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Brad Mays

Sherman Oaks, California


Road Rage (2014) Writer/Producer/Director LightSong Films
I Grew Up In Princeton (2013) Director/Cinematographer/Editor LightSong Films
The Donut Shop (2012) Director/Editor LightSong Fims
Customer Diss-Service (2011) Director/Editor LightSong Films
A Way Back In (2009) Director/Editor Burping Kitty Productions
The Watermelon (2009) Director/Editor LightSong Films
SING*ularity (2009) Director/Editor LightSong Films
The Audacity of Democracy (2009) Director/Editor LightSong Films
The Bacchae (2002) Director/Editor Turman-Morrissey Productions
Stage Fright (1989) Producer/Director/Editor Autumn Films
The Dream of Alvareen (2009) Editor Garden Vision Productions
Crystal Fog (2009) Editor Steve Yeager
Showgirls - Provincetown, MA (2009) (Documentary) Editor Monument Television & Film
Road of No Return (2009) Editor (re-edit) VVS Films
The Telltale Heart (2005) (Short) Editor Indie
Reapers, Creepers (2005) Editor LA Pro Sol Company
A Midsummer Night's Rewrite (2005) (Short) Editor Barry Langer
Resilience (2005) Editor Lost Battalion Films
Sunset Stripper Murders (2005) Editor (re-edit) Blue Heron Productions
Faustbook (2005) Editor Albino Fawn Productions
The Trojan Women (2003) (Documentary of Los Angeles Stage Production) Director/Editor LightSong Films
Paper Chasers (2004) Editor (re-edit) IFP Channel
The Grind (2004) (Short Documentary) Editor Showcat Productions
Shakespeare's Merchant (2004) Producer/Editor Wildvision Productions
Tales From The Grave 2: Happy Holidays (2005) Editor Silver Moon Productions
Dodo - The Documentary (2006) Editor Eleado Productions
A Night To Dismember (1988) Editor (re-edit) Doris Wishman
Where's Billy Chang? (2004) Editor Juramentado Productions
The Bacchae Screenwriter (Adaptaion) Turman-Morrissey Productions
Trance & Venom Screenwriter Bruno White Entertainment
Night Bloom (1998) Screenwriter Slainte Productions
Road To Disneyland (1997) Co-Writer Vineland Productions
Leo And Augusta (1997) Screenwriter Bernie Kahn Productions
Currents (1996) Co-Writer Vineland Productions
Kids (1994) Co-Writer Vineland Productions
Buddies Forever (1994) Screenwriter Coral Productions
Hell Drivers (1994) Screenwriter Coral Productions
Prime Target (1990) Co-Writer Hero Films, Inc.
Stage Fright (1989) Co-Writer Autumn Productions


Get Thee Behind Me (2010) Editor FalkonQwest Entertainment
Construction Detectives (2009) (Pilot) Director/Editor The Wolper Organization
A Celebration Of Life Through Sports (2007) (Television Pilot) Director/Editor LightSong Films
Howard Stern's Negligee & Underpants Party (1988) Segment Director/Editor Weirdo Producitons


A Clockwork Orange (2003) Director Los Angeles
The Trojan Women (2003) Director Los Angeles
Marat/Sade (2000) Director Los Angeles
The Bacchae (1997) Director Los Angeles
Joan (1991) Director Los Angeles
Dragon Slayers (1990) Director Los Angeles
Romeo and Juliet (1990) Director Los Angeles
Amadeus (1986) Director Baltimore
Dragon Slayers (1985) Director New York
Altitude Sickness (1984) Director New York
The Water Hen (1983) Director New York
Requiem (1982) Director New York
Threepenny Opera (1982) Director Baltimore
Chamber Music (1981) Director Baltimore
The White Whore and the Bit Player (1981) Director Baltimore
The Bacchae (1980) Director Baltimore
Equus (1979) Director / Actor Baltimore


Featherweight (Web Series) (2010) Producer/Director/Editor LightSong Films
Customer Diss-Service (2011) Director/Editor LightSong Films


Garland Jeffreys at the SOhO Director/Editor LightSong Fims
Crazy (2009) (Music Video) Director/Editor LightSong films
Smartwax (2008) (Promotional Video) Producer/Director/Editor Smartwax
The Klitz Play Automatic Slim's (2008) (Feature Music Documentary) Director/Editor LightSong Films
My Other, My Selves (2007) (Original Opera) Video Director/Editor OperaWorks
Trey Veet, Detective - and the Curse On The High C's (2006) (Original Opera) Video Director/Editor OperaWorks
No, Sir! (2006) (Short) Editor The Living Theatre
Haywire! (2006) Editor Big Ol' Show Productions
Exit Strategies (2005) (Short Documentary) Editor Maxie Collier
Little Angels (2004) (short) Editor RAL Productions
Consciousness (2004) (12 hour Documentary) Editor Ronald Marcroft
The Gabriels (2004) Editor Brentwood Productions
Let's Play House (1984) (Music Video) Director/Editor/Cinematographer Easy Street Productions


  • 2013 San Diego Black Film Festival, Best Comedy, 2013
    Awarded for "The Donut Shop"
  • 2012 San Francisco Black Film Festival, "People's Choice Award", 2012
    For "The Donut Shop". Audience-driven award given at conclusion of festival.
  • 2010 California Film Awards, Diamond Award, 2012
    For feature film "The Watermelon," produced by Lorenda Starfelt.
  • Accolade Award, Award of Merit - Director, 2009
    "A Way Back In" (2009), Burping Kitty Productions
  • Accolade Award, Award of Merit - Creativity/Originality, 2009
    "A Way Back In" (2009), Burping Kitty Productions
  • Indie Fest Award, Award of Merit - Short Film, 2009
    "A Way Back In" (2009), Burping Kitty Productions
  • Indie Fest Award, Award of Merit - Director, 2009
    "A Way Back In" (2009), Burping Kitty Productions
  • 2003 LA Weekly Theatre Awards, Nomination - Best Direction: Brad Mays for 2003 multi-media stage production of "A Clockwork Orange." , 2003
    Two other nominations, for "Best Revival Production of a Twentieth Century Work," and "Best Actress in a Leading Role," which was awarded to Vanessa Claire Smith, for her gender-bending portrayal of Alex, the teenage sociopath protagonist.
  • 1997 LA Weekly Theatre Awards, Nomination - Best Direction: Brad Mays for 1997 Los Angeles stage production of Euripides' "The Bacchae.", 1998
    Two other nominations, for "Best Production Design," and "Best Original Musical Score," by composer Peter Girard.
  • Baltimore Sun Critic Earl Arnett's "Best Of" Awards, 1981., Best Regional Production, 1981
    For evening of One Acts: "Chamber music" by Arthur Kopit and "The White Whore And The Bit Player," by Tom Eyen.

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