Blu-ray Review – Madhouse (1981)

Madhouse, 1981.

Directed by Ovidio G. Assonitis.

Starring Trish Everly, Michael MacRae, Dennis Robertson, Allison Biggers, Morgan Most, Edith Ivey, and Jerry Fujikawa.


Julia is approaching her 25th birthday but unfortunately her estranged twin sister Mary sees this as an opportunity to escape from her hospital bed and torment her just like when they were kids, culminating in a birthday party straight out of a nightmare.

Originally released at the peak of the first slasher boom, Madhouse (a.k.a. There Was a Little Girl & And When She Was Bad) gained something of a reputation by being added to the Dpp Video Nasties list back in the 1980s but, like most of the movies on that list, is it really that depraved and corrupt or is it just another example of the authorities knee jerk reacting to nothing more than a slightly bloody thriller where somebody happens to brandish a knife in a menacing way?
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