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Did You Spot The Dark Knight Returns Reference In Justice League’s Recent Teaser?

As Warner’s exhaustive Justice League campaign begins to reach its spectacular climax, the Powers That Be have been dedicating each week to a different member of the DC super-squad.

It all began with Flash Week back in October, which essentially started a chain reaction of behind-the-scenes featurettes devoted to Aquaman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman and the Caped Crusader. And though Friday signals the end of Batman Week, and Justice League‘s celebration of Día de Los Muertos, one eagle-eyed Reddit user has seemingly uncovered an Easter egg buried in last week‘s promo, which was all about the great Diana Prince.

And so, after a brief introduction to DC’s Immortal Warrior, the footage above cuts to Diana and Bruce Wayne tossing around ideas for the Justice League of America, and if you’re at all familiar with The Dark Knight Returns, Frank Miller’s two-part masterpiece from ’86, then you
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Heroes: ‘Venom’ Begins Production!

On this 188th episode of Heroes (October 25, 2017), Jon Schnepp is joined by Amy Dallen and Robert Meyer Burnett to bring you news from the world of Heroes and Villains and answer your Twitter questions which include: Venom begins Production! Minor Mutations Ben Mendelsohn may be the lead villain in Captain Marvel Gambit looks to cast Thieves and Assassins Guilds, and Mr.Sinister! A Logan X-23 spinoff movie with Dafne Keen is in the scripting phase according to James Mangold Jimmy Olsen himself Marc McClure cameos in Justice League! Kevin Feige confirms the retrun of Kork and Miek …
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Cyborg promo reveals cameo from Superman: The Movie's Jimmy Olsen

  • JoBlo
The Dceu doesn't have the access of someone like Stan Lee to do a bunch of cameos for them, but that doesn't mean that they won't have a fun cameo pop up in their films from time-to-time. Case-in-point, in the recent Cyborg promo from At&T embedded above, you can clearly see Marc McClure (Jimmy Olsen from the original Superman: The Movie) playing a cop that Cyborg saves from an exploding... Read More...
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Superman: The Movie’s Jimmy Olsen has a cameo in Justice League

Having portrayed Superman’s pal Jimmy Olsen in the Christopher Reeve Superman movies and its 1984 spinoff Supergirl (as well as Vanessa Hudgens’ character’s father in the shortlived sitcom Powerless), actor Marc McClure is set for a return to the DC universe this November with a cameo in Justice League.

Thanks to the recent Cyborg featurette for the movie, we’ve now got a glimpse of McClure in his role as a police officer who has an encounter with Ray Fisher’s Victor Stone. Here he is, courtesy of Robin’s Nest on Twitter…

Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman’s selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of his newfound ally, Diana Prince, to face an even greater enemy. Together, Batman and Wonder Woman work quickly to find and recruit a team of metahumans to stand against this newly awakened threat. But despite the
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New Cyborg Footage Reveals Surprise Justice League Cameo

  • MovieWeb
New Cyborg Footage Reveals Surprise Justice League Cameo
Are you in the mood for a little more Justice League footage? Then you're in luck, because we've got you covered. A brand new Justice League featurette has been released, which centers on Cyborg. The video gives us some brand new footage, in addition to detailing his origin story in the Dceu. Considering that he's arguably been the most ignored member of the team (save for Superman) thus far in the marketing, something like this is probably good leading up to the release.

Though DC Comics readers, and fans of Teen Titans, are familiar with Vic Stone, aka Cyborg, broader audiences, who Warner Bros. is relying on to see Justice League, aren't nearly as familiar with the character. So something like this gives a nice, albeit brief, introduction to who he is and how he works within the framework of the Justice League. As this video points out, he's the "big guns" on the team.
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Justice League Features A Special Easter Egg Dedicated To Christopher Reeve’s Superman Movies

Say what you will about Zack Snyder, but the man knows how to line the fabric of his superhero tentpoles with Easter eggs and other crowd-pleasing references to DC Comics.

From Parademons to that scorched Omega symbol (read: Darkseid), Batman V Superman was loaded with numerous Easter eggs – some overt; others subtle – and it seems Justice League is no different. In light of this morning’s all-too-brief promo, which was designed to signal the beginning of Wonder Woman and Cyborg week, The Flite Cast has spotted a special cameo from none other than Marc McClure.

If that name rings a bell, it should; McClure originally portrayed Jimmy Olsen in the original four Christopher Reeve Superman movies, not to mention the Supergirl of 1984. He’s since traded his press badge for a role in the local police force, as this screenshot places McClure’s character in Metropolis, where he will seemingly
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Superman: The Movie – 2 Film Collection

I guess there are plenty of adults now too young to remember when Christopher Reeve made his debut as The Man of Steel. It was a massive hit across the full spectrum of moviegoers. Warners is taking good care of everyone’s favorite undocumented visitor from Planet Krypton, and has assembled two separate cuts of his big-screen premiere.

Superman: The Movie


2-Film Collection

Warner Bros.

1978 / Color / 2:40 widescreen / 188 min. Extended Cut + 151 min. Special Edition orig. 143 min. / Street Date October 10, 2017 / available through the WBshop / 21.99

Starring: Marlon Brando, Gene Hackman, Christopher Reeve, Ned Beatty, Jackie Cooper, Glenn Ford, Trevor Howard, Margot Kidder, Jack O’Halloran, Valerie Perrine, Maria Schell, Terence Stamp, Phyllis Thaxter, Susannah York, Jeff East, Marc McClure, Sarah Douglas, Harry Andrews, Diane Sherry, Randy Jurgensen, Larry Hagman, John Ratzenberger, Kirk Alyn, Noel Neill.

Cinematography: Geoffrey Unsworth

Film Editors: Stuart Baird, Michael Ellis

Production Design: John Barry

Assistant Director: Vincent Winter
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Looking Back At Female Led Super Hero Films and TV Shows

  • Cinelinx
Wonder Woman opened to stellar reviews this weekend and will no doubt be a huge financial hit. In honor of the Princess of the Amazons being the one to break the Dceu losing streak, Cinelinx looks back at the history of live-action superhero TV shows and movies with female leading characters.

Wonder Woman (1974)- Appropriately, Wonder Woman was the first-ever female super hero to get a live-action adaptation. This 1974 made-for-tv movie was a pilot for an intended series. It starred former professional tennis player Cathy Lee Crosby. The blonde-haired Crosby doesn’t seem like the natural choice to play the Amazon Princess, but then again, this version of Wonder Woman was not a typical adaptation. For one thing, she had no super powers. This was based on the 1968-1972 era of the Wonder Woman comic known as “Diana Prince: The New Wonder Woman” when she lost her powers and stopped wearing her trademark costume.
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How Superman IV: The Quest For Peace Killed the Superman Franchise and Helped Close a Studio

Continuing our lead up to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which opens on March 25th, Scott J. Davis looks back at the ill-fated Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, the final film to star Christopher Reeve as the true Man of Steel

Back in 1983, the Superman franchise was in full swing, despite the tense and fractured on-set fights and fallouts which saw original director Richard Donner leave after Superman: The Movie before he was able to finish Superman II, released almost three years later under the new direction of Richard Lester. Both films were huge financial successes with Superman: The Movie 1978’s second highest-grossing film behind Grease.

A third film was inevitable, with Lester again directing the returning Christopher Reeve alongside legendary comedian Richard Pryor, who had made a joke on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson at the time saying how he would love to been in a Superman film.
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'Supergirl' Casts Chris Vance as Superman Villain Non

  • MovieWeb
'Supergirl' Casts Chris Vance as Superman Villain Non
Back in August, Supergirl executive producer Andrew Kreisberg teased that the highly-anticipated series will feature a Kryptonian villain from the DC Comics known as Non, but the character had not been cast at that time. Today, The Hollywood Reporter reveals that villainous role has gone to Transporter the Series star Chris Vance. The actor is set for a recurring role, although it isn't clear how many episodes he is slated to appear in. While he joins a growing cast of villains, Non is expected to be Supergirl's biggest threat.

Non is a former scientist who used to be aligned with the House of El on Krypton. He eventually became a powerful military officer, described as "sinister, powerful and angry," who is the "antithesis" for everything Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) stands for. The actor joins a slew of recurring characters such as Peter Facinelli (Maxwell Lord), Chris Browning (Reactron), Jenna Dewan-Tatum
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Drive-In Dust Offs: Strange Behavior aka Dead Kids

  • DailyDead
Strange Behavior. What an apt title for this film. Released in 1981, Aka Dead Kids, Strange Behavior is a unique mash up of a popular (at the time) sub-genre and one long forgotten – the Slasher and The Mad Scientist. For fans of either, it provides a weird, loving tribute to the latter while quietly etching a place for itself in the former. A lot of horror lovers missed the boat on this one at the time of its release, which is strange behavior, indeed.

Given a limited release in October by World Northal stateside, Strange Behavior impressed many critics at the time with its ethereal quality and 50’s throwback feel, but audiences really never got a chance to see it until released on video the following year. And even then, it never picked up steam with the horror crowd. Which is quite sad, as the film still plays as a creepy,
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Powerless: Adam West episode released on YouTube

Rob Leane Jun 19, 2017

Powerless may be cancelled, but NBC has chosen to release its Adam West episode, in tribute to the late, great Batman actor...

Powerless Adam West episode

Powerless - NBC's DC-inspired workplace comedy, which stars Vanessa Hudgens, Alan Tudyk, Danny Pudi and Christina Kirk - has officially been cancelled. TV Line confirmed the news last month.

See related Doctor Who series 10: Mark Gatiss interview The League Of Gentlemen discussing reunion says Reece Shearsmith

There were two episodes left to air of the show's first season, but NBC removed both of them from its schedule. One of them, which features the late, great Adam West as a guest star, is now available for fans to watch online.

Here it is...

Here's how Cbr describes the episode, and Adam West's part in it...

"Gotham comes to Charm City when the iconic Adam West, who played the role of Batman on television in the Sixties, guest stars in an upcoming episode of Powerless as Dean West, chairman of Wayne Industries. Following an attack on Gotham City, Wayne Industries has to make some cuts and Mr. West visits Charm City to deliver the bad news to Van and Emily. Will the dynamic duo of Van and Emily be able to save the team at Wayne Security, or are our Charm City Heroes destined for the unemployment line?"

Powerless cancelled

Alan Tudyk has taken to Twitter to lament the cancellation, along with the show's exec producer Patrick Schumacker...

One of the many causalities of Powerless being cancelled in that this picture won't get explained. Van Wayne Feb 2, 2017 - May 11, 2017 Rip.

— alan tudyk (@AlanTudyk) May 12, 2017

This one stings real bad.

Patrick Schumacker (@PMSchumacker) May 12, 2017

It remains to be seen if the other unaired episode will arrive online at any point.

More as we hear it.

Powerless cast

We don't have a proper trailer for Powerless yet, but we do have a little video featuring some cast chit-chat.

The cast were out in force at the San Diego Comic Con, where they discussed the ramifications of dealing with superhero-based insurance claims and what we can expect from the show - and it seems that Wonder Woman is a name dropped into the fray right from the outset.

"The first claim that Emily Locke is working on is one caused by Wonder Woman," Vanessa Hudgens told DC All Access. "Just sets the tone I think."

You can see the rest of the cast chatting about their roles here:

Also, while chatting to Cbr, Patrick Schumaker has discussed the idea of iconic DC actors showing up as new characters...

"If they’ll let us do it, I would have Jason Momoa show up next season as the Sparkletts guy," Schumaker said. "He’ll never show up as Aquaman. Ben Affleck will never show up as Batman. We can’t rule out that Grant Gustin could show up some other time playing somebody else, that there’s a little bit of a crossover. You have so much license, given the high-concept nature of this show, I think you have a lot of license.

"The idea of a multiverse, I think, gives you license to have an actor from one of the other shows show up playing somebody different," he added. "Because who’s to say in this world that Barry Allen or Wally West – Barry Allen if it's Grant – isn’t a courier? He doesn’t have any powers, necessarily. Or maybe he does, and we just never show it. Maybe he’s the FedEx guy."

Schumaker revealed that the Easter eggs have actually already begun: "the actor who played Jimmy Olsen in Richard Donner’s original Superman, Marc McClure [...] He actually stands in for Emily’s father in the pilot. So we already kind of start with some little Easter egg-y stuff that alludes to the films and other media that have existed, historically, for DC Comics."

It's worth pointing out that Momoa, Gustin and Affleck have hardly been confirmed - not by a long stretch - but it's exciting to know the powers that be are open to some fun fan-pleasing ideas.

More as we hear it.

Powerless trailer collection

Here are all the teaser clips thus far...

That's Bruce Wayne to you. He's B Dubs to his cousin. #Powerless

Powerless (@NBCPowerless) January 13, 2017

Powerless story

Also, here's the latest synopsis, courtesy of Cbr:

"In a world where humanity must cope with the collateral damage of Super Heroes and Super-Villains, Emily Locke (Vanessa Hudgens) begins her first day as Director of Research & Development for Wayne Security, a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises that specializes in products that make defenseless bystanders feel a little safer. Full of confidence and big ideas, Emily quickly learns that her expectations far exceed those of her new boss (Alan Tudyk) and officemates, so it will be up to her to lead the team toward their full potential and the realization that you don’t need superpowers to be a hero."

Powerless air date

Powerless debuted on NBC - in the USA - on Thursday the 2nd of February at 8.30pm. There is no news yet on a UK broadcaster.

We'll keep you updated as we hear more.
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'Back to the Future' Cast Reunite in 30th Anniversary Photos

  • MovieWeb
'Back to the Future' Cast Reunite in 30th Anniversary Photos
While it's not quite as big as San Diego Comic-Con, London did hold it's own Film and Comic-Con this past weekend. And they manages to nab a special Q&A panel reunion that the States missed out on. Yes, over the weekend, over 2,000 fans gathered to celebrate the Back to The Future 30th Anniversary with a Cast Reunion that included both Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, along with leading lady Lea Thompson. The iconic Marvin Berry (Harry Waters Jr.) of Marvin Berry and the Starlighters was also on hand to sing a few verses of Earth Angel. Universal has promised video of the panel is coming later in the week. Today, we have photos from the cast reunion.

In 1985 Director Robert Zemeckis, Executive Producer Steven Spielberg and Producer/Screenwriter Bob Gale embarked on a three-part journey through time that broke box-office records worldwide and catapulted Back to The Future
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What Michael J Fox Really Thought Of The DeLorean

In a world where the Jurassic Park franchise churned out another installment, Arnold Schwarzenegger is playing the Terminator again, and the Star Wars saga is coming back with both the old and a new cast, might there be hope for more Back to the Future? The classic film featured time travel, a nutty professor and Michael J. Fox. It has a massive fan base and seems ripe for the same treatment, if not now then a decade from now. But even if secretly holding out hope for a sequel of some sort, Fox doesn.t want you to hold your breath.  According to Radio Times, Fox joined fellow cast mates, such as Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Claudia Wells, Marc McClure, Frances Lee McCain, James Tolkan, Donald Fullilove and Harry Waters Jr., for a Back to the Future retrospective at London Film & Comic-Con this past weekend. While reflecting on
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‘Back to the Future’ cast celebrate 30th anniversary in London

Christopher Lloyd, Michael J. Fox & Lea Thompson at London Film and Comic Con. Photo Credit: Kat Smith

We are just a few short months away from that October 2015 date that featured in time-travel classic Back to the Future Part II. The film showed us what people living in the 1980’s thought the world would look like in what, to them, was the future. Sadly, although we don’t have true hoverboards, we do still have a very special occasion to mark.

Way back in the year 1985 Robert Zemeckis, with help from Steven Spielberg, created Back to the Future, a wonderful science fiction movie that featured a time-travelling Delorean. The film captured the imagination of a generation and subsequent generations thanks to its ‘outta time’ feel and tone.

This weekend sees London’s Olympia Hall taken over by comic book and movie fanatics for the annual London Film and Comic Con,
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Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd for Back to the Future reunion event

Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd for Back to the Future reunion event
Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd are to appear at a special Back to the Future reunion event in London.

Several cast members from the classic 1985 film will mark its 30th anniversary at Showmasters London Film and Comic Con in July.

Also attending are Lea Thompson (Lorraine), James Tolkan (Strickland), Claudia Wells (Jennifer), Marc McClure (Dave), Harry Waters Jr (Marvin Berry), Donald Fullilove (Goldie), Jeffrey Weissman (George McFly in II and III), Frances Lee McCain (Stella) and Ricky Dean Logan (Data).

Fans will also be able to take photos with the 1885 clock tower, 1955 clock tower, Gibson amp and guitar, Doc Brown tombstone and, of course, the DeLorean itself.

The cast will take part in a special Q&A session with a moderator with questions from the fans.

Showmasters has also created an initiative titled Up to 88!, which aims to raise $88,000 to support the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.
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Ranking all 7 Superman movies from worst to best

Ranking all 7 Superman movies from worst to best
With Brandon Routh back in a DC-created superhero costume (as the Atom on Arrow), a new Supergirl show being teased for TV, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice less than a year from landing, it feels like a perfect time to revisit and rank all of Superman's live-action cinematic outings.

We've ordered them from worst to best, and you should probably brace yourselves for a few surprises along the way. So, whip off your glasses, run to your nearest phone-box, twirl around a bit, and then maybe put your glasses back on because you might need them if you want to read the following.

7. Superman Returns (2006)

Okay, so before you grab your Kryptonite pitchforks/aim your heat vision in our general direction because we've ranked Bryan Singer's Christ allegory below Christopher Reeve's attempt to secure world peace (which everyone else agrees was the nadir for the franchise), hear us out.
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Superman Cast Shares Intimate Memories from the Richard Donner Years at WonderCon

Decked out in light-up leis, cast members of Superman and Superman II joined a highly nostalgic crowd for a celebration of “The Richard Donner Years.” In attendance were Margot Kidder (Lois Lane), Diane Sherry (Lana Lang), Marc McClure (Jimmy Olsen), Jack O’Halloran (Non), Valerie Perrine (Eve Teschmacher), and Aaron Smolinski (Baby Clark). (Sarah Douglas — Ursa — was scheduled to attend, but was prevented from reaching the con by that classic feller of supervillains, a flat tire.) Much of the panel served as a tribute to Christopher Reeve’s life and work. McClure described him as “a teacher — one of my life’s great teachers.” Kidder said that when she first heard about Reeve’s accident, she thought, “This guy is not a deep thinker, he’s not going to make it. But the person he bloomed into… He really became a heroic person.” [caption id="attachment_437665" align="alignright" width="361"] Image via The Movie Database/caption] Kidder
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WonderCon 2015 Schedule Announced

  • MovieWeb
WonderCon 2015 Schedule Announced
Comic-Con International announced the full three-day schedule for WonderCon 2015, which will take place from Friday, April 3 to Sunday, April 5 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. You can clickHere to check out the entire convention schedule, but we have pulled out all of the movie, TV, Blu-ray and DVD related panel presentations below. Take a look at what WonderCon 2015 has to offer!

Friday, April 3

12:00pm - 1:00pm - Going Back to The Future

Filmmakers Jason Aron, Louis Krubich, and Lee Leshen discuss their film Back in Time, a feature-length documentary that shows the cultural impact of the Back to The Future franchise-just in time to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the initial film. Room 207

12:30pm - 1:30pm - Batman

Last year marked the 75th anniversary of the Batman. Now let's take a look into what the future may have to offer for the iconic
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'Back in Time' Trailer: A 'Back to the Future' Documentary

  • MovieWeb
'Back in Time' Trailer: A 'Back to the Future' Documentary
The definitive Back to The Future documentary finally has a release date and a trailer! Back in Time will arrive for fans in October 2015, the exact time Marty McFly traveled to in Back to the Future Part II. Directed by Jason Aron, the film not only delves into the making of this classic sci-fi trilogy, but it also catches up with the stars, crew and a lot of the famous fans the films helped to inspire.

Back in Time delves deep into what these three movies have meant to our culture. It's not a simple "making of" documentary, but rather one which explores the incredible, lasting resonance of the trilogy through the eyes of such important contributors as stars Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson. We also get to hear from co-creator Bob Gale and composer Alan Silvestri. Superfans that contributed to the documentary include Community creator Dan Harmon
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