E.T: The Extra Terrestrial Lands On Blu-Ray Today: Five Great Moments

“The influence of E.T. on most people from my generation is enormous. It’s so fundamentally important.”

Jj Abrams, director, Star Trek and Super 8.

“Spielberg does more with one spacecraft and one alien than many other movies do with massive battle scenes and alternative universes.”

Joe Cornish, director Attack The Block

Now 30 years old, Steven Spielberg’s 1982 masterpiece created a bike-basketful of classic moments that not only continue to wow audiences young and old but also inspire movies and TV shows trying to tap into and have fun with the E.T.’’s unique brand of timeless magic. To celebrate its release on Blu-ray, here are five of the most memorable moments, the secrets of their creation and their legacy in pop culture…

1. Over The Moon

The Moment: Elliott cycles E.T. to the forest to create the communication advice to let him “phone home”. With time running out and a huge drop approaching,
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Hot Rods & Droids: A George Lucas Profile (Part 4)

Trevor Hogg profiles the career of legendary filmmaker George Lucas in the fourth of a six part feature... read parts one, two and three.

For over a decade filmmaker George Lucas had been developing a project which was a gender reversal of the Biblical story about Moses being hidden as a baby in the bulrushes. When asked to describe Willow (1988), Lucas called it “an adventure fantasy that takes place a long time ago in a mythical land.” Cast as the title character who becomes the guardian and defender of the wayward baby from an evil sorceress was Warwick Davis who made a name for himself playing the Ewok known as Wicket. “I was on holiday in southwest England when I got a call from George to come to Elstree – one of the major British studios – and audition for the part,” remembers Davis. “Actually, I did four auditions altogether; three in England and one in America.
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Director Wants a Foot Fist Way Prequel

During a conversation with "Observe and Report" director Jody Hill, Chud asked if he would ever reprise the role of Mike McAlister, his character from "The Foot Fist Way" comedy. Hill replied that he bleaches his hair to play McAlister and always has to shave it off afterwards, so it would have to be something special to make it worthwhile. But he instead is thinking of making a Chuck 'The Truck' Wallace prequel. In "The Foot Fist Way," The Truck (Ben Best) is a faded kung fu film legend, a Chuck Norris-type who makes a living signing autographs at conventions and endlessly snorts coke. He is the bad guy in the movie. "I've thought about doing a Chuck the Truck prequel," said Hill. "Sort of like Boogie Nights where it spans the 70s and 80s, back when Chuck Norris was [big] and they were first televising martial arts. Do it
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