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Emily S. Whitten: Awesome Con Round-Up & A Look Ahead

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Con season has well and truly slid into gear now; with Awesome Con kicking things off a few weeks ago and Sdcc and NerdHQ fast approaching. Of course, con season is really year-round these days; but for me, it starts with Awesome Con and ends with New York Comic Con.

This year’s Awesome Con was, as usual, a great start to the season for me. What I like about the con is that despite only being four years old, it’s managed to integrate various fun aspects of different flavors of cons into a fairly seamless whole – meaning that if you aren’t there for one particular facet of the offerings, there are plenty of others to experience. Here were some of the highlights for me:

The media guests:

Awesome Con has consistently done well in getting big names to a young con. This year’s lineup included everyone
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Round-Up: Frankenstein Day Of The Beast Blu-ray, The Walking Dead #1 Variant, Kids of Horror, Son Of Frankenstein Screening, 8 Films to Die For Premiere

Starting off this morning's round-up is Frankenstein Day of the Beast release details for the U.S. and Canada. Also: a new variant for The Walking Dead #1, Kids of Horror photo gallery, Son of Frankenstein screening details, and photos from the 8 Films to Die For premiere.

Frankenstein Day of the Beast: Press Release: "Sgl Entertainment is pleased to announce that they just have signed a 6 picture movie deal with the Legendary Horror Filmmaker Ricardo Islas. As part of the Deal, the first release of many will be Frankenstein Day Of The Beast to be Unleashed on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD in the U.S. and Canada. The award-winning film had previously been released in Germany and Japan but will now be Available in North America via Sgl Entertainment along with their partners Mvd and Indie Rights.

In a foggy winter morning, a raft brings a priest to an isolated island.
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Brick by Brick, The House Mario Built: Revisiting ‘Super Mario 64’

The Nintendo 64 was in heavy demand upon its release in 1996. Time Magazine called it “that rare and glorious middle-class Cabbage Patch-doll frenzy.” Nintendo’s third home video game console (nicknamed N64) was launched with two games outside of Japan: Pilotwings 64, and Super Mario 64, arguably one of the greatest video games to date, and one which all platformers would be compared to henceforth. Super Mario Bros. defined the standards for side-scrolling platform games in 1985, and with Super Mario 64, Nintendo took the franchise to a whole new level.

Nintendo set itself a nearly impossible task when creating Super Mario 64. It was one of the earlier three-dimensional platform games, with degrees of freedom through all three axes in space, and featured relatively large areas which are composed primarily of true 3D polygons as opposed to only two-dimensional sprites. The game established a new archetype for the 3D genre and showed us what the
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8 Gaming Heroes You Didn’t Realise Actually Killed Innocents


Unlike avatars, as seen in RPGs like the Elder Scrolls and Mass Effect, we can’t fully control the actions/emotions of our playable characters, and as such, we often hope that the path our hero takes is done under a morally-acceptable light. In other words, we hope that they don’t do things associated with vigilantes, antiheroes, or villains, like killing innocents or causing unnecessary destruction.

Sometimes, however, this simply isn’t possible and the hero ends up acting immorally, either because they are forced to (Altair) or accidentally do so (Spec Ops: The Line’s Captain Walker). Unlike the aforementioned cases, though, this isn’t made obvious to you, as it only occurs that your character has done something wrong when you put down the controller and begin thinking about it outside the magic circle. While it may seem strange that you didn’t notice it the first time,
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London Film And Comic-Con Report

Whilst arguably it doesn’t attract the glitz and glamour of San Diego Comic-Con, it was my first London Film and Comic-Con experience and I was pretty damned excited. The variety of costumes included Starfleet Commander, Prince Joffrey, Superman, Beetlejuice, and even, weirdly, Chuckie’s Dad from Rugrats (no, we don’t get it either!). However, it was still a brilliant couple of days and I got to rub shoulders with a few of my favourite actors, as well as ask them a few questions.

If you want 5 minutes to have a quick chat with some of the guests, then I suggest you go on the Friday night previews. I was lucky enough to talk to Armin Shimerman of Deep Space Nine fame. He played Quark, a ferengi. He was truly lovely to talk to, and we had a semi-profound chat about the philosophy of Star Trek. Armin said Star Trek
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The State of Nintendo: 22 important points about the Wii U E3 presentation

The State of Nintendo: 22 important points about the Wii U E3 presentation
1. Nintendo is in a great position at E3 for one simple reason: Everyone loves Nintendo. Or rather: Everyone wants to love Nintendo. Anyone who cares about videogames almost certainly spent a considerable part of their childhood living in universes created by Nintendo. Super Mario Brothers, The Legend of Zelda, Kirby’s Dreamland, Donkey Kong, Starfox: These were experiences inscribed in a couple generations of young people. Growing up playing videogames isn’t like growing up watching movies or reading books, for one simple reason: You are playing along. You are there. It’s like having an amusement park in your living room.
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Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Review

For any readers who have been gaming for more than a decade, think back to the year 2001. Nintendo was about to launch the Gamecube, and anticipation for a new Mario title to release alongside the system was high. After all, the Super Nintendo launched with Super Mario World, and the Nintendo 64 launched with Super Mario 64. Imagine the surprise when Nintendo instead kept Super Mario Sunshine in development until the following year, and instead released Luigi’s Mansion as a launch title.

Though there had certainly been fans hoping that the often-neglected other half of the Super Mario Bros. duo would get his own game, the actual product wasn’t what one would expect from a traditional Mario title. Luigi didn’t collect mushrooms or jump on Goombas; in fact, he couldn’t even jump. Instead, the game revolved around Mario’s meeker sibling exploring a very haunted mansion, and sucking
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'Bit.Trip Presents... Runner 2 Future Legend of Rhythm Alien' Review - So Much Running

Looking back at WiiWare, Nintendo's first attempt at an online marketplace, it's pretty clear that there was not a ton of standout software. However, in the end, there was ultimately an entire franchise that rose to the top, Gaijin Games' "Bit.Trip" series. The six games that were released under the "Bit.Trip" moniker (Beat, Core, Void, Runner, Fate, and Flux) set the standard for what great downloadable games on a Nintendo platform could be. Their retro-inspired art style and unforgiving difficulty helped them carve a niche out on WiiWare in a way that no other game, much less franchise, could touch. Now, two years after the last game in the series was released, Gaijin Games have returned with a new adventure for Commander Video, "Bit.Trip Presents... Runner 2 Future Legend of Rhythm Alien," and this time he's going HD and multiplatform.

In "Runner 2" Commander Video returns for another round of dashing through branching courses,
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Runner2: Future Legend Of Rhythm Alien Review

Developer Gaijin Games has made a name for themselves with the downloadable Bit.Trip series. Originally available on the Wii, with later ports to home computers, iOS, and the 3Ds, the games were notable for incorporating rhythm-based gameplay and meshing it with various other genres at the same time.

Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, while technically a sequel to previous games, particularly 2010′s Bit.Trip Runner, represents a major change in graphical presentation for the series. The gameplay, however, generally sticks to what worked in the first title, though there’s arguably a greater amount of variety in the included content. The final product is a very engaging and creative rhythm-platformer hybrid, that may be one of the first must-have downloadable titles of the year.

The plot in Runner2, though charming in its presentation, is minimal. A brief intro chronicles series protagonist and mascot Commander Video in pursuit of an enemy,
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Nintendo Brings the Year of Luigi; Announces New Wii U and 3Ds Games

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Early this morning Nintendo held another Direct Video in which they announced the "Year of Luigi" by announcing new games for the 3Ds and Wii U, including: a new Mario & Luigi RPG, sequels to the sports spin-offs, new Dlc for current games. On top of that, they announced other non-Mario/Luigi related content, like Animal Crossing and Donkey Kong for the 3Ds. All the details inside!

Nintendo has been making quite a few announcement lately in regards to upcoming games. Last time we had a Nintendo Direct, we got news on several brand new games coming, and today we've got even more. It's encouraging to see this deluge of news, especially since one of the biggest problems the Nintendo has faced in recent years, have been complaints about lack of good games. Hopefully this trend will continue.

This morning came the announcemnt of the Year of Luigi. That's right, it's
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The Evolution of Super Mario: Many Interesting Facts About Our Favorite Plumber

Mario has been a mainstay in the video game world ever since his introduction on Nintendo’s Nes console back in the day. We have seen him in many incarnations over the years, whether it be racing in Super Mario Kart or fighting in the Super Smash Bros. games.

But I bet you’re not up to date on all the random Mario facts out there. So take a look at this fantastic infographic made by Ript Video Game T-Shirts. They list many facts about our favorite plumber from the many years, some of which you may even be surprised about. What has been your favorite Mario game to date?

Bonus Level Facts about Super Mario Mario was created by Shigeru Miyamoto and appeared in the 1981 arcade platformer, Donkey Kong. Mario was originally known as Jumpman. However, when Nintendo’s Us office were trying to think of a better name,
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Gamescom 2011: Event Round-Up (Part One)

This years Gamescom was the biggest yet, with thousands of people from around the globe flocking to the Koelnmesse centre in Cologne to check out upcoming games like Battlefield 3 and Skyrim. Unprepared for the sheer scale of the event, I arrived with a friend the day before it was to begin. Excited but tired, we checked into our hotel room and crashed in front of the TV in hope of finding something to watch.

Sadly it was showing only porn (pick of the day was Anal Debauchery 2 - we hadn’t seen the first) and movies like Sucker Punch at £10 a pop. We then decided to hunt down a Hdmi cable to stream the only content we had on a laptop….. Two episodes of 80′s cop show Miami Vice. A trip to a German Ikea and many meatballs later, we had failed to find a cable. However, we were probably
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Autographed DS auctioned for Japan aid

Autographed DS auctioned for Japan aid
A Nintendo DS system autographed by Nintendo icons has been donated to the Japanese relief effort. Associate editor for Game Informer magazine Megan Marie posted the collector's item on eBay with all proceeds going to the Red Cross for Japanese aid following the recent earthquake and tsunami. The DS itself is the original model of the system in red, featuring the signatures of Mario voice actor Charles Martinet, the "video game pianist" (more)
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Killer Talent: A David Fincher Profile (Part 2)

With his latest film The Social Network in cinemas this month, Trevor Hogg profiles the career of director David Fincher in the second of a three part feature... read part one here.

After the production turmoil associated with his directorial debut Alien 3 (1992), American moviemaker David Fincher had given up on the idea of a career in Hollywood; his attitude changed when he received a script composed by an employee of Tower Records in Los Angeles. “I didn’t like my time in New York, but it’s true that if I hadn’t lived there I wouldn’t have written Se7en [1995],” revealed Andrew Kevin Walker (Sleepy Hollow) who, despite being told by the assistant to writer-director David Koepp (Ghost Town) that unsolicited screenplays were not accepted, pitched his idea about a serial killer who commits his murders according to the seven deadly sins. Intrigued by the concept, Koepp’s
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Voice of Mario Wants A Waluigi-Centric Game

Mario's name has appeared on the cover of hundreds of games. His brother, Luigi, has even stepped into the spotlight with his own title, "Luigi's Mansion." Even Mario's fattest foe, Wario, has two separate series that bear his name, the long running "WarioWare" mini-game collections, and the under-appreciated "Wario Land" games. However, the man that voices all of these characters would love to see another, even more rotten member of the Mushroom Kingdom take center stage for once: Waluigi.

Speaking to me last week at an exclusive pre-release "Super Mario Galaxy 2" gathering for Club Nintendo members at the Nintendo World Store, Charles Martinet told me that, although Mario is his favorite Nintendo character, he also loves Luigi and Waluigi. Going so far as to say that he'd "love to see a Waluigi game where you have to cheat to win, ya know. That would be funny." He continued, in Waluigi's voice,
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Exclusive Interview: Charles Martinet - The Voice of Mario & Super Mario for 20 Years

Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario and Super Mario, spoke with BuzzFocus at the Nintendo World party for Super Mario Galaxy 2 in NYC. It was definitely a "Waahoo" moment for us meeting up with this cultural icon. Martinet spoke with us on the legacy of Mario as well as some of his favorite moments from the new game. You'll also get to see this voice over legend in work as he cheers on BuzzFocus and does some of his favorite Mario quotes for us. He's done this for 20 years, so it's a privilege to see this master at work. Check out the interview now: [jambovideo id="211985" wide="yes" /] Buy Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Nintendo Wii:
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What Is Official Nintendo Mag’s Top Secret Game?

The Official Nintendo Magazine’s UK website is teasing, “world exclusive details on a top secret new game.” Whatever the new game is, it’s important enough for the magazine to change its publishing schedule, from Friday to Wednesday, for the next two issues.

The magazine is set to hit Wednesday, June 16th. What is the significance of the date? Nintendo’s E3 2010 press conference is scheduled for Tuesday, June 15th. Clearly, the game will be revealed at E3, and then featured in the Official Nintendo Magazine the very next day. Nintendo, it seems, is placing a lot of emphasis on this game.

But what could it be? The new Legend of Zelda game is, of course, the most obvious answer. But there are other possibilities. Pikmin 3 has been in development for some time, but no one has seen a bit of it. And what of Retro Studios, developer of the Metroid Prime games?
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New Mario Game Revealed By Voice Actor

In an announcement that should surprise no one, Nintendo has a new unnamed Mario game in the works, and it's at least to the stage in development where they're gathering its acting talent. Charles Martinet, the bubbly voice behind Mario, Luigi, Wario and Baby Mario, leaked a no-longer secret Nintendo project from his Twitter account over the weekend, and his red-hatted plumber will appear.

"I'm going to Seattle this week to record a new Mario game!" Martinent tweeted on October 10th. That preceded a few small updates over the course of his trip.

"Awesome new Mario Game!" he posted Saturday. "And it's not 'Nsmb Wii,' and it's not 'Galaxy 2,' but it's going to be crazy fun!"

The actor, who also said that he was scheduled to voice Orvus in a "Ratchett & Clank" trailer today, didn't elaborate on what his new Mario title would be called or which system it would be for,
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New 'Mario' title in the works?

A new Mario title is in development, according to the voice actor who plays the Italian plumber. Charles Martinet, who voices the likes of Mario, Luigi and Wario, recently posted on his Twitter page that he was in Seattle recording a new Mario game. The game was originally thought to be the upcoming Super Mario Galaxy 2, but Martinet later posted (more)
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