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John Mann

Barcelona, Catalunya 08-027 Spain .

Performer Profile

  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 6 feet 1 in
  • Weight: 170 lbs
  • Age Range: 36 - 45
  • Physique: Slim
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Hair Length: Short
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Voice Type: Tom Waits, Niel Young
  • Unique Traits: I'm told i look like Tom Waits


The Missing Storyboard Artist Ron Howard
Cliffhanger Storyboard Artist Renny Harlin
Stewart Little Story Artist Sony
Long Kiss Goodnight Storyboard Artist Renny Harlin
Mimic Storyboards/Creature and Effects Design Guillermo del Toro
Fast and the Furious Storyboard Artist Rob Cohen
Mars Attacks Visual Effects Design Tim Burton
Godzilla Storyboard Artist Roland Emerich
We Were Soldiers Storyboard Artist Randall Wallace
Plant Doctor Animation Director/Creature Design/Story/Production Design Cinesite Hollywood
Species Lead Visual Effects Designer Boss Film/Roger Donaldson
Outbreak Visual Effects Design Boss Film
Girl With a Tail Director/Producer/Music Me
XXX (Triple X) Storyboard Artist Rob Cohen
Star Gate Storyboard Artist Roland Emerich
The Getaway Storyboard Artist Roger Donaldson
Superman Set Design Tim Burton/Rick Heinricks
MIB II Storyboard Artist
Star Trek IX, Insurrection Storyboard Artist Johnathan Frakes
Clockstoppers Effects Designer/Boards Mike Fink/Johnathan Frakes
Various and Many Effects Design/Art Department Head Boss Film/Richard Edlund/Ellen Somers
Cowboys & Aliens Storyboards/Concepts Jon Favreau
Hercules: Thracian Wars Storyboard Artist John Bruno
Dracula Untold Storyboard Artist Gary Shore
American Sniper Storyboard Artist Clint Eastwood
Allegiant Storyboard Artist Robert Schwentke
xXx - Return Of Xander Cage Storyboard Artist Dan Bradley
Ben Hur Storyboard Artist Jim Rygiel


Scads and Scads of Commercials of EVERY TYPE KNOWN!!! ALL OVER THE PLACE MANY MANY many
Bud Bowl VI Lead Animation/Effects design Boss Film


Peter Gabriel, the Barry Williams Show Storyboard Artist Sean Penn
Tool, Stinkfist Prop builder/SCULPTOR Adam Smith
Mega Death, Sweating Bullets Story Artist The Insane Brothers
Urban-Jellen Test, Black Cat Producer/Creative Dir. Self
STS, I love N.Y. part II Performer Dane Picard
Aldo Nova, Carnival Storyboards The Insane Brothers

Performer Skills

  • Performance Skills: Singing, Modelshop, Painter, Many many many, Sculptor, Music Production, Motorcyclist, Whistling, Improvisation, Toys, Guitar, Voiceover
  • Athletic Skills: Wrestling, Motorcycle riding (love), Yoga, Rugby
  • Musical Instruments: Guitar, Organ, Electronic Effects, Music Recording, Percussion
  • Dance: Original


  • California State University at Long Beach, B.F.A. in Illustration/Graphic Design, Long Beach, Ca., 1987
    Studied Illustration/Painting/Graphic Design/Sculpture. Man, no kiddin', done a lot too since then!
  • Domestic Film School, Self Imposed Film Degree, Culver City, Ca., 2000
    Produced/Directed/Edited/Music Production etc. for my short film "Girl With a Tail"-- SEAN PENN said it was "A PERFECT PIECE OF ART. A lost David Lynch short !"-- So, no real degree, I guess I just do it.
  • Boss Film Effects, Professional Training in Visual Effects/ Art Department Head, Marina Del Rey, 1997
    Worked under Richard Edlund and Neil Krepela and Ellen Somers. Too much to list.


  • Boss Film, Visual Effects , VISUAL EFFECTS TRAINING TO THE MAX, professional training
  • Professional Sculptor, So. Calif., Model Shop and Sculpture and Mold Making, professional
  • El Camino Community College, Inglewood, Ca., Electronics and Engineering, 1983
  • Guitar Performer Singer, Poland/Hollywood, Hard Knocks, Self
    Rock and Roll with a huge heart!
  • Film Production, University of California Los Angeles, Professional, Many


  •, Top 10 Sexiest Women on
    My Actress Sabra States from my film "Girl With a Tail". And SHE IS!!
  • College, Various Art Department Scholarships, 1985
  • Life, Life
    What a LIFE!


  • Richard Edlund, I was Boss Film's Art Department Head under Richard
  • Ron Howard, Storyboard Artist on "the Missing"
  • Sean Penn, Storyboard Artist for Sean on "Barry Williams Show"
  • Peter Ramsey, Fellow Storyboard Artist and Director at Dreamworks
  • Ellen Somers, Ellen was Vice Prez. of Production at Boss Film Visual Effects
  • Mike Fink, Visual Effects Designer under Mike
  • Neil Krepela, Boss Film Visual Effects

Employment Details

  • Work History: Theater, Industrial, Radio, Voice Over, Commercial, Television, Film, Music Video, Internet
  • Job Categories: Editing, Lighting, Production, Wardrobe, Directing, Writing, Cinematography, Sound, Casting, Costumes, Art Department, Composing, Acting, Producing, Camera Operation, Visual Effects
  • Are you willing to work unpaid?: No
  • Authorized to work in United States: Yes
  • Primary Citizenship: United States
  • Valid Passport: No
  • Prior Job Title 1: Producer and Creative Director for Musical Show
  • Prior Job Title 2: Musician/Songwriter
  • Prior Job Title 3: Fine Artist

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