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‘Deathrow Gameshow’ Review (Vinegar Syndrome)

Stars: John McCafferty, Robyn Blythe, Darwyn Carson, Beano, Debra Lamb, Mark Lasky, Bill Whitehead, Kent Butler | Written and Directed by Mark Pirro

I have an a long history with Deathrow Gameshow, just not a history that actually involves seeing the film however! You see, when I was in college I used to spend all my free time at a local flea market scouring the stalls for ex-rental VHS tapes. And I stocked up big time. However there was one film I never bought but one that seemed to follow me everywhere I went… Deathrow Gameshow. Every stall seemed to have a copy of the old VHS tape but each and Every tape had issues: mold, damage, torn cover, etc. So I never bought it; and – unless I missed it – the film never made the transition to DVD here in England…

But now comes the Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray which features
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New Psychological Thrills with Rage Of Innocence

  • Horror News
Veteran filmmaker Mark Pirro writer/director of such cult classics as “Deathrow Gameshow,” “Color-Blinded” and most recently “The God Complex” is set to begin principal photography on a terrifying new production entitled “Rage of Innocence.”

Departing from the comedic tone, a standard of Pirromount’s previous features, this is their first venture into a psychological thriller. The movie centers around a male high school Jim Marsden (John McCafferty) teacher

who begins a relationship with a … Continue reading →
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The New Rise of Pcp

The angel dust of the ‘80s is back in a new form called "wet," and teens are going crazy for it-literally. Jeff Deeney on how a drug that makes users psychotic is staging a comeback.

On the corners near Westmoreland and Rorer in North Philly's war-torn Badlands, long the nexus of the city's drug trade, you'll hear rag-tag crews of young, gun-strapped Latin hustlers calling out "wet, wet, wet."

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They're advertising to a specific kind of customer, one who's not here to cop heroin or coke (though those are available in abundance if they want them), a customer who's looking, instead, to get "wetted up." These are customers who want a high that includes hallucinations and, not infrequently, a psychotic episode. By morning light, some of them will be strapped to gurneys in inpatient psych units, wards of the
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