What is a ‘dybbuk box’ like the one on Paranormal Lockdown?

This week’s Paranormal Lockdown episode at Scutt Mansion sees Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman incite spirits using haunted artifacts including a dybbuk box. But what is a dybbuk box? Also spelled “dibbuk”, it is the name given to a box or cabinet said to be haunted by a dybbuk, a malicious spirit which comes from the soul of a dead person — and can possess the living. Dybbuk boxes first came into the public sphere when one was advertised on eBay, complete with its own horror story. Owner Kevin Mannis had bought the box in 2003 from a family and more
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Blu-ray Review: Creepy Jolts Compensate for Weak Drama in ‘The Possession’

Chicago – In the last days of August 2012, three generically titled ghost pictures had the misfortune of opening at more or less the exact same time. None of them were particularly memorable, yet only one managed to produce any semblance of genuine chills. There are enough eerie moments in “The Possession,” the demonic thriller from gifted Danish director Ole Bornedal, that one wishes that it pushed past the boundaries of its tame PG-13 rating.

The script by Juliet Snowden and Stiles White is a Judaic variation on “The Exorcist,” complete with a hasidic scholar barking out chants just like Max Von Sydow. The success of this formula succeeds or fails largely on the strength of its central performance from the possessed victim, which often takes the form of a young girl. “Exorcist” star Linda Blair set a spectacularly high bar that no imitator has been able to equal, and “The Possession”’s pint-sized leading lady,
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The Possession explores terrifying real-life tale of the Dibbuk Box, new posters and stills released

Back in 2001, writer Kevin Mannis bought an antique wine cabinet at an estate sale in Portland, Oregon.

Described as the Dibbuk Box, it had belonged to a Holocaust survivor who acquired it in Spain and later brought it to the USA.

Mannis sold the box on eBay in 2004, claiming in the auction listing that a number of unfortunate, bizarre or terrifying incidents had befallen everyone who came into contact with it. Subsequent owners have made similar claims of supernatural activity surrounding the box.

The item is now believed by many to be haunted by a dibbuk (or dybbuk), a spirit of Jewish folklore.

Filmmaker Sam Raimi and producing partner Nathan Kahane became aware of the stories through a newspaper article, with Kahane suggesting it would make a great idea for a movie.

The end result is supernatural chiller The Possession, released in cinemas by Lionsgate today, August 31. The trailer, a scary clip,
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