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  • TV commercial: Carling Black Label Beer
  • (1987-93) Audio books: Read 19 of John D. MacDonald's "Travis McGee" novels for Random House Audio Books Presentations.
  • Print ad: Heublen cocktails
  • (1985) Audio book: Read "Space" by James A. Michener (Random House Audio Books Presentations).
  • (1964) Stage: Appeared (as "The King of Siam") in "The King and I", Lincoln Center, New York. Also in cast: Risë Stevens (as "Anna").
  • (1966) Unsold pilot: Starred in a pilot for a proposed dramatic series based on James Jones' WW2-era novel, "From Here to Eternity".
  • (1956) Stage: Appeared (as "Chrysagon de la Crux") in "The Lovers" on Broadway. Written by Leslie Stevens. Scenic / Lighting Design by Charles Elson. Costume Design by John Boyt. Directed by Michael Gordon and Arthur Penn [earliest Broadway credit]. Martin Beck Theatre: 10 May 1956-12 May 1956 (4 performances). Cast: Mario Alcalde (as "Marc"), Patricia Allaben (as "People of St. Omer"), Harry Bergman (as "Simon"), George Berkeley (as "Millwright"), William Bramley (as "Volc Sturmer"), Robert Burr (as "Draco de la Crux"), Morris Carnovsky (as "Probus"), John Carter (as "Knight Escavalon"), Kurt Cerf (as "Steward"), Frances Chaney (as "Mairese"), Charles Chaucer (as "Friar"), Bert Conway (as "Wheelwright"), Robert Dowdell (as "Knight Escavalon"), Graham Eastham (as "Knight Escavalon"), George Ebeling (as "Saul"), Bramwell Fletcher (as "Clement of Metz"), Hurd Hatfield (as "Grigoris"), Gerald Hiken (as "Blaise"), Robert Jacquin (as "Mattiew"), Page Johnson (as "People of St. Omer"), Robert Lansing (as "Herstal de la Crux"), John MacKay (as "Knight Escavalon"), Edith Martin (as "People of St. Omer"), Emily McLaughlin (as "People of St. Omer"), Byron Mitchell (as "Steward"), Earl Montgomery (as "Sextus"), Vivian Nathan (as "Clothilde"), Lester Rawlins (as "Escavalon"), Peggy Richards (as "People of St. Omer"), Pernell Roberts (as "Austrict de la Crux"), Lena Romano (as "People of St. Omer"), Norman Rose (as "Xegan"), Ed Setrakian (as "Friar"), Kathe Snyder (as "Lisanne"), Gayne Sullivan (as "Tomas"), George Tyne (as "Ironsmith"), Flori Waren (as "People of St. Omer"), Norman Wigutow (as "People of St. Omer"), Joanne Woodward (as "Douane") [Broadway debut]. Produced by The Playwrights' Company (Maxwell Anderson, S.N. Behrman, Elmer Rice, Robert E. Sherwood, Sidney Howard) and Gayle Stine.
  • Audio book: Read Robert Ludlum's "The Bourne Identity" (Bantam Audio Publishing)
  • Audio book: Read Robert Ludlum's "The Bourne Supremacy" (Bantam Audio Publishing)
  • Audio book: Read Robert Ludlum's "The Bourne Ultimatum" (Bantam Audio Publishing)
  • Stage: Appeared (as "Willy Loman") in production of "Death of a Salesman".
  • (1954) Stage: Appeared (as "Bill Starbuck") in "The Rainmaker" on Broadway. Cort Theater.
  • Stage: Appeared (as "Stanley Poole") in a production of "Blood, Sweat & Stanley Poole".
  • (3/11/53) Stage: Appeared (as "Albert") in "My Three Angels" on Broadway. Morsosco Theater. NOTE: Filmed as We're No Angels (1955).
  • (1958) Stage: Appeared (as "Jerry Ryan"; replacement actor) in "Two for the Seesaw" on Broadway. Drama. Written by William Gibson. Scenic Design by George Jenkins. Costume Design by Virginia Volland. General Press Representative: Arthur Cantor. Directed by Arthur Penn. Booth Theatre: 16 Jan 1958-31 Oct 1959 (750 performances). Cast: Henry Fonda (as "Jerry Ryan"), Anne Bancroft (as "Gittel Mosca"; Broadway debut). Replacement actors during run: Dana Andrews (as "Jerry Ryan"; from ? Jul 1958-?]), Lee Grant (as "Gittel Mosca"), Hal March (as "Jerry Ryan"), Darren McGavin (as "Jerry Ryan"). Understudies: James Pritchett (as "Jerry Ryan"), Mary Tahmin (as "Gittel Mosca"). Produced by Fred Coe. NOTE: Filmed as Two for the Seesaw (1962).
  • (1944) Stage: Appeared in "No Rhyme, No Reason", Bliss Hayden Little Theatre, New York City.
  • (1945) Stage: Appeared (as "The Judge Advocate") in "Volpone". Actors Lab Theater, Hollywood, CA.
  • (1945) Stage: Appeared (as "The Judge Advocate") in "Liliom", Los Angeles, CA.
  • (1946) Stage: Appeared in "The Late Christopher Bean", USO tour.
  • (1948) Stage: Appeared (Broadway debut) in "The Old Lady Says No!", Mansfield Theater.
  • (1949) Stage: Appeared (as "Joe") in "Cock-a-Doodle Doo", Lenox Playhouse, New York City.
  • (1949-51) Stage: Appeared (as "Happy") in "Death of a Salesman" by Arthur Miller, US tour.
  • Stage: Appeared (as "Happy") in "Death of a Salesman" by Arthur Miller) on Broadway. Morsoco Theater.
  • (1951) Stage: Appeared (as "Hercules") in "The Thracian Horse" by Maurice Valency. Brandeis University Festival of the Arts.
  • (1952) Stage: Produced (w/David Helweil, Robert N. Winter-Berger) "Dark Legend" on Broadway. Written by Helene Fraenkel, based on the novel by Frederic Wettman. Directed by 'Morton Da Costa'. President Theater, March 24-29, 1952. Cast: Dino Tarronova, Arny Freeman, James Lipton, Olive Deering, Leslie Vega, Helen Auerbach, James Daly, Penny Santon.
  • (1953) Stage Play: My 3 Angels. Comedy. Written by Sam Spewack and Bella Spewack. Based on "La Cuisine des Anges" by Albert Husson. Directed by José Ferrer. Morosco Theatre: 11 Mar 1953- 2 Jan 1954 (344 performances). Cast: Walter Slezak (as "Joseph"), Joan Chandler (as "Marie Louise Ducotel"), Jerome Cowan (as "Jules"), Henry Daniell (as "Henri Trochard"), Carmen Mathews (as "Emilie Ducatel"), Robert Carroll (as "Paul"), Eric Fleming (as "Lieutenant"), Will Kuluva (as "Felix Ducotel"), Nan McFarland (as "Mme. Parole"), Darren McGavin (as "Alfred"). Understudies: Larry Buchanan, Paul Lilly, Peggy Nelson and Richard Towers. Replacement actor: Richard Towers (as "Lieutenant"). Produced by Saint Subber, Rita Allen and Archie Thomson. Note: Filmed as _We're No Angels_(1955).
  • (1954-55) Stage: Appeared in "The Trachian Horses", Boston, MA.
  • (1955) Stage: Appeared (as "The King") in "The King and I", St. Louis Municipal Opera Summer Theater, St. Louis, MO.
  • (1955) Stage: Appeared (as "Hal Carter") in "Picnic" by William Inge. Playhouse in the Dark, Philadelphia, PA.
  • (1955) Stage: Appeared (as "Hal Carter") in "Picnic" by William Inge. Drury Lane Theater, New York City.
  • (1955) Stage: Appeared (as "Matt Burke") in "Anna Christie", Phoenix Theater, New York City.
  • (1956) Stage: Appeared (as "David McGregor") in "The Innkeepers" on Broadway. John Golden Theater. Directed by Jose Quintero. Cast: 'Geraldine Page' (as "Amy"), Miriam Colon, Ernesto González, Boris Tumarin, Jean Barker, Truman Smith, Carmen Zapata, Anita deSoto, Joe Maross.
  • (1956) Stage: Appeared (as "Chrysagon de la Crux") in "The Lovers" on Broadway. Martin Beck Theater. Directed by Michael Gordon. Cast: Mario Alcalde, Joanne Woodward, Hurd Hatfield, Vivian Nathan, Morris Carnovsky, Pernell Roberts, Robert Lansing.
  • (1956) Stage: Appeared (as "Oliver Barrett IV") in "Love Story", Northern Theater, Chicago, IL.
  • (1957) Stage Play: Tunnel of Love. Comedy. Written by Joseph Fields and Peter De Vries. Based on the novel by Peter De Vries. Scenic Design by Ralph Alswang. Costume Design by Virginia Volland. Directed by Joseph Fields. Royal Theater (moved to The National Theatre from 26 Dec 1957- 2 Feb 1958, then moved to The Martin Beck Theatre from 4 Feb 1958- close): 13 Feb 1957- 22 Feb 1958 (417 performances). Cast: 'Tom Ewell Augie Poole") [from 13 Feb 1957- 9 Jan 1958], Sylvia Daneel (as "Estelle Novick"), Elisabeth Fraser (as "Alice Pepper"), Darren McGavin (as "Dick Pepper"), Nancy Olson (as "Isolde Poole"), Elizabeth Wilson (as "Miss McCracken"). Understudies: Barbara Foley, J. Richard Jones and Elsa Walden. Replacement actors [during Royale Theatre run:] Jordan Bentley (as "Dick Pepper"), Janet Fox (as "Miss McCracken"), Kaye Lyder (as "Isolde Poole"), Greta Markson (as "Estelle Novick"), Hildy Parks (as "Alice Pepper"). Understudies: Bonnie Bartlett, Carolyn Brenner. [During National Theatre run:] Johnny Carson (as "Augie Poole") [from 10 Jan 1958- ?], Marsha Hunt (as "Isolde Poole") [from 10 Jan 1958- ?], Kaye Lyder (as "Isolde Poole") [?- 9 Jan 1958]. [During Martin Beck Theatre run:] Johnny Carson (as "Augie Poole"), Marsha Hunt (as "Isolde Poole"). Produced by The Theatre Guild (Theresa Helburn and Lawrence Langner: Administrative Directors. Armina Marshall Langner [credited as Armina Marshall]: Associate Director). Note: Filmed by Arwin Productions and Fields Productions [distributed by MGM] as The Tunnel of Love (1958).
  • (1957) Stage: Directed "With Respect for Joey" on Broaday. Theatre Guild.
  • (1958) Stage: Directed / appeared in "The Happiest Man Alive". New York City.
  • (1959) Stage: Appeared (as "The Wreck") in "Wonderful Town", U.S. Pavilion, Brussels World's Fair, Brussels, Belgium.
  • (1960) Stage: Appeared in "The Golden Fleecing", New England Strawhat circuit.
  • (1961) Stage: Appeared in "Under the Yum Yum Tree", Northland Theater, Detroit, MI.
  • (1961) Stage: Appeared (as "Lt. Stanley Poole") in "Blood, Sweat and Stanley Poole" on Broadway. Morosco Theater.
  • (1962) Stage: Appeared (as "Prof. Harold Hill") in "The Music Man", summer circuit, New York City.
  • (1962) Stage: Appeared in (as "Joe Kelly") / directed "The Happiest Man Alive", Westport Country Playhouse, Westport, CT.
  • (1962) Stage: Appeared in "Damn Yankees", The Swan Theater, Milwaukee, WI.
  • (1948) Unsold pilot: Appeared in a pilot for a mystery show to be called "The Times Square Story".
  • (February 4, 1987) Guest on the late night talk program "Dr. Ruth Show" also appearing was Sol Landau.
  • (1965) He acted in Jack Sharkey's play, "Here Lies Jeremy Troy," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts with Will Hutchins in the cast.
  • (March 20, 1950) He acted in Arthur Miller's play, "Death of a Salesman," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio with Paul Ford and Thomas Mitchell (Willy Loman) in the cast.
  • (March 28, 1955) He acted in N. Richard Nash's play, "The Rainmaker," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio with Geraldine Page, Joseph Sullivan, John Crawford, Bert Remsen, Ted Jacques, and Cameron Prud'Homme in the cast. Ralph Alswang was set designer. Bolasni was costume designer. Joseph Anthony was director. Ethel Linder Reiner was producer.
  • (1963) He acted in Jack Perry's play, "Indoor Sport," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Shari Lewis in the cast. Gerald Hiken was director.
  • (August 1965) He acted in Jack Sharkey's play, "Here Lies Jeremy Troy," at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine with Will Hutchins in the cast.
  • (September 24 to November 9, 1968) He acted in George Bernard Shaw's play, "Captain Brasshound's Conversion," at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles, California with Greer Garson, Jim Backus, Paul Ford, John Williams, George Rose and Tony Tanner in the cast. Joseph Anthony was director.

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