'Gilbert Grape' at 20: When Johnny met Leo...

'Gilbert Grape' at 20: When Johnny met Leo...
One of the downsides of living in a movie landmark with a half-mile long driveway is that obsessed fans who can’t get a satisfactory peek from the road will occasionally think nothing about rolling up to your front door. Jim Lutz and Alex Carrillo have lived in their 100-year old farmhouse in Manor, Texas, since 1977, raising five children, running a jewelry business, and occasionally lending their rustic home to a movie or television production. But the tourists who come knocking aren’t imposing on their hospitality because of Roadie, the 1980 movie starring Art Carney and Meat Loaf that filmed there.
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Fan Rant: How Sony Sank 'The Plague'

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So a few years back I reviewed a horror flick for DVD Talk called The Plague. Not great, not awful, but kind of a choppy time-waster that starts out with a cool premise before devolving into some sort of forgettable zombie affair. A few months later I got an email from The Plague director Hal Masonberg, thanking me for the review, but also intent on setting the record straight: That a film he directed, co-wrote, and had big plans for ... was basically yanked out of his hands by Sony (Screen Gems Division), re-cut (badly), and dumped onto the video market with Clive Barker's name in front of the title. (Barker's production company made the film, but it is not based on anything he has ever written, so it seems really obnoxious to call it Clive Barker's The Plague. Of course I mean no disrespect to Clive Barker, who is
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