'Mad Men' Recap: If 6 Was 9

'Mad Men' Recap: If 6 Was 9
Don Draper has made a lot of bad decisions, but it's hard to think of one as ill-advised as the one that closes this latest episode ("Field Trip"). He's returned to Sterling Cooper & Partners ready for work, but it turns out no one but Roger Sterling really wants him back — and even there, Roger may just be trying to piss Jim Culter off. Peggy, who registers several thousand different emotions in the few seconds after she hears he's in the office, stops by especially to tell him he hasn't been missed.
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‘An Adventure in Space and Time’ Review

Stars: Brian Cox, Jessica Raine, David Bradley, Ross Gurney-Randall, Roger May | Written by Mark Gatiss | Directed by Terry McDonough

Doctor Who is a phenomenon and has fans all over the world. To some becoming a fan started when they first saw Christopher Eccleston take Billie Piper by the hand and say the words “I’m the Doctor” but for others, they all have that one actor that they could call their Doctor. An Adventure in Space and Time takes us back to the very beginning though when the BBC decided to create a kids television show like no other, one that would star William Hartnell as a character who is still as popular now as he was 50 years before his creation.

An Adventure in Space and Time tells the story of how Sydney Newman (Brian Cox) gave Verity Lambert (Jessica Raine) the story of creating the new show Doctor Who
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Words of Wisdom From Mad Women

Don and Roger may put the "men" in Mad Men, but Joan, Peggy, Betty, Trudy, Megan, and the rest of the ladies of the show have always intrigued us. We love their quippy one-liners on life, love, and sex even more than their stylish retro fashions. Check out some of our favorite witty words of wisdom from the women of Mad Men from all the seasons (including the just-wrapped sixth season!), and let us know what your favorites are in the comments! View Slideshow ›
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Mad Men Season 6 Spoilers: ‘The Doorman’ Opens for Death

The premiere of Mad Men’s sixth season was about death, death, and death, but as the point is hammered relentlessly home, a new side of this obsession is revealed: death as an escape. Most notably acknowledged in the pitch scene with the Sheraton representatives, Don’s looming obsession with death has turned into more of an infatuation with the options it presents. Remember, this is a man who has killed himself before, when he left Dick Whitman’s family standing beside a coffin, and the reinvention he was able to experience has inspired a lust with escapism that our protagonist has never been able to shake. Don may seem shocked at his clients’ immediate association of his ad (A picture of a man’s discarded suit and footprints leading ominously into the ocean) with suicide, but somewhere in his subconscious, Don does want to kill himself; it worked once and it could work again.

Mad Men: Season 6 Premiere Review “The Doorway”

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Perviously on Mad Men: Don may or may not have returned to his old ways, Roger may or may not have had an terrifying realization about his life and pursuits, Peggy may or may not have gone to greater pastures, Pete may or may not have had gained some emotional maturity, Megan may or may not be the partner Don needs going forward, and Joan may or may not have finally gained the respect she deserves… suffice to say a lot was left hanging by last season’s end. This is Mad Men we’re talking about, after all, the only thing cloudier than the future is the cigarette smoke. However, there were certainties: Lane had a bad year, Betty is not taking her role as the ex-wife well (Ok, I’ll be the first to link to it), Sally is having an ‘interesting’ adolescence, and

"Mad Men" Fabulous Quotient: Have A Nice Trip!

Sometimes Mad Men would rather be murky and disturbing than fabulous, and last night's episode featured more chills and less "Chiiiiild," which is what I exclaim when fabulous Joan smirks at an underling. Peggy, Roger, Jane, and Don (no Joan or Betty in sight) spent the episode scaring us with forays into unknown worlds of seediness, trippiness, and violence. Not very glamorous, I'm afraid. But I still dredged up a handful of moments suitable for drag reenactments and exaltation.

1. Peggy knows your stupid beans better than you do.

First of all, when Peggy serves up her infuriated thug grimace, stand back. Shut up. And most importantly, don't pretend you know more than her about beans. After the Heinz exec rejected Peggy's campaign idea, the well-ascoted dame strode to the table, raised her thug jawbone in defiance, and spat, "You have to run with this! It's young! And it's beautiful! No
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"Mad Men" Fabulous Quotient: Sweaty Men Fight for Our Love!

Mad Men again focused on a popular topic 'round the AfterElton water cooler: masculinity! In all its attractive, sporty, sexual, confusing, and hilarious forms! Don Draper worked out a new wardrobe choice, Roger Sterling wowwed us with wuthering words, Pete Campbell tried to be a hustling psycho like Don (and blew it!), and Lane Pryce showed us that he's the hottest pugilist stuck 30-40 years in the past. Let's count up the five most fabulous moments of "Signal 30" and fan ourselves when it gets sweaty.

1. Introducing Don Draper: Sport-o Edition!

Fact: Megan's fashionista instincts are nothing but a good thing. She can look like Marlo Thomas or Jeannie C. Riley on any given day, and last night's episode revealed another trick in her book: Her influence extends to Don, too. Look at our dashing Valentino in his croquet-ready Gene Rayburn gear! Flashy-smashy, indeed. I assume Megan made him wear the
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'Jersey Shore' Long-Distance Love 'Sucked,' Snooki Says

But JWoww's man encouraged her to have fun in Italy: 'It was actually the easiest I ever thought it was going to be,' she tells MTV News.

By Christina Garibaldi

Deena and Snooki

Photo: MTV News

Long-distance love isn't always easy to keep alive — just ask Snooki.

While filming the fourth season of "Jersey Shore," the pint-size guidette introduced us to her long-term boyfriend, Jionni. Every week, viewers have listened in on their countless phone conversations, and after much anticipation, Jionni came for a drama-filled visit to Italy on Thursday night's episode.

"It sucked from being with him six months every single day to not being with him, being in another freakin' country and, like, not talking to him. It was really hard," Snooki told MTV News of her overseas love. "It was legit like a long-distance relationship."

Yet, someone who didn't have trouble keeping her relationship strong was JWoww,
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4 Movie Heroes That Could Have Been Icons

Icons allow us to distil our ideals down into a single image that can symbolise in an instant our beliefs, how they make us feel and through them what we hope to achieve. It’s far from a legislative process though and no one person can decide what will or should ascend into Iconography. It just happens when all the ingredients are in the pot and the heat is just right.

When we watch a great movie, we marvel at the fact that no matter how fantastical the plot gets, its themes relate to us on a personal level; at how its characters lead us to fresh insights about ourselves and the world around us.

They make us see a bigger picture because they were conceived by artists who have had deep insights into themselves and the world around them. This is where fiction and reality bleed into one – the realm where Icons are born.
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A Study in Error: the ten worst Sherlock Holmes

With Robert Downey Junior's inspired reinventing of the role in Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Homes (2010) and the BBC effectively bringing Holmes to the 21st Century in the popular TV series Sherlock (2010) starring Benedict Cumberbatch, the crime-solving antics of the Great Detective and his loyal colleague Dr Watson seem in good hands, and remain as popular as ever. Among the screen actors who have effectively brought Holmes to life include Arthur Wontner, Basil Rathbone, Peter Cushing, Douglas Wilmer, Ian Richardson and Jeremy Brett. As an amazing and complex role to play, the right actor can add great depth to it.

But then there are others who turned out to be Not-So-Great-Detectives, either through miscasting or just being plain bad. One does not need the power of deductive reasoning to see why the following ten actors fell way off the mark...

Roger Moore - Sherlock Homes in New York (1976)

"My name is Holmes,
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