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  • Stage: Appeared (as "Prospero") in a production of "The Tempest" by William Shakespeare. Also in cast: Roddy McDowall (as "Ariel").
  • (1953) Stage: Appeared in "John Brown's Body" on Broadway. Written by Stephen Vincent Benet. Book adapted by / directed by Charles Laughton. Music by Walter Schumann. New Century Theatre: 14 Feb 1953-11 Apr 1953 (65 performances). Cast: Judith Anderson, Tyrone Power, Joe Baker (as "Choral Group"), Betty Benson (as "Choral Group" / "Soloist"), Roy D. Berk (as "Choral Group"), Paul Bloom (as "Choral Group"), Keith Carver (as "Choral Group"), Stephen Considine (as "Choral Group" / "Soloist"), Jack B. Dailey (as "Choral Group"), Barbara Ford (as "Choral Group"), Gillian Grey (as "Choral Group"), Homer W. Hall (as "Choral Group"), Lester D. Helsdon (as "Choral Group"), William Longmire (as "Choral Group"), Donna McDaniel (as "Choral Group" / "Dancer"), John McMahon (as "Choral Group"), Roger Miller (as "Choral Group"), Smith Russell Jr. (as "Choral Group"), Alexander Serbaroli (as "Choral Group" / "Dancer"), Lynda Stevens (as "Choral Group"), Robert Vaughn (as "Choral Group"), Gordon B. Wood (as "Choral Group"). Replacement actors: Don Burke (as "Choral Group"), Keith Carver (as "Dancer"), Bob Jensen (as "Choral Group"), Roger Miller (as "Soloist"), Jack Vander-Laan (as "Choral Group"). Produced by Paul Gregory. NOTE: Columbia Records released a complete recording of the show.
  • (1958) Stage: Appeared (as "Mr. Zuss") in "J.B." on Broadway. Drama. Written by Archibald Macleish. Production Designed by Boris Aronson. Costume Design by Lucinda Ballard. Directed by Elia Kazan. ANTA Playhouse: 11 Dec 1958-24 Oct 1959 (364 performances). Cast: Christopher Plummer (as "Nickels"), Nan Martin (as "Sarah"), Lane Bradbury, Bert Conway (as "Bildad"), Ivor Francis (as "Zophar"), Pat Hingle (as "J.B."), Arnold Merritt, Judith Lowry (as "Mrs. Adams"), James Olson (as "First Roustabout"), Laura Pierpont (as "Mrs. Murphy"), Ford Rainey (as "Prompter"), Jeffrey Rowland (as "Jonathan"), Fay Sappington (as "Mrs. Lesure"), Andreas Voutsinas (as "Eliphaz"), Janet Ward (as "Girl"), Helen Waters (as "Mrs. Botticelli"). Replacement actors: Nancy Cushman (as "Mrs. Botticelli"), James Daly (as "J.B."), Clifton James (as "Second Roustabout"), Pamela King (as "Jolly"), Elaine Martin (as "Mary"), James Olson (as "First Roustabout"), Ford Rainey (as "J.B."), Basil Rathbone (as "Mr. Zuss"), Ronnie Walken (as "David"). Produced by Alfred De Liagre Jr. Associate Producer: Joseph I. Levine. NOTE: Won 1959 Tony Award for Best Play and 1959 Pulitzer Prize for Drama (Archibald Macleish).
  • (1931) Stage: Appeared (as "Hamlet") in ?Hamlet" on Broadway. Tragedy (revival). Written by William Shakespeare. Directed by Norman Bel Geddes. Broadhurst Theatre: 5 Nov 1931-Nov 1931 (closing date unknown/28 performances). Cast: Jerome Andrews (as "Poisoner"), Gloria Braggiotti (as "Lady"), Gladys Burch (as "Lady"), George Carr (as "First Gravedigger"), Guy Collins (as "Gentleman"), George Cotton (as "Francisco, an Officer"), Tom Dougall (as "Gentleman"), James Duffus (as "Gentleman"), Helene Frederic (as "Lady"), John Glenn (as "Page"), Edith Gresham (as "Lady"), Ilse Gronau (as "Player Queen"), Clifford Heckinger (as "Second Gravedigger"), John Holmes (as "Player King"), David Horne (as "Claudius, King of Denmark"), Ernest Howard (as "Gentleman"), Stanley Howard (as "Gentleman"), Irving Jackson (as "Gentleman"), Celia Johnson (as "Ophelia, daughter to Polonius"), Wyman Kane (as "Page"; Broadway debut), Colin Keith-Johnston (as "Laertes, son to Polonius"), Leopold Lane (as "Gentleman"), Charles T. Lewis (as "Priest"), Marcia Linya (as "Lady"), Robert Lowing (as "Rosencrantz, a Courtier"), H.H. McCollum (as "Marcellus, an Officer"), Burton McEvilly (as "Ghost"), Catherine Meredith (as "Lady"), John Daly Murphy (as "Polonius, Lord Chamberlain"), Leon Quartermaine (as "Horatio, friend to Hamlet"), Herbert Ranson (as "Player"), Kitty Reese (as "Lady"), Frank Rothe (as "Guildenstern, a Courtier"), Bernard Savage (as "Bernardo, an Officer"), Mary Servoss (as "Gertrude, Queen of Denmark and mother to Hamlet"), Sydney Smith (as "Page"), Edmund Tabell (as "Gentleman"), Felicia Terry (as "Lady"), L.M. Tice (as "Lady"), Anne Wessman (as "Lady"), Jack White (as "Page"), Edward Wright (as "Gentleman"). Produced by New York Producing Association Inc.
  • (1964) TV commercial: Supporting Barry Goldwater's campaign for US President.
  • (1942) Stage: Appeared (as "Rev. James Mayor Morell") in "Candida" on Broadway. Comedy (revival). Written by George Bernard Shaw. Directed by Guthrie McClintic. Shubert Theatre: 27 Apr 1942-31 May 1942 (27 performances). Cast: Stanley Bell, Katharine Cornell (as "Candida"), Dudley Digges (as "Mr. Burgess"), Burgess Meredith (as "Eugene Marchbanks"), Mildred Natwick (as "Miss Proserpine Garnett"). Produced by American Theatre Wing War Service. NOTE: This was the ninth Broadway production (eighth revival) since its original 1903 staging.
  • (2/12/46) Appeared in "The Gettysburg Address", by Samuel A. Taylor, CBS-TV.
  • (1931) Stage: DEirected Ronald Jeans' "Lean Harvest", at the St. Martin's Theatre in London, England, with Leslie Banks, Diana Wynyard, Nigel Bruce, Isobel Wilford, Wilfred Babbage, J.H. Roberts and Evelyn Moore in the cast.
  • (1937) Stage: Directed "Heart's Content", at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London, England, with Diana Wynyard, Louis Borel, Mary Jerrold, Eileen Peel, Kathryn Hamill, Cyril Raymond, O.B. Clarence, Arthur Macrae and Anthony Bushell in the cast.
  • (1952) Stage: Adapted Bruce Hamilton's novel, "Hanging Judge", at the New Theatre in London, England, with Godfrey Tearle and John Le Mesurier in the cast. Michael Powell was the director.
  • (1938) Stage: Appeared (as "Abraham Lincoln") in "Abe Lincoln in Illinois" on Broadway. Drama. Written by Robert E. Sherwood. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Elmer Rice. Plymouth Theatre: 15 Oct 1938-Dec 1939 (closing date unknown/472 performances). Cast: Ora Alexander, Dorothy Allan (as "The Edwards' Maid"), Frank Andrews (as "Mentor Graham"), Lloyd Barry (as "Tad Lincoln"), Bette Benfield (as "Ensemble"), Hubert Brown, Everett Charlton (as "Bab" / "Cavalry Captain" / "Militia Captain"), George Christie, David Clarke (as "Feargus" / "Donner"), May Collins, Glenn Coulter, Howard Da Silva (as "Jack Armstrong"), Dearon Darnay (as "Ensemble"), Robert Fitzsimmons (as "Ensemble"), Lillian Foster (as "Nancy Green"), John Gerard (as "Barrick"), Dorothy Greeley (as "Ensemble"), Arthur Griffin, David Hewes (as "Ensemble"), Alfred Jenkins (as "Ensemble"), Walter Kapp (as "Ensemble"), Muriel Kirkland (as "Mary Todd"), Harry Levian, Adele Longmire (as "Ann Rutledge"), George Malcolm, Lewis Martin, Kevin McCarthy (as "Jasp" / "Phil"), Lex Parrish (as "Willie Lincoln"), John Payne (as "Robert Lincoln"), Albert Phillips, Wendell K. Phillips (as "William Herndon"), McKinley Reeves, Elizabeth Reller, Marion Rooney, Herbert Rudley, Bert Schorr, Allen Shaw, Howard Sherman, Lotte Stawisky, Anne Stevenson, Calvin Thomas (as "Joshua Speed"), Thomas F. Tracey (as "Sturveson"), John Triggs (as "Ogleby"), Frank Tweddell (as "Crimmin"), Iris Whitney, Dolores Williams (as "Ensemble"), Joseph Wiseman (as "Ensemble"' Broadway debut), Harrison Woodhull (as "Ensemble"). Replacement cast: Alexander Clark (as "Ninian Edwards"), John Corington (as "Ensemble"), Augusta Dabney (as "The Edwards' Maid"), Thomas Daly (as "Ensemble"), Edward Downes (as "Kavanaugh"), Robert Fitzsimmons (as "Feargus"), Peter Flint (as "Ensemble"), Richard Gaines (as "Abe Lincoln"), Fred Herrick (as "Seth Gale"), Wardell Jennings (as "Jasp"), Ted Kral (as "Ensemble"), Louis Marsh (as "Ensemble"), Mary Michael (as "Nancy Green"), James Moore (as "Sturveson"), Paul Nevens (as "Robert Lincoln"), William Norton (as "Ben Mattling"), Robert Porterfield (as "Jack Armstrong"), Grandon Rhodes (as "Joshua Speed"), Marion Rooney (as "Nancy Green"), Joanna Roos (as "Mary Todd"), Richard Ross (as "Ensemble"), Lewis L. Russell (as "Judge Bowling Green"), Margaret Stallings (as "Ensemble"), Anne Stevenson (as "The Lincolns' Maid"), David Stevenson (as "Ensemble"), Conway Washburn (as "Jed" / "Trum Cogdal"), Iris Whitney (as "Aggie Gale, The Edwards' Maid"), Jesse Wynne (as "Ensemble"). Produced by The Playwrights' Company (Maxwell Anderson, S.N. Behrman, Elmer Rice, Robert E. Sherwood, Sidney Howard). NOTE: Filmed as Abe Lincoln in Illinois (1940).
  • (1936) Stage: Appeared (as "Ethan Frome") in "Ethan Frome" on Broadway. Written by Owen Davis and Donald Davis. Based on the novel by Edith Wharton. Scenic Design / Costume Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Guthrie McClintic. National Theatre: 21 Jan 1936-5 May 1936 (120 performances). Cast: Ruth Gordon (as "Mattie Silver"), Pauline Lord (as "Zenobia Frome"), Oliver Barbour (as "A Young Man"), Catherine Careyas (as "Citizen of Starkfield"), Virginia Chew (as "Citizen of Starkfield"), Tom Ewell (as "Dennis Eady"), Marie Falls, Virginia Frank (as "Citizen of Starkfield"), Beatrice Graham (as "Citizen of Starkfield"), W. Dana Hardwick (as "Ned Hale"), Charles Henderson (as "Ed Varnum"), Eddie James (as "Citizen of Starkfield"), Pam Lawrence (as "Citizen of Starkfield"), Evelyn Monte (as "Citizen of Starkfield"), Ella Morrice (as "Citizen of Starkfield"), William Morris (as "Citizen of Starkfield"), George Parkes, Francis Pierlot (as "Jotham"), Arthur Rosen (as "Citizen of Starkfield"), Almira Sessions, Tom Tempest (as "Citizen of Starkfield"), Sylvia Ward (as "Ruth Varnum"), Jessie Wilson (as "Citizen of Starkfield"), John Winthrop (as "Ruth Varnum"). Produced by Max Gordon.
  • (1925) Stage: Appeared in George Bernard Shaw's play, "Saint Joan", at the New Theatre in London, England, with Sybil Thorndike, Milton Rosmer, Ernest Thesiger, Jack Hawkins (played "Dunois' page"), Lewis Casson and O.B. Clarence in the cast. Charles Ricketts was the designer.
  • (5/15/44) Radio: Appeared (as "Capt. Steve Jarvis") in a "Lux Radio Theatre" broadcast of "Action in the North Atlantic".
  • (12/12/39) Stage: Appeared (as "Abraham Lincoln") in Robert E. Sherwood's play, "Abe Lincoln in Illinois," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, OH.
  • (3/3/41) Stage: Appeared in George Bernard Shaw's play, "The Doctor's Dilemma," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, OH, with Katharine Cornell in the cast.
  • (11/15/43-11/22/43) Stage: Appeared in Dodie Smith's play, "Lovers and Friends," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, OH, with Katharine Cornell, Henry Daniel, Carol Goodner, Katherine Hynes in the cast. Motley was set and costume designer. Katharine Cornell and John C. Wilson were also producers. Guthrie McClintic was director.
  • (12/19/75-1/31/76) Stage: Appeared in Tennessee Williams' play "The Night of the Iguana," at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles, CA, with Richard Chamberlain, Dorothy McGuire and Eleanor Parker in the cast. Joseph Hardy was director.

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