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Oscar-Nominated Film Series: Dazzling-Looking Russian Revolution Epic Much Too Old-Fashioned

'Nicholas and Alexandra': Movie starred Michael Jayston and Janet Suzman 'Nicholas and Alexandra' movie review: Opulent 1971 spectacle lacks emotional core Nicholas and Alexandra is surely one of the most sumptuous film productions ever made. The elaborate sets and costumes, Richard Rodney Bennett's lush musical score, and frequent David Lean collaborator Freddie Young's richly textured cinematography provide the perfect period atmosphere for this historical epic. Missing, however, is a screenplay that offers dialogue instead of speeches, and a directorial hand that brings out emotional truth instead of soapy melodrama. Nicholas and Alexandra begins when, after several unsuccessful attempts, Tsar Nicholas II (Michael Jayston) finally becomes the father of a boy. Shortly thereafter, he and his wife, the German-born Empress Alexandra (Janet Suzman), have their happiness crushed when they discover that their infant son is a hemophiliac. In addition to his familial turmoil, the Tsar must also deal with popular
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Madhouse, The Land That Time Forgot & Deranged Blu-rays Announced by Kino Lorber

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Paul Toombes has played a horror movie antagonist for years, but the wicked ways of his onscreen persona are now trickling into his real life world in 1974’s Madhouse. In 1975’s The Land That Time Forgot, World War I-era castaways wash ashore on Caprona, a place where dinosaurs still stomp the scenery. And in similar fashion to Psycho‘s Norman Bates, Ezra Cobb kills people with his mother in mind in 1974’s Deranged. Kino Lorber recently announced that they are bringing these three diverse films out on Blu-ray in the near future, and we have the trio’s release details for those interested in making them new additions to their collections.

Madhouse: Featuring a fresh HD master, Madhouse will hit Blu-ray in July. Bonus features and the cover art have not been revealed yet. Directed by Jim Clark, Madhouse stars Vincent Price, Peter Cushing, Robert Quarry, and Adrienne Corri.

Synopsis: “Masters of macabre Vincent Price,
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Warlords Of Atlantis DVD Review

Director: Kevin Connor

Starring: Doug McClure, Peter Gilmore, Shane Rimmer, Lea Brodie, John Ratzenberger

Running time: 96 minutes

Certificate: PG

Extras: None

Synopsis: A group of explorers and sailors discover a gold statue, but little do they know it belongs to the lost city of Atlantis and a huge octopus is coming to take it back. A number of the crew soon find themselves in the lost city and must fight to return home…

This third release from StudioCanal may not be produced by Amicus Productions, but it is still directed by Kevin Connor and stars Doug McClure. If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it. Only problem is, this is all getting rather repetitive. Doug McClure plays the exact same character he portrayed in both The Land That Time Forgot and At The Earth’S Core. Only this time he doesn’t have an interesting sidekick such as
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DVD Review: The Land That Time Forgot

The Land That Time Forgot

Stars: Doug McClure, John McEnery, Susan Penhaligon, Keith Barron, Anthony Ainley | Written by James Cawthorn, Michael Moorcock | Directed by Kevin Connor

Amicus Productions, the “other” Hammer Horror film company – this is what it could be known as anyway, as a lot of their output was confused between the two. The Doctor Who films with Peter Cushing for example were Amicus, where quite a few fans actually think they were done by Hammer. This is one of the reasons that Amicus have quite the cult following, because they were Hammer, just (arguably) not as good. (I know, that comment could cause quite a debate).

The Land That Time Forgot is an example where cost was down, but actually they managed quite a good tale. Doug McClure, an often used Amicus action hero, plays Bowen Tyler – a sailor who along with other crew men (mostly British, where
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The Land That Time Forgot DVD Review

Director: Kevin Connor

Starring: Doug McClure, John McEnery, Susan Penhaligon, Keith Barron

Running Time: 86 minutes

Certificate: PG

Extras: Interview with Susan Penhaligon, Interview with Director Kevin Connor,

Synopsis: After sinking a ship, a German submarine is taken over by the survivors of the wreckage. They soon find themselves stuck on a mysterious island where prehistoric creatures have survived…

To celebrate the 50th birthday of Amicus Productions, StudioCanal are releasing a number of previously unavailable titles. First up is The Land That Time Forgot. It’s based on a novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs (The man behind Tarzan and John Carter), which means plenty of questionable science and fun adventure.

The film starts with the pounding drums reminiscent of so many adventure B-Movies from the 1950s and ’60s. One must bear in mind that this film hit just between Jaws (1972) and Star Wars (1977), and as such was somewhat lost amongst the pioneering effects of Hollywood.
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First Hammer, now Amicus… Studio Canal to release classic Amicus titles on DVD

Following hot on the heels of the recent remastered re-releases of Hammer’s classic horror titles, another classic collection of titles, this time from celebrated horror house Amicus Productions, are set to make their debut on DVD in revived and digitally restored versions – Warlords of Atlantis, They Came From Beyond Space, At The Earth’s Core and The Land That Time Forgot. All of which are available to own individually from 30th July.

As the studio creators of some of Britain’s best fantastical horror titles, their spectacular styles and imaginative stories featuring man’s discoveries and subsequent battle against jaw dropping mythical creatures or extra-terrestrial life forms, have resulted in many of their films receiving cult status.

Warlords Of Atlantis

Aboard the Texas Rose, a professor of archaeology, his scientist son, and an engineer are on a quest to find the lost city of Atlantis. When a giant octopus attacks their ship,
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Beacham Wants To Marry

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Beacham Wants To Marry
Dynasty star Stephanie Beacham is considering marriage after finding love with a doctor - despite previously swearing off relationships altogether.

The actress, who was married to John McEnery between 1973 and 1978, admits she wasn't looking for love when she began dating Bernie Greenwood in 2008 when they were introduced by a mutual friend.

But she's now so smitten with the physician, she's considering another walk down the aisle.

She tells Hello! magazine, "(Marriage is) definitely to be considered. (It's) on the radar... You don't necessarily expect to find the L-word when you're over 60. I had decided that I would forget boys - I couldn't be bothered with them any more. I hate to say it, but (upon meeting) I just folded into his arms. It was like, 'Oh, what a relief you're here.'"

And Beacham is hoping she and Greenwood, who is based in Spain and works in the U.K., will soon be able to move in together.

She explains, "(A long-distance relationship) has its limitations and it's becoming more and more obvious that we want to properly share our lives. I don't think we will ever move permanently away from England - we have two homes here - but it's about where we spend our quieter times. It's a long bus ride to Malibu, but I still work here, so we need to figure out where we are going to live. But that's a nice problem to have."

Beacham Found Love Online

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Beacham Found Love Online
British actress Stephanie Beacham turned to the internet to inject some romance into her life - she found a boyfriend online.

The former Dynasty star, 62, was married to actor John McEnery between 1973 and 1978, and after their divorce she dated a string of younger men.

After splitting from her last lover, 48-year-old model/singer Alfie Harrison, in February, the veteran performer used the web to land her next man.

She says, "I met him via the internet, something I had never used before. A mutual friend, who thought we'd get on well together, gave him my email address. He's a British doctor living in Spain but often commutes to the U.K. We began communicating and it was dizzying: we exchanged emails of such depth. It was extraordinary. Three weeks after our first email we arranged a date and he flew to my home in Malibu. I was quite scared because I knew we might not have the same chemistry in the flesh. But as soon as we met I felt I knew his soul. My daughters have nicknamed him Dr Love. It's like being a teenager all over again."

But Beacham is determined to keep her new love's identity under wraps because he's not ready to step into the spotlight with her.

She adds, "At the moment he wants to remain secret as he hates the showbizzy stuff."

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