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DVD Review: Born To Raise Hell

Born To Raise Hell

Stars: Steven Seagal, Darren Shahlavi, D. Neil Mark | Written by Steven Seagal | Directed by Lauro Chartround

Robert Samuels (Seagal) is a tough as nails Interpol agent working on a special task force in Eastern Europe targetingd those that traffic guns and drugs in and out of the Balkans. What he doesn’t bargain on is a war breaking out in the territory between the Russian mobsters and a ruthless gypsy gang. But when one of the officers under his command is killed by the gypsy leader Costell, Samuels teams up with the very people he swore to take down – the Russian mob – to end Costell once and for all and get justice for his dead agent, Steven Seagal style!

Born To Raise Hell is yet another of Steven Seagal’s direct to DVD movies made on the cheap in Eastern Europe – only this time Seagal is writer,
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'So You Think You Can Dance' special: 15 Goosebumpy Screengrabs

Last night, So You Think You Can Dance reminded us it'll be On Again, Starting In One Week! with a $#@%ing delightful clip show of The 15 Best Routines Ever. (Compare them to PopWatch's own 15 Greatest Routines) We've seen them all before, and the only original footage was Uncle Nige standing alone on the stage and shouting, so I know this shouldn't have been a huge deal. But hello! It just was. I kept getting the pricklies after seeing some of my favorite moments -- and ones I'd forgotten -- in HD instead of a tiny YouTube screen. I feel I can't even explain this in words, so after the jump, behold my very random (Mia's old hair!) and highly subjective 15 Most Goosebumpy Screengrabs of the So You Think You Can Dance Special. Dance-tv fatigue? Me? Never. It's Janette! Aggggggggggghhhhhh! Give it up...for Hok! Mia's Former Hair Nick and Melody Oh,
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