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Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (Deluxe Edition) - DVD Review

The final chapter? Yeah, right. As long as old hockey face keeps raking in the dough stuck with him. The production thought it was Jason.s last stand so Tom Savini was brought back in to do the old boy in. You can.t keep a cash cow down though. After the massacre in part 3D, Jason Voorhees. (an uncredited Ted White) body is taken to the morgue. However, there.s some life left in the old boy and he rises from the slab and kills the morgue attendant (Bruce Mahler) and a nurse (Lisa Freeman) before making his way back to Crystal Lake. Paul (Alan Hayes), Sam (Judie Aronson), Sara (Barbara Howard), Doug (Peter Barton), Ted (Lawrence Monoson), and Jimmy
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Blu-Ray Review: Jason Voorhees Returns in Killer Cut of ‘Friday the 13th’

Chicago – The reboot of “Friday the 13th” was another financially successful notch in the belt of Platinum Dunes, the film company behind the remakes of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” “The Hitcher,” and “The Amityville Horror”. Making $90 million worldwide and more domestically than any previous Jason Voorhees movie (that didn’t include Freddy Krueger), “Friday the 13th” has a following that will be ecstatic with the excellent Blu-Ray release for the slasher title.

Blu-Ray Rating: 3.5/5.0 The Blu-Ray of “Friday the 13th” delivers everything fans could ask for. Not only do they present a longer and better cut of the film in the 9-minutes-longer “Extended Cut,” but the special features enhance the “Friday the 13th” experience and the technical transfer is nearly flawless.

Friday the 13th was released on Blu-Ray on June 16th, 2009.

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As for the film itself, my response to “Friday the 13th” is mixed at best. I love
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