Two Docs About Eccentric Women And Their Art: Kiss The Water And Iris

A look at the list of my favorite movies from 2014 reveals the presence of six extraordinary nonfiction films, and that’s just a taste of the seeming hundreds of docs released last year-- not all of them extraordinary, of course, but all of them indicative of a trend toward the making of the availability of more nonfiction filmmaking than it seems we’ve likely ever seen in this country. And speaking of availability, the six I listed—Ron Mann’s Altman, Joey Figueroa and Zak Knutson’s Milius, Orlando von Einsidel’s Virunga, Chaplain and Maclain Way’s The Battered Bastards of Baseball, Stephanie Spray and Pancho Velez’s Manakamana and Errol Morris’s The Unknown Known— were all pictures I caught courtesy of Netflix Streaming. (Virunga was actually produced under the company’s auspices.)

I have a special place in my cinematic heart for nonfiction, both bound between covers and on the screen,
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Legendary Sets Sean O’Keefe To Script Tragic Wildfire Tale ‘The Esperanza Fire’

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Exclusive: Legendary Pictures has closed a deal with Sean O’Keefe to adapt The Esperanza Fire, based on the John Maclean book about a wildland fire started by an arsonist that killed a tightly knit forest service engine crew that bravely battled the blaze. Maclean, the son of A River Runs Through It author Norman Maclean, was an investigative journalist for the Chicago Tribune who has written several books around wildfire disasters. This one described the equivalent of ‘The Perfect Storm’ of wildland blazes. The firefighters who perished were pillars of their community, which was devastated by their deaths. An “area ignition” that took the lives of the men resulted in the first conviction of a wildland arsonist for first-degree murder and the death penalty. O’Keefe wrote the Black List script The Paperman, which is in development with producer Joe Roth, as well as Riders On The Storm at Fox.
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Get over it guys. Brotherhood is the greatest relationship you can share

Literature likes to see sons as murderous rivals, but those who rediscover love for each other find it the most fulfilling of bonds

The notion of brotherly love has offered us mixed messages in the past few days. There were two heartwarming stories of reunions – one of the gorillas Kesho and Alf being reunited at Longleat after three years apart, and the other of two American brothers, Ed Muir and Kenneth Corcoran, brought together after being separated for 80 years.

Both the gorillas and the octogenarians were overjoyed to see one another again. On the other hand, the Gallagher brothers have been at each other's throats once more, with Noel mocking Liam's band Beady Eye as an "Oasis tribute band" after they covered Wonderwall at the Olympic closing ceremony. The two are in litigation and have barely spoken since Oasis broke up in 2009.

These three pairs of brothers represent two poles
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Reyne Haines: Ellen Freund: Making Movie Magic

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Reyne Haines: Ellen Freund: Making Movie Magic
(Photo Credit -- Ellen Freund)

Have you ever wondered how films transport the moviegoer to another place in time? No graphic enhancements needed, just a great prop master.

What is a prop master you ask? Someone who's job is to find all of the items that make you believe the film actually takes place during a certain time or location.

From vintage clothes, to antique cars and all the way down to the most minute details such as the pack of cigarettes the actor is smoking to the napkins on the table. It is that attention to detail that really makes us believe!

I was fortunate enough to catch up with Ellen Freund, prop master extrordinaire. She has worked on just a few small projects such as Twilight, Night at the Museum, Vanilla Sky, and is currently working on the hit TV series, Mad Men. Let's just say her work has not gone unnoticed.
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David Thomson on Robert Redford

Robert Redford is on the side of the angels. But he shouldn't let angels speak platitudes in a movie

Robert Redford did not direct a movie until he was over 40, when he had been a movie star for more than a decade. His debut, Ordinary People, came as an impressive surprise to the public and the Academy. It was observant, heartfelt and full of anguished performances. And it was appreciated that Redford was concentrating on the script and the actors and directing with stylistic restraint and professional anonymity. The surprise now may be that Ordinary People won best picture and the Oscar for best director, when Martin Scorsese's Raging Bull was among its rivals.

That was 1980, and in a way it was a turning point in American film. The status of the director had been in the ascendant in the late 60s and 70s. Directors were thought of as
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Today We’re Totally Crushing On: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

The last time we were “Crushing On” someone, it was Ginny Weasley (Bonnie Wright) from the Harry Potter films. The “Crushing On” series focuses on one relatively unknown or underappreciated actor/actress that may not be popular with mainstream audiences (yet) but that we feel should get some exposure for their work. Today we continue our new semi-regular series “Crushing On” with a name that most people have heard but few people know anything about: Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

It’s really a shame that mainstream audiences haven’t had a chance to fully appreciate Jgl’s work. He has quite an extensive background in acting and is only 28 years old, but has been acting since he was 7 with his first TV debut, Stranger on My Land. For the next four years he played various roles in a gambit of TV shows: Family Ties, Murder She Wrote, China Beach, Quantum Leap and L.A. Law.
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'A River Runs Through It' Star Tom Skerritt Reflects On His Timeless Classic

It's one of the most beloved films of the 1990s, and it helped launch the career of one of Hollywood's biggest stars. Now, nearly two decades after Robert Redford's "A River Runs Through It" swept into theaters, the fan-favorite flick is receiving the HD treatment with a remastered Blu-ray collector's edition. It was for that reason that we left New York City recently and traveled north to join actors Tom Skerritt and Craig Sheffer in the serenity of rural Vermont.

Set in early-20th Century America, "A River Runs Through It" is an emotional tale of two teenage brothers (Sheffer and Brad Pitt, in one of his first roles) coming of age under the umbrella of their strict minister father (Skerritt). The common bond among the trio is fly fishing in the great Blackfoot River, and as the brothers grow and drift further apart, their time spent fishing together
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Tap Literary Greatness at These Getaways

Looking to vacation in a spot that inspired your favorite novel? USA Today asks travel expert Melissa Biggs Bradley about the best hotels to connect physically with the literature. The Resort at Paws Up, Greenough, Mont.: "The Blackfoot River, which runs through this 37,000-acre ranch, is the river referred to in Norman Maclean's wonderful A River Runs Through It ," Bradley says. Blantyre, Lennox, Mass.: This western outpost was home to literary royalty, and the "exquisite country house hotel" ain't bad, neither. "Edith Wharton wrote The House of Mirth at her grand estate, The Mount, in this tiny town," says ...
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A River Runs Through It Blu-ray Review

Most critics unsympathetic to A River Runs Through It (1992) harp on a lack of interest in fly fishing. Taken out of context, that is a perfectly understandable sentiment, as I have no abiding love of the past time. However, it is shortsighted as a critique of the movie. There is no denying that the sport is integral to Norman MacLean's narration (voiced by director Robert Redford) that hovers hauntingly throughout. The first spoken words somberly recite the initial line of MacLean's autobiographical novella that is the film's inspiration: "In my family, there was no clear line between religion and fly fishing." To be clear, fly fishing is not used as a metaphor for religion; it is a religious practice, one that allows the participant "to find God's rhythms" as the art of casting is perfected. Do not be deterred by the talk of religion or fishing, as the themes
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River Runs Through it on Bluray

I love the film A River Runs Throug it and Sony is releasing it on Bluray. A River Runs Through It, the stunningly beautiful and moving family drama set against a background of fly fishing and the Montana wilderness, debuts on Blu-ray Disc July 28 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Directed by Academy Award® winning director Robert Redford, the film won high praise for bringing to the screen the lyrical and spiritual splendour of Norman Maclean’s much-loved autobiographical novella. Two-time Oscar® nominees Brad Pitt (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Twelve Monkeys) and B...
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A River Runs Through Casts a Line on Blu-ray on July 28th

You can bring one of actor/director Robert Redford's finest films home on 1080p this July. A River Runs Through It will be released on Blu-ray on July 28th. We have no cover art for this release as of yet, but it was said this release would come with a booklet on the film, and it will be priced at $38.96 Srp. We'll be sure to update you with any new details as soon as they emerge. The film stars Brad Pitt, Craig Sheffer, Tom Skerritt and Emily Lloyd.

Academy Award-winner Robert Redford (Best Director, Ordinary People, 1980) captures the majesty ofthe Montana wilderness and the strength of the American family in this acclaimed adaptation of Norman Maclean's classic memoir. Craig Sheffer stars as the young Norman, and Brad Pitt stars as his brother Paul, an irresistible daredevil driven to challenge the world. Growing up, both boys rebel against their stern minister father.
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