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To celebrate the Blu-ray and DVD release of The 7.39 on the 10th of February, we’re giving 1 of you the chance to win a copy on DVD, which includes extra bonus content, courtesy of Universal Pictures (UK).

Carl Matthews (Morrissey) is a 45-year-old guy whose life has fallen into a dull routine. Happily married to his best friend from college, Maggie (Colman) and father to two sullen teenagers, Carl’s life is as predictable as they come; even down to him catching the same 7.39am train every day, with the same unhappy faces doing the same daily commute, en route to Waterloo.

Enter, Sally Thorn (Smith). Sally has recently moved out of London with her personal trainer boyfriend, Ryan (Maguire). Unsure if she likes the new suburban life, or the prospect of marriage to Ryan who is desperate to settle down and start a family, Sally secretly spends her time
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Costume Encounter: Sheridan Smith as Sally Thorn in The 7.39

Two-part BBC drama The 7.39 could have been your average ‘man meets woman and has an affair’ tale. However, the overall verdict has been one of admiration at not only the amazing acting from its star players but also the script, which took the audience on an emotional rollercoaster throughout its glorious two hours. But again, often overlooked is the costume, in this case contemporary. The story of the female lead, Sally Thorn, played by Sheridan Smith with a wonderful naturalness, is particularly clearly told through what she wears (costume design by Lucinda Wright).

Carl Matthews (believably played by David Morrissey) is stuck in a rut. Tired of his job, bored with his family, he boards the 7.39 train to Waterloo each morning for his daily commute. When he meets younger, sparky Sally on the train, who is engaged to a man she can barely be close to, let alone marry,
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The 7.39 (2 of 2): Episode Review


Carl and Sally check in at the heartbreak hotel.

Monday’s first episode left audiences wondering if Carl (David Morrissey) and Sally (Sheridan Smith) would do more than just hold hands as the lift doors closed to take them up to their shared hotel room. This patronising recap serves only to illustrate a frustration with a 2-part drama, put on sequential nights, needing a full two-minute ‘Previously…’ to reacquaint viewers with the events of only 24 hours before.

A sun-soaked sequence where the giddy couple sneak off work to play tourist in London bleeds back to reality as Carl loses his job at the hands of his condescending little oik of a boss played by Justin Salinger. This is a mirror image of Carl’s dismissal of a young, new father in episode one. Yet when he says in frustration: “don’t kick me in the head and call me mate,
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Exclusive: Castle Creator Sheds Light on New 3Xk Mystery, Beckett's Reaction to That Song

Exclusive: Castle Creator Sheds Light on New 3Xk Mystery, Beckett's Reaction to That Song
While many Castle fans at this instant have baby on the brain — tonight’s episode (ABC, 10/9c) thrusts Rick and Kate into the role of accidental nannies — some still are dwelling on the questions raised by last week’s “Disciple,” in which Jerry Tyson aka 3Xk/The Triple Killer in some form or fashion rose from the dead to unleash a new reign of terror.

On the heels of that thrilling, tense hour, TVLine asked series creator Andrew W. Marlowe to offer insight on the serial killer’s improbable encore (is Dr. Kelly Niemann merely executing kills in his stead,
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Castle season 6 episode 9 review: Disciple

Review Laura Akers 21 Nov 2013 - 06:48

Castle's sixth season is really heating up. Here's Laura's impressed review of Disciple...

This review contains spoilers.

6.9 Disciple

(Rubs hands together in glee) Now this is the stuff!

Much like The X-Files, Castle’s equivalent of the freak-of-the-week episodes may be amusing, but the show’s at its very best when dealing with its larger myth arcs. This show has two: the one that focuses on the death of Beckett’s mother and the one about the 3Xk serial murderer. Episodes addressing either arc tend to be more serious than the rest and generally allow the main characters to evolve in interesting ways. They are also the best plotted and written (and thus, a relief).

So I feel a little silly to have failed to suspect what was really going on until about halfway through the episode. For those of us watching, like the detectives we were following,
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'Castle' recap: 3Xk kills Lanie and Esposito doubles in 'Disciple'

Could anything be creepier than investigating your own murder? "Castle" makes Lanie and Esposito answer that question when lookalikes are found dead. And the answer is yes: It gets creepier when the shadow of 3Xk looms over the investigation in "Disciple."

Not dead yet

If you recall, the last time we saw 3Xk, aka Jerry Tyson, Castle had just shot the guy over the edge of a bridge, presumably to his death. But the body was never recovered. On television, that is code for "Of course he's alive, you fools!"

And it seems like Jerry is indeed alive and well and staging elaborate murders in order to creep out the detectives of the 12th Precinct.

Tyson has even managed to recruit some messed-up accomplices/disciples. There's Carl Matthews, the security guard who finds the first body on the docks. He's the guy who almost definitely carried out the killings in this particular episode.
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Castle Recap: Dead Ringers — Aka the Best Episode of the Season

Castle Recap: Dead Ringers — Aka the Best Episode of the Season
The week on ABC’s Castle, Kate, Rick et al found themselves twin piqued by serial murders that hit wayyyy close to home and left a trail of clues pointing to the impossible-ish.

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The Case | A waterfront watchman spies a woman apparently standing at the end of a pier — except she’s actually hanging from fishing line, dead. Arriving on the scene, Kate and Rick note that Lanie looks unusually startled, and for good reason: the corpse is a dead ringer for the M.
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‘Castle’: Dead Ringer

[This is a review of Castle Season 6, Episode 9. There will be Spoilers.]


What makes ‘Disciple’ one of the great Castle episodes is that it would have been good even without the links to the beloved/hated 3Xk murders. The case plot revolves around two corpses who resemble two members of the 12th precinct team; there are several sharp twists and blind curves along the way, and both of the two possible suspects are deliciously evil. The addition of the 3Xk tie-ins just make the experience that much richer.

The opening scene sets the tone for the rest of the episode: dark, mysterious, with a plot twist hiding in plain sight. William Mapother does a superb job playing security guard Carl Matthews. You almost ...

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