throughout the month of October. Things kick off with the 1992 horror comedy Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which hits Digital HD for the first time ever on October 2nd. The very next day, Cult of Chucky, Super Dark Times, The Forlorned, and Realive all make their respective debuts, and just a few days later the holiday horror flick Better Watch Out arrives on October 6th.

October 10th is another busy day, with the digital releases of Wish Upon, Dementia 13, The 13th Friday, War for the Planet of the Apes, and Wes Craven’s cult classic Summer of Fear, and for those looking to spend their Friday the 13th at home, you’ve got M.F.A., Brawl in Cell Block 99, and the Psycho-themed documentary 78/52 to look forward to.
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Killing Ground review – horror in the bush

There’s a familiar look about this Australian outback survival thriller but it’s handled with uncompromising pace and confidence

Structured with a cruel precision, written and acted with a persuasive naturalism, this disturbing Australian survival thriller won’t appeal to everyone. The use (and abuse) of a very young child in peril as a plot device is something I approach with caution, but in this case, without giving away too much of the final act, I feel it is largely justified by the story. It’s not an easy watch, however. Pieced together like a crime picture, but marked with the bloody thumbprint of the horror genre, the film tells of newly engaged couple Sam (Harriet Dyer) and Ian (Ian Meadows), who discover an abandoned tent and evidence of a multiple murder. Although not as overtly grisly as the outback horror Wolf Creek by Greg Mclean, the two films
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Telluride Horror Show 2017’s Second Wave of Programming Includes Psychopaths, Tragedy Girls, and More

  • DailyDead
Following their exciting first wave of announcements, the Telluride Horror Show has revealed its second slate of films, and they are definitely a worthy follow-up to the first wave, with the anticipated titles including Mickey Keating's Psychopaths, Tyler MacIntyre's Tragedy Girls, and many more:

Press Release: The highly anticipated second wave of films and guests, as well as special events and schedule, has been announced for the 2017 Telluride Horror Show, which will kick off on Friday the 13th of October and run through October 15th in picturesque Telluride, Colorado.

The second wave includes the World Premieres of Derelicts and Never Hike Alone (a fan tribute to Friday The 13th), as well as the U.S. Premiere of Borley Rectory and Colorado Premieres of Tragedy Girls, Desolation, Cold Hell, and Psychopaths. Fourteen additional short films have been included.

More guests have been confirmed, including directors Greg McLean (Jungle), Patrick Brice
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Audiences Hate Jennifer Lawrence's New Movie Mother!

  • MovieWeb
Audiences Hate Jennifer Lawrence's New Movie Mother!
Moviegoers are having very negative reactions to Jennifer Lawrence's latest movie, Mother!, according to CinemaScore, which currently has the movie at an F rating. The Darren Aronofsky directed movie has been getting trashed by audiences, but praised by critics, leading to a huge divide between audience and critic with the polarized reviews. Could it be that moviegoers are beginning a backlash against Jennifer Lawrence?

Jennifer Lawrence is an acclaimed, Academy Award winning actress who was once the highest paid actress in the world two years ago. The 27-year old actress can pretty much do whatever she wants, but it's beginning to look like her fans do not want to see her in horror movies. 2012's House at the End of the Street was panned by critics and is seen as a commercial failure when compared to Lawrence's other work, which still earned a lot of money and was in
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Daniel Radcliffe Goes Through Hell And High Water In First Jungle Clip

Post-Potter life has been fairly kind to Daniel Radcliffe.

From battling The Woman in Black to infiltrating a neo-Nazi sect in Imperium, not to mention the wholly irreverent Swiss Army Man, the former Boy Who Lived has consistently strayed outside his comfort zone in order to approach weird, wonderful, and often compelling roles. And Jungle is yet another quirky feather in Radcliffe’s hat.

Coming by way of horror veteran Greg McLean, who is perhaps best known for directing Wolf Creek, Rogue, and this year’s Battle Royale clone, The Belko Experiment, Jungle is the story of 22-year-old Israeli backpacker Yossi Ghinsberg. Flanked by his two best friends, Yossi embarks on what he believes will be the adventure of a lifetime, but the truth is much, much more. What follows is an intense fight for survival, and today’s newly-released clip documents a scene on the Jungle rapids.

Also starring Alex Russell,
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