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Other Works

  • (1924) Stage: Appeared (as "Donald Clemens"; Broadway debut) in "The Melody Man" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Herbert Fields. Central Theatre (moved to The Ritz Theatre during production run; date unknown): 13 May 1924-Jun 1924 (80 performances). Cast: Sara Chapelle (as "A Maid"), Jerry Devine (as "Sidney"), Lew Fields (as "Franz Henkel"), Donald Gallaher (as "Al Tyler"), Jules Jordan (as "Dave Loeb"), Jimmy Kapper (as "A Piano Player with the Company"), Louis Kelley (as "Ruth Davis"), Joe Lindwurm (as "The Cornet"), Renee Noel (as "Rita La Marr"), Eva Puck (as "Stella Mallory"), Eleanor Rowe (as "Jessie Sands"), Al Schenck (as "The Piano"), Fred Starwer (as "The Saxophone"), Dave Stryker (as "The Trombone"), Joseph Torpey (as "A Chauffeur"), Bill Tucker (as "The Drums"), Betty Weston (as "Elsa Henkel"), Sam White (as "Bert Hackett"). Produced by Lawrence Marston and Alexander Leftwich.
  • (1961) Stage: Appeared (as "The Angel") in the original Broadway production of "Gideon" by Paddy Chayefsky. Plymouth Theatre.
  • (1942) Stage: Appeared (as "Mr. Antrobus") in "The Skin of Our Teeth" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Thornton Wilder. Press Representative: Richard Maney and John L. Toohey. Stage Manager: B.D. Kranz. Assistant Stage Mgr: Stanley Prager. Directed by Elia Kazan. Plymouth Theatre: 18 Nov 1942-25 Sep 1943 (359 performances). Cast: Tallulah Bankhead (as "Sabina"), Florence Eldridge (as "Mrs. Antrobus"), Remo Bufano (as "Dinosaur"), Carroll Clark, Harry Clark, Montgomery Clift (as "Henry"), Stephan Cole, Ralph Cullinan (as "Homer"), 'Morton Da Costa', Viola Dean (as "Ivy"), Aubrey Fassett, Edith Faversham, Seumas Flynn, Arthur Griffin, Frances Heflin (as "Gladys"), Ralph Kellard (as "Professor" / "Mr. Tremayne"; final Broadway role), Emily Lorraine, E.G. Marshall (as "Mr. Fitzpatrick"), Eulabelle Moore (as "Hester"), Eva Mudge Nelson (as "Miss M. Muse"), Stanley Prager (as "Usher" / "Conveener" / Fred Bailey"), Andrew Ratousheff (as "Mammoth"), Florence Reed, Patricia Riordan, Elizabeth Scott, Joseph Smiley, Earl Sydnor (as "Chair Pusher"), Dick Van Patten (as "Telegraph Boy"; credited as Dickie Van Patten), Stanley Weede (as "Conveener"). Produced by Michael Myerberg.
  • (1933) Magazine ad: Coca-Cola.
  • (1945) Spoken-word album: Narrated a 78-RPM Decca Records album of Oscar Wilde's "The Selfish Giant", with music by Lehman Engel.
  • (1939) Stage: Appeared (as "Martin Gunther") in "The American Way", produced on Broadway. Written by George S. Kaufman (also director) and Moss Hart. Scenic Design by Donald Oenslager. Costume Design by Irene Sharaff. Lighting Design by Hassard Short. Scene Technician for Mr. Oenslager: Isaac Benesch. Assistant to Miss Sharaff: Anna Hill Johnstone and Florence Keady. Press Representative: John Peter Toohey. Conducted by Oscar Levant. Center Theatre: 21 Jan 1939-Jun 1939 (closing date unknown/164 performances). Cast: Florence Eldridge (as "Irma Gunther"), McKay Morris (as "Samuel Brockton"), Ruth Weston (as "Winifred Baxter"), Eve Abbott, Albert Amato, Jack Arnold (as "Ed Lorenz"), Suzanne Ashbrook, Cathie Bailey, Alan Bandler, Bobby Barron, Robin Batcheller, Vivian Baule, Joseph Beale, Walter Beck (as "A Minister"), Herman Belmonte, Mary Bennett, Ronald Bennett, Evelyn Bernie, Whit Bissell (as "Karl, Age 21"; credited as Whitner Bissell), Milton Blumenthal, Orin Borston, Mary Brandon, Louise Buck, Buddy Buehler, Eileen Burns, Joe Bush, Hugh Cameron (as "Mayor McEvoy"), Eleanore Campsall, Gloria Carey, Gerry Carr, Eldridge Carson, Kenneth Casey, Teddy Casey, Natalie Chilvers, Laura Church, Norma Clerc, Beatrice Cole, Daniel Conway, 'Russell Conway' (qq), George Cotton, Alex Courtney, Ed Crosswell, Harry Crox, Tom Curley, Robert Cushman, Kenneth Dana, Ethel Darling, Gretchen Davidson, Bud Davis, Celeste DeBellis, Louis Delgado, Sandford Dody, Gene Douglas, Dorothy Downs, Katherine Duncan, Helen Edwards, Marian Edwards, Clark Eggleston (as "Ensemble"), Edward Elliott, Ruth Enders, Elsa Ersi (as "Clara Heinrich"), Herbert Everin, Gilbert Fates, Edward Fisher, Alice Fitzsimmons, Janet Fox, Eugene Francis, Vincent Gardiner, Bob Gewald, Herbert Goff, Brant Gorman, Carl Gose, Sydney Grant (as "Dr. Squires"), Norma Green, Claire Greenwood, Donn Hagerty, Gilbert Haggerty, Ann Hagye, Vernon Hammer, Robert Hanley, Lola Harris, Michael Harvey, William Hawes, James Hayes, George Herndon, Alan Hewitt (as "Alex Hewitt"), Nina Hill, Mary Hoban (as "Ensemble"), Cynthia Holbrook, Danny Hood, Claire Howard, Carol Hulings, Bradford Hunt, Buddy Irving, Carl Johnson, Peter Johnson, Marilyn Jolie, Curtis Karpe (as "Ensemble"), Allen Kearns, Walter Kelly, John Kerr, Robert Kerr, Lila King, Dorothy Knox, William Layton (as "Ensemble"), Kenneth Le Roy, Michael Leonard, Tommy Lewis, Richard Lloyd, Audrey Lodge, Constance Lodge, Virginia Lodge, John Long, John Lorenz, Betty MacDonald, James MacDonald, Marvel MacInnis (as "Ensemble"), Edward Mann, Jules Mann, Adrienne Marden, Jean Martel, Remi Martel, Gaylord Mason, Buddy Matthews, Gordon Merrick, Dorothy Miller, Gordon Mills, Patricia Minty, Carman Mitchell, Lois Montgomery, James Moore, Mona Moray, Mary Murray, May Muth, Florrie Nadel, Edna Nagy, Cecil Natapoff, Doris Newcomb, Donald O'Day, Grace O'Malley, LeRoi Operti (as "Dr. MacFarlane"), Margaret Owens, Melvin Parks, Judy Parrish, Lee Parry, Albert Patterson, Charles Payne, Jeannie Belle Perry, Martha Pickens, Gloria Pierre, Elinor Pittis, Philip Pollard, Jean Porter, Janet Regan, Ronald Reiss, George Repp, Robert Rhodes, Eric Roberts, James Roland, Mary Romano, Peggy Romano, Sylvia Roseman, James Russo, Nathaniel Sack, Stephen Sandes, Ray Santos, Lesley Savage, Dora Sayers, Louise Segal, Nat Segal, Jeanne Shelby, Thomas Speidel, Don Starr, Mary Stevenson, Rodney Stewart, Sidney Stone, Elliott Stranger, Ruth Strome, Daphne Sylva, Jerry Sylvon, Ward Tallman (as "Henry Courtney"), John Thomas, Jerome Thor (as "Ensemble"), Frances Thress, Harry Todd, Carl Urbont, Grace Valentine, Dick Van Patten (as "Karl Gunther, Age 9; Martin Gunther's grandchild"; credited as Dickie Van Patten), Joan Vitez, Julia Walsh, George Ward, Jeanne Wardley, David Wayne (as "Karl Gunther"), William Welch, Maurice Wells, Peggy Wells, Alan Wenfield, Bob White, Albert Whitley, Nancy Whitman, Lynn Whitney, Mary Williamson, Lois Winston, Janice Winter, Barbara Wooddell, Gene Yell. Produced by Sam Harris and Max Gordon.
  • (1939) Stage: Appeared (as "Martin Gunther") in "The American Way" on Broadway. Music by Oscar Levant. Written by George S. Kaufman (also director) and Moss Hart. Center Theatre: 17 Jul 1939-23 Sep 1939 (80 performances/return engagement). Cast: Jack Arnold, Bobby Barron, Walter Beck (as "A Minister"), Whit Bissell (as "Karl, Age 21"; credited as Whitner Bissell), Mary Brandon, Buddy Buehler, Eileen Burns, Hugh Cameron, Gerry Carr, Teddy Casey, Norma Clerc, Alex Courtney, Robert Cushman, Gretchen Davidson, Katherine Duncan, Marian Edwards, Florence Eldridge, Edward Elliott, Elsa Ersi, Gilbert Fates, Janet Fox, Brant Gorman, Sydney Grant, George Herndon, Alan Hewitt, Claire Howard, Bradford Hunt, Buddy Irving, Allen Kearns, Walter Kelly, Tommy Lewis, Richard Lloyd, Virginia Lodge, John Long, John Lorenz, Lorna Lynn, James MacDonald, Adrienne Marden, James Moore, Mona Moray, McKay Morris, Mary Murray, LeRoi Operti (as "Dr. MacFarlane"), Elinor Pittis, Janet Regan, Robert Rhodes, James Russo, Stephen Sandes, Dora Sayers, Jeanne Shelby, Sidney Stone, Ward Tallman (as "Henry Courtney"), Jerome Thor (as "Factory Worker"), Grace Valentine, Dick Van Patten (as "Karl Gunther, Age 9, Martin Gunther's grandchild"), Jeanne Wardley, David Wayne (as "Karl Gunther"), Maurice Wells, Ruth Weston (as "Winifred Baxter"), Bob White, Barbara Wooddell. Produced by Sam Harris and Max Gordon.
  • (1938) Stage: Appeared in "Yr. Obedient Husband" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Horace Jackson. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by John Cromwell. Broadhurst Theatre: 10 Jan 1938-Jan 1938 (closing date unknown/8 performances). Cast: Frieda Altman (as "Podd"), Leslie Austen, J.W. Austin, Montgomery Clift, Florence Eldridge (as "Prue"), Brenda Forbes, Helena Glenn, A.J. Herbert, Marilyn Jolie, Walter Jones, Ethel Morrison, John Picard, Katherine Stewart, Harold Thomas, May Whitty, Martin Wolfson. Produced by Marwell Production, Inc.
  • (11/19/50) Radio: Appeared (as "Dr. Jekyll" / "Mr. Hyde") in a "Theater Guild of the Air" production of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde".
  • (2/15/53) Radio: Appeared in a "Theatre Guild on the Air" production of "Cass Timberlane".
  • (6/28/38) Radio: Appeared (as "Dan O'Bannon") in a "Lux Radio Theater" broadcast of "Manslaughter".
  • (1925) Stage: Appeared (as "Richard Knight") in "Harvest". Written by Kate Horton. Directed by John Cromwell. Belmont Theatre: 19 Sep 1925-Oct 1925 (closing date unknown/17 performances). Cast: Louise Closser Hale (as "Mrs. Sonrel"), Elmer Cornell (as "Emil Sonrel"), Augustin Duncan (as "Sonrel"), Wallace Erskine (as "Old Man Knight"), Ronald Savery (as "Chuck Rathbun"), Hilda Spong (as "Miss Knight"), Ethel Taylor (as "Rose Sonrel"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert. Produced in association with John Cromwell.
  • (1950) Stage: Appeared (as "His Excellency, Gen. Leonidas Erosa") in "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Elaine Ryan. Based on the novel by Ludwig Bemelmans. Directed by Hume Cronyn. Broadhurst Theatre: 2 Mar 1950-8 Apr 1950 (44 performances). Cast: Richard Abbott (as "The Doctor" / "Fourth Indian"), Norman Barrs (as "The Cure" / "Ship's Steward"), Charles Chaplin Jr. (as "Henri" / "Second Indian"), Booth Colman (as "Marsan" / "Priest"), Jacqueline Dalya (as "The Dona Bebecita"), Florence Eldridge (as "Miss Leonore Graves"), Harold E. Gordon (as "Second Workman" / "Indian Drummer"), Phillip Gordon (as "Alfonso Lopez" / "Indian Dancer"), Henry Guettel (as "Aristide" / "Third Indian"), Rick Jason (as "Anselmo"), Henry Lascoe (as "Vitasse"), Marguerite Lewis (as "Nurse"), Charles Mayer (as "Robert" / "The Acrobat"), Robert McCahon (as "First Workman" / "Fifth Indian"), Hope Miller (as "Young Mother" / "Maria"), Irene Moore (as "Chimene"), Gregory Morton (as "First Gendarme" / "First Seaman"), Thomas Noyes (as "Second Gendarme" / "Second Seaman"), Milton Parsons (as "Albert Plaschke"), Sally Anne Parsons (as "French Child" / "Child Passenger" / "Indian Child"), Rene Paul (as "Col. Laboucher" / "Ship's Officer"), Roy Poole (as "Jean" / "Fifth Indian"; Broadway debut), Stefan Schnabel (as "M. Hufnagel" / "Don Modesto"), Helen Seamon (as "Clothilde" / "Young Woman" / "Second Indian Woman"), Lili Valenty (as "Mille. Borotra" / "First Indian Woman"). Produced by Nancy Stern and George Nichols III.
  • (11/24/47) Radio: Appeared (as "Al Stevenson") in "The Screen Guild Theater" broadcast of "The Best Years of Our Lives".
  • (1951) Stage: Appeared (as "Nicholas Denery") in "The Autumn Garden" on Broadway. Written by Lillian Hellman. Scenic Design / Lighting Design by Howard Bay. Directed by Harold Clurman. Coronet Theatre: 7 Mar 1951-2 Jun 1951 (101 performances). Cast: Florence Eldridge, Ethel Griffies (as "Mrs. Mary Ellis"), Kent Smith (as "Edward Crossman"), Jane Wyatt (as "Nina Denery"; final Broadway role), Margaret Barker, Maxwell Glanville, Carol Goodner, Lois Holmes, Colin Keith-Johnston, James Lipton, Joan Lorring. Produced by Kermit Bloomgarden.
  • (6/7/44) Radio: Appeared on "Balance Sheet: Fifth War Loan Drive".
  • (4/20/42) Radio: Appeared (as "William Spence") in a "Lux Radio Theater" broadcast of "One Foot in Heaven".
  • (5/26/49) Radio: Appeared in "The Night Reveals" episode (#342) of "Suspense".
  • (3/2/43) Radio: Appeared in "The Night Reveals" episode (#31) of "Suspense". NOTE: This episode is probably lost.
  • (8/24/44) Radio: Appeared in the "Actor's Blood" episode (#106) of "Suspense".
  • (4/6/24) Stage: Appeared Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart's musical, "The Jazz King," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, OH, with Sammy White and Eva Puck in the cast. Lew Fields was comedian and producer. Herbert Fields was librettist.
  • (1/7/52) Stage: Appeared in Lillian Hellman's play, "The Autumn Garden," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, OH.
  • (1/51) Stage: Appeared in "Enemy of the People" on Broadway.

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