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Wgtc Recaps Astronomicon 2018

Being somebody who attends a great deal of conventions in southeast Michigan each year, I’m understandably thrilled to see whenever another new show joins the club. Really, no matter if it’s as big as Motor City Comic Con or as small as Redford Comic Con, I’m going to do my best to show up.

That said, Astronomicon was the latest event to catch my eye. Essentially being a pop culture extravaganza that blends various types of fandom, I could tell that it was going to be something special just by how well the organizers interacted with fans on social media and promoted the thing. And, as expected, it lived up to expectations because every aspect that I was able to witness was pulled off rather well.

In addition to boasting a solid presence by vendors, crafters and local comic book talent like the folks from Source Point Press and Brian E.
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Nick Castle Sure Is Enjoying Sharing Halloween Teasers

Now that filming on Blumhouse Productions’ Halloween has officially commenced, we’ve been given a continuous flow of news and photos from the set. Actually, some of them have proven to be real delights, especially those such as one showing Nick Castle taking a break in between takes.

For those unfamiliar, Castle played horror icon Michael Myers all the way back in the original film released in 1978. Well, at least for a good portion of the picture. You see, Tony Moran filled in for some of the third act, most notably when Michael was shown to be unmasked. Suffice it to say, we’re wondering if a similar switcheroo will occur here, given that James Jude Courtney has also been enlisted to play the slasher pioneer in the highly anticipated sequel.

While we wait to find out more on that front, there’s much to relish over this situation. It
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You’ll Come To Pieces Over The First Five Minutes Of Victor Crowley

Although many actors have become typecast or mainstays in the horror genre (that’s certainly not a bad thing because it can keep you employed for life), there aren’t as many who can say that they’ve inhabited more than one iconic role. Fortunately for Kane Hodder, the former Jason Voorhees has kept lovers of the macabre entertained in recent years as Victor Crowley in the Hatchet series of films. Granted, the latter is less mainstream than the former, but our point remains valid.

Now, with the release of Victor’s eponymous adventure imminent, the folks at Coming Soon have decided to share the first five minutes from the flick. As we can see, the lovebirds played by Jonah Ray and Kelly Vrooman don’t fare very well, but it’s the cameo made by Tyler Mane that put a smile on my face. As the more knowledgeable among you will know,
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Michael Myers and Jamie Lee Curtis Cozy Up in New Halloween Photo

Michael Myers and Jamie Lee Curtis Cozy Up in New Halloween Photo
This time next year, fans will be able to see a new Halloween movie in theaters, and not only that, but the first in over 15 years to feature Jamie Lee Curtis as her iconic character Laurie Strode. Since today is the actual Halloween holiday, the actress decided to share a bloody new promo photo, featuring her and her on-screen brother, Michael Myers, laying in a pile of leaves. The photo also shows her blouse ripped, with a rather nasty gash on her arm, presumably caused by her brother and his butcher knife. Here's what the actress had to say on social media this All Hallows Eve.

"Some Wounds Never Heal. Michael & I will see you all next Halloween."

The #H40 hashtag symbolizes the 40th Anniversary of this iconic franchise, with the original Halloween movie from director John Carpenter hitting theaters on October 25, 1978. Last May, it was confirmed that this new
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10 Horror Movie Reboots Gone Horribly Wrong

10 Horror Movie Reboots Gone Horribly Wrong
Oh, horror movies. Market research showed that more people knew the phrase Texas Chainsaw Massacre than the number of people who had seen it or even knew what it was about. So you know what that means! Reboot time! Now, there's nothing inherently wrong with rebooting a popular film and/or franchise. But there's also no rule that says they have to be bad. Nevertheless, crappy remakes keep plaguing horror fans. We're looking at 10 horror movie reboots that went horribly wrong.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) and Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is easily one of the scariest movies of all time, no question. Loosely based on true events, put together in the early '70s on a shoestring budget, this thing played like some sorta snuff film. It's chilling. It's such a great horror film that once the sequels stopped coming, Hollywood tried to reboot it not once, but twice.
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“The Mask Hides My Ugliness:” Violence and Trauma in Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween’

Looking back on this still-young century makes clear that 2007 was a major time for cinematic happenings — and, on the basis of this retrospective, one we’re not quite through with ten years on. One’s mind might quickly flash to a few big titles that will be represented, but it is the plurality of both festival and theatrical premieres that truly surprises: late works from old masters, debuts from filmmakers who’ve since become some of our most-respected artists, and mid-career turning points that didn’t necessarily announce themselves as such at the time. Join us as an assembled team, many of whom were coming of age that year, takes on their favorites.

In 2007, Rob Zombie, for his third feature, took on a beloved horror franchise — helmed at its inception by genre maestro John Carpenter — and dug his grime-coated nails into Halloween with tenacity. Insistent on finding reason behind a remake,
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Khloe Kardashian Names Her Favorite Family Vacations: ‘I Feel Bad That Kim Was So Pregnant at the Time’

Khloe Kardashian Names Her Favorite Family Vacations: ‘I Feel Bad That Kim Was So Pregnant at the Time’
When the Kardashian-Jenners go on vacation, there’s no piling into the family car or even hopping down for a week at Disney World. This crew goes all luxury all the way, renting villas, taking private helicopter rides and filling up their passports with near-constant globe hopping.

And while many of their trips documented on Keeping Up with the Kardashians are filled with sisterly drama, the group outings still hold a special place for one member of the krew: “I absolutely Love our family vacations!” writes Khloe Kardashian in a new post on her website.

When constant vacationing is part of your job description,
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Duel in the Sun

David O. Selznick’s absurdly over-cooked western epic is a great picture, even if much of it induces a kind of hypnotic, mouth-hanging-open disbelief. Is this monument to the sex appeal of Jennifer Jones, Kitsch in terrible taste, or have Selznick and his army of Hollywood talents found a new level of hyped melodramatic harmony? It certainly has the star-power, beginning with Gregory Peck as a cowboy rapist who learned his bedside manners from Popeye’s Bluto. It’s all hugely enjoyable.

Duel in the Sun


Kl Studio Classics

1946 / Color / 1:37 flat Academy / 144 min. / Special Edition / Street Date August 15, 2017 / available through Kino Lorber / 29.95

Starring Jennifer Jones, Gregory Peck, Joseph Cotten, Lionel Barrymore, Lillian Gish, Walter Huston, Butterfly McQueen, Charles Bickford, Tilly Losch.

Cinematography Lee Garmes, Ray Rennahan and Harold Rosson

Production Designer J. McMillan Johnson

Film Editor Hal C. Kern, John Saure and William H. Ziegler

Original Music Dimitri Tiomkin

Written by Niven Busch,
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Amazon’s ‘Landline’ Leads Specialized Releases, Followed by Indian Rom-Com ‘Fidaa’

As “The Big Sick” crosses over to 2,500 theaters and “Dunkirk” takes up all the oxygen as the best-reviewed film of the year, this is a quiet moment for specialized releases. Here’s where they stand.

Read More‘Landline’ First Trailer: Gillian Robespierre and Jenny Slate Reunite For A Must-See Summer Indie


Landline (Magnolia) Metacritic: 65; Festivals include: Sundance, San Francisco, Seattle 2017

$52,336 in 4 theaters; PTA (per theater average): $13,084

Amazon brought Magnolia on board to handle theatrical on this Sundance acquisition, a complicated family drama about adult kids dealing with parental infidelity and sibling dynamics, with an eclectic cast including Edie Falco, John Turturro, and Jenny Slate. Opening in four top New York/Los Angeles theaters, this scored the best numbers for the weekend but otherwise not especially impressive. Saturday grosses fell slightly from Friday (in-person appearances were a likely factor).

What comes next: Magnolia adds 35 new dates this Friday
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Sundance London 2017: Walking Out review

  • HeyUGuys
Author: Hannah Woodhead

In some parts of America, hunting with your father is a given. In England it can be difficult to comprehend the idea of trudging up a mountain to shoot some birds or moose with your old man – the whole idea feels very cinematic, very Last of the Mohicans or The Deer Hunter. It’s no surprise then that there have been plenty of films over the years that have used big game hunting as a central part of their story, most recently Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s The Revenant in 2015. Walking Out is the latest in a noble tradition of American films made about the subject, and in many ways bears similarities to Iñárritu’s film, but unfortunately, can’t replicate that which made The Revenant such a success.

Taking place in the present day, Walking Out sees fourteen-year-old David travel from his home in Texas to spend time with his father Cal,
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Gop Candidate Who Attacked Reporter Wins Montana Special Election

  • The Wrap
Gop Candidate Who Attacked Reporter Wins Montana Special Election
Note to future Montana politicians: Physically assaulting members of the press will, as it turns out, not actually hurt your chances of winning an election. That’s one take-away from the special election held Thursday to fill the Big Sky State’s vacant seat in the House of Representatives. Despite a last minute national scandal that erupted after the Republican candidate, Greg Gianforte, was cited by local authorities for attacking a reporter for The Guardian, Gianforte handily defeated Democratic opponent, Rob Quist. With 99 percent of precincts reporting, Gianforte was declared winner with 50.2 percent of the vote to Quist’s 434,1 percent,
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Why Liev Schreiber Didn't Return as Sabretooth in Logan

Why Liev Schreiber Didn't Return as Sabretooth in Logan
Logan wound up being the movie that X-Men fans hoped it would be, which is important since it is Hugh Jackman's last turn as the iconic mutant. Or so he says. But there were some important things that simply didn't make their way into the movie, despite the desire being there. Like Wolverine's bad guy brother Sabretooth. It turns out that Liev Schreiber, who played the character previously, was asked early on in the process to reprise the part in Logan. Things just didn't pan out.

The actor recently spoke with Variety on a range of topics relating to his career. Since he was noticeably absent from Logan, he was asked about it and revealed that the opportunity was on the table to appear, but his schedule wound up getting in the way, among other things. Here is what he had to say about it.

"There was an invitation
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The Rounders

The laid-back, plot challenged non-violent western gets a boost in this folksy comedy about two aging cowboys with less sense than the horses they tame. Glenn Ford and Henry Fonda star together for the first time, leaving behind their older images… they’re too tender-hearted for their own good. If the sex comedy wasn’t quite so dated, Burt Kennedy’s picture might be a classic.

The Rounders


Warner Archive Collection

1965 / Color / 2:35 widescreen / 84 min. / Street Date April 18, 2017 / available through the WBshop / 21.99

Starring: Glenn Ford, Henry Fonda, Sue Ane Langdon, Hope Holiday, Chill Wills, Edgar Buchanan, Kathleen Freeman, Joan Freeman, Denver Pyle, Barton MacLane, Doodles Weaver, Peter Fonda, Peter Ford, Bill Hart, Warren Oates, Chuck Roberson.

Cinematography: Paul Vogel

Film Editor: John McSweeney

Original Music: Jeff Alexander

From the Novel by Max Evans

Produced by Richard E. Lyons

Written and Directed by Burt Kennedy

Producer Richard E. Lyons is
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Tribeca ’17: Five Questions with Water Warriors Director Michael Premo

I saw Water Warriors in February, just a month after Donald Trump’s inauguration, during its world premiere at Big Sky Documentary Film Festival in Missoula, Montana. The short film and multimedia photo exhibition provided an element of much-needed hope at a time when the environment is increasingly imperiled by big business interests. But rather than focusing on dire statistics and predictions about climate change, Water Warriors highlights a rare success story of ordinary citizens — including members of the Mi’kmaq Elsipogtog First Nation, French-speaking Acadians and white, English-speaking families in New Brunswick, Canada — who fight to protect their water from the oil […]
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‘The Zookeeper’s Wife’ Lures Crowds to Jessica Chastain and World War II

‘The Zookeeper’s Wife’ Lures Crowds to Jessica Chastain and World War II
Hungry for fresh nourishment, specialty audiences flocked to new World War II drama “The Zookeeper’s Wife” (Focus Features), directed by Niki Caro and starring Jessica Chastain.

While smart-house moviegoers can be discerning — see Fox Searchlight’s “Wilson” — the holocaust drama overcame modest reviews to score in wider initial release. The dearth of other product should help Focus to find bigger success ahead.

Read More: ‘The Zookeeper’s Wife’ Director Niki Caro Has a Plan for Fighting Hollywood’s Gender Gap

New openings finding niche interest were led by “David Lynch – The Art Life” (Janus) as smaller films continue to struggle.

At a time of dwindling movie ad revenue, streaming service Netflix took out two full-page ads for five films in both the New York Times and Los Angeles Times. They touted four Sundance debuts: “The Discovery” starring Robert Redford and Rooney Mara, which played limited theatrical dates with no grosses reported,
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First Pond Entertainment acquires 'Arctic Superstar'

Documentary follows indigenous Samí rapper Nils Rune Utsi.

First Pond Entertainment announced on Friday that it has acquired world rights to the Norwegian documentary Arctic Superstar and plans an autumn release.

The film premiered at the Tromso International Film Festival in Norway and has screened at Bergen International Film Festival, the International Documentary Film Festival (Dok.fest) and the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, among others.

Director Simen Braathen’s documentary follows the indigenous Samí rapper Nils Rune Utsi, known as SlinCraze, who lives with his mother in Máze, a nearly abandoned town in the Arctic Highlands of Norway.

Utsi’s dream is to make a living from his music and perhaps become world famous. The only problem is that less than 20,000 people speak his endangered language.

Braathen followed SlinCraze for almost four years, going on tour to Murmansk, New York, Tromso, Karasjok and his hometown, Masi.

Stig Andersen produced for Indie Film and Carsten Aanonsen served
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Superhero Bits: Green Lantern Casting Hints, Mads Mikkelsen’s Fantastic Four Audition & More

Superhero Bits: Green Lantern Casting Hints, Mads Mikkelsen’s Fantastic Four Audition & More
Why did Mads Mikkelsen walk out of his Fantastic Four audition? Why did Tyler Mane come back as Sabretooth in any other X-Men movies? How big will J.K. Simmons‘ role as Commissioner Gordon be in Justice League? Is Henry Cavill hinting that someone has already been cast as a Green Lantern? Want to be an […]

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'X-Men': Original Sabretooth on Hugh Jackman's Legacy and Why He Didn't Return to the Franchise

'X-Men': Original Sabretooth on Hugh Jackman's Legacy and Why He Didn't Return to the Franchise
It appears Hugh Jackman has fought his final battle as Wolverine in the recently released Logan, and what a run he had of kicking butt. 

Logan has earned more than $460 million worldwide so far, and to celebrate Jackman's retirement of the character, Heat Vision caught up with the first villain Wolverine did battle with, who just so happened to be the character's arch-nemeses, Sabretooth (Tyler Mane). Mane discuses fighting with Jackman's Wolverine, why he didn't reprise his role in 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the unique way he made an impression during his audition. 

How did you land the part of Sabretooth in X-Men?

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‘Check Point’ VOD Review

Stars: Kenny Johnson, Bill Goldberg, Mindy Robinson, Tyler Mane, William Forsythe, Kane Hodder, Krista Grotte, Michelle Lee, Fred Williamson, Olga Safari, Ricky Harris | Written by Thomas J. Churchill, Aj Perez | Directed by Thomas J. Churchill

Apparently “inspired by true events” (or so the opening title card says), Check Point is the latest film from Thomas J. Churchill who – until now – has worked extensively in the horror genre. Here he not only brings his experience to the action movie genre, but also some acting talent too – the film features Jason Vorhees actor Kane Hodder and former Michael Myers, Tyler Mane, too! But that pair are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Check Point‘s cast: just look at the cast list above – it reads like a who’s who of genre talent. Old school performers William Forsythe and Fred Williamson share screen time with the likes of
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Horror Highlights: Gears Of War Pop! Vinyls, Zombie Clown Circus, Check Point, The Mortecarni

Funko's Pop! vinyl figures of Marcus Fenix, Dominic Santiago, Damon Baird, Augustus Cole, Oscar Diaz, and Brumak from Gears of Wars are coming in May, and you can check out images of the Delta Squad collectibles! Also: a look at Zombie Clown Circus preview pages, Check Point release details, and info on Kelly Evan's medieval zombie novel, The Mortecarni.

Funko Reveals New Gears of War Pop! Vinyl Figures: From Funko: “Introducing a brand-new wave of Pop! vinyl figures from the hit video game series Gears of War!

Collect the older and more grizzled Marcus Fenix from Gears of War 4 and his Delta Squad comrades Dominic Santiago, Damon Baird, and Augustus Cole! You can also collect Oscar Diaz, uncle of Kait Diaz, and the iconic Brumak, the reptilian-like creature from the Hollow!

The Brumak is a super-sized Pop!, standing 6” tall!

Coming this Spring!

Coming in May!”


Preview Pages and the
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