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  • (1928 - 1931) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1928) Stage Play: George White's Scandals [1928]. Musical revue. Music by Ray Henderson. Lyrics by Buddy G. DeSylva and Lew Brown. Book by George White and Billy K. Wells. Musical Direction by William Daly. Featuring songs by Ballard MacDonald, Dave Dreyer, Ted Fio Rito, Abel Baer [final Broadway credit], J. Fred Coots and Neil Moret. Featuring songs with lyrics by Ballard MacDonald, Dave Dreyer, Richard Whiting, Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young, Lou Davis, Edward G. Nelson and Harry Pease. Costume Design by Erté and Charles Le Maire. Musical Staging by George White and Russell Markert. Directed by George White. Apollo Theatre: 2Jul 1928- 19 Jan 1929 (240 performances). Cast: Gladys Astor, Marjorie Barley, Bernice & Emily, William Blanche, Pearl Bradley, Barbara Bright, Mary Brown, Arthur Cardinal, Alvina Carson, Violet Carson, James Carty, Kathryn Cathcart, Marie Cole, Beryl Collinson, Jean Cutler, Marion Cutler, Rae Davis, Dorothy Dawn, Marion Dickson, Elsie Duffy, Lois Eckhart, Elm City Four, Jacqueline Feeley, Selma Freeman, Ednamay French, Ivy Gayner, Elise Gerndon, Dolly Gilbert, Marjorie Gilbet, Ruth Goodwin, Ivena Hall, Ann Hardman, The Hastings Twins, Mitzi Hayes, Mabel Hill, Eugene Howard, Willie Howard, Helen Howe, Renee Johnson, Arnol Johnson's Band, Marie Keve, Wynne Lark, Muriel LeCount, Georgia Lerch, Alice Lorraine, Frances Lyle, June MacCloy, Boots Mallory, Margaret Manners, Marion Martin, Laverta McCormack, Isabel Mohr, Harry Morrissey, Peggy Moseley, Gloria Murray, Catherine NaVarro, Jo Navarro, Louise Newman, William O'Neal, Gloria O'Neil, Belle Osborne, Margie O'Shea, Mildred Ott, Arthur Page, Sally Parsons, Tom Patricola, Ann Pennington, Rose Perfect, Edna Rabbe, Catherine Reynolds, Harry Richman, Florence Robinson, Russell Markert Dancers, Lilyan Sabolis, May Slattery, Gertrude Smith, Elsie St. Clare, Dorothy Stewart, George White Girls, Frances Williams, Geraldine Wright. Produced by George White.
  • (1931) Stage Play: Ziegfeld Follies of 1931. Musical revue. Sketches by Mark Hellinger, J.P. Murray and Gene Buck. Lyrics by Gene Buck, Joseph McCarthy, Charles Farrell, Mack Gordon, J.P. Murray, Barry Trivers, E.Y. Harburg, Jack Norworth and Noël Coward. Dialogue staged by Edward C. Lilley. Dances directed by Bobby Connolly and Albertina Rasch. Music by Harry Revel, Ben Oakland, Dave Stamper, Dimitri Tiomkin, Noël Coward, Nora Bayes, James Monaco, Chick Endor, Walter Donaldson, Jay Gorney and Hugo Riesenfeld. Music for "Pink Lady Waltz" by Ivan Caryll [final Broadway credit]. Music for "(Shine On) Harvest Moon" by Jack Norworth. Music for "(Who Paid the Rent for Mrs.) Rip Van Winkle" by Al Bryan. Lyrics for "(Who Paid the Rent for Mrs.) Rip Van Winkle" by Fred Fisher. Music for "You Made Me Love You" Dance by Mack Gordon. Lyrics for "I'm With You" by Walter Donaldson. Musical Director: Oscar Bradley. Music orchestrated by Maurice De Packh, Will Vodery, Howard Jackson and Joe Jordan. Featuring songs by Powell and Stevens. Assembled by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. Directed by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. and Gene Buck. Ziegfeld Theatre: 1 Jul 1931- 21 Nov 1931 (165 performances). Cast: Iris Adrian, The Albertina Rasch Dancers, Thomas Arace, Jack Arthur, Jean Audree, Faith Bacon, Robert Baldwin, Virginia Bethel, Virginia Biddle, Ethel Borden, Mildred Borst, Frank Britton, Milt Britton, Jack Bruns, John Bubbles, Buck & Bubbles, Joan Burgess, Katherine Burke, Alice Burrage, Arthur Campbell, Tito Carol, Gordon Carper, Albert Carroll, Helen Carson, Emmita Casanova, Catherine Clark, The Collette Sisters, Dorothy Dell, Netta Deuschateau, Dorothy Dodge, David Drollet, Betty Dumbris, Marguerite Durand, Marguerite Eisele, Georgia Ellis, Kay English (as "Hazel Dawn" and "Pink lady Waltz" performer) [final Broadway role], Caja Eric, Clayton Estes, Ruth Etting (as "Nora Bayes"), Dorothy Flood, Rosa Fromson, Rose Gale, Gladys Glad, Gene Gory, Yvonne Grey, John Gurney, Paul Gursdorff, Cliff Hall, Cassie Hanley, Helen Hannan, Pearl Harris, Eunice Holmes, Jean Howard, Billy Hughes, Russell Johns, Tom Kendall, George Lamar, Frank Lang, Hal Le Roy (as "Alphonso Smith"), Milton Le Roy, Marjorie Levoe, Boots Mallory [final Broadway role], Christine Maple, Herschel Martin, Mitzi Mayfair, Lorelle McCarver, Ernest McChesney, Frank McCormack, Dennis McCurtin, Marjorie McLaughlin, Olive McLay, Frieda Mierse, Vera Milton, Grace Moore, Jim Moore, Helen Morgan, John Daly Murphy (as "Doctor Crechsen/A Drunk"), Dorissa Nelova, Pat O'Day, Pearl Osgood, Earl Oxford, Anne Lee Patterson, Ruth Patterson, Jack Pearl, Vivian Porter, Betty Real, Mary Alice Rice, Harry Richman, Bernice Roberts, William Royal, A. Samish, Blanche Satchell, Billie Seward, Barbara Smith, Conrad Sparin, Marie Stevens, Leonard Stokes, Lena Thomas, Joseph Toner, Synny Trowbridge, Robert Walker, Helen Walsh, Eileen Wenzel, Robert White. Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr..

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