Comic Book Reviews: DC Comics Round Up Week 10/12/2016

Comic Book Reviews: DC Comics Round Up Week 10/12/2016

A little late this time around, but never forgotten! This week I take a quick look at the developing stories from DC’s Rebirth line up. While not a huge week for story development, we do get to wrap up a few plots and open the doors to a few more!

Action Comics #965

Story: Dan Jurgens Art: Stephen Segovia, Art Thibert, Arif Prianto, Dave Sharpe

Review: So with Superman seemingly unable to prove anything nefarious about this new Clark Kent, it’s up to Lois to try to figure out what’s going on! To do that she pretends to the Lois Lane of New 52 Universe, and as expected things don’t go completely as planned. Jurgens continues to do an excellent job here with how he handles the characters. Everyone feels right, in that their motivations, manner of speech and actions
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Comic Book Reviews: DC Round Up Week 09-28-2016

Comic Book Reviews: DC Round Up Week 09-28-2016

This week begins New York Comic Con! And your faithful comic book reviewer will be attending and looking to get as many scoops, interviews and photos possible! How does DC Comics look going into this week’s releases and Comic Con line up? Let’s take a look!

Action Comics #964

Story: Dan Jurgens Art: Patrick Zircher, Tomeu Morey

Review: So this is supposed to bring things back to the “status quo” for Superman. Ummm…I guess? Essentially Pre-Flash Point Supes brings current mystery “normal” Clark Kent the fortress of solitude. There Superman begins to inspect Clark to see just how the heck this is all possible. The final conclusion seems to be that indeed this is legit Clark Kent and The Superman of New 52 was impersonating as Clark to protect him from a dangerous organization. Now of course none of this
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DC announces first Rebirth crossover ‘Night of the Monster Men’

With Rebirth now in full swing, DC Entertainment has announced the first crossover of the era, entitled ‘Night of the Monster Men’, which will run through the pages of Batman, Nightwing and Detective Comics and pits “the heroes of Gotham against a mystery-shrouded foe from the Dark Knight’s past.” Via Newsarama, here are the solicitations for the first three chapters of the six-issue crossover…

Part One – Batman #7

On sale September 21

Co-Written by Steve Orlando and Tom King

Art by Riley Rossmo

As a huge storm approaches, Batman, Batwoman and Nightwing try and prepare Gotham City for the worst, but nothing can prepare the heroes for the enormous monsters rampaging through the streets! Batman will need all of his allies to unite in order to stop these mad science monsters from tearing Gotham apart!

Part Two – Nightwing #5

On sale September 21

Co-Written by Steve Orlando and Tim Seeley

Art by Roge
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‘80s Cartoon Villains Catch Air in Art Series by Andy MacDonald

When the fate of the world or even the entire universe is at stake, you always hope the heroes will swoop in and save the day. But I think it’s totally kosher to root for the villains if the only thing at stake was, say, mmmm… bragging rights after a game of pickup basketball??? In this art series by Andy MacDonald, ‘80s cartoon villains show off their hops, take it to the rim, and just like a real game of pickup hoops, I imagine these villainous characters let things escalate and get out of hand quickly. With the height advantage, Megatron must play center. Cobra Commander is probably point guard with those ball handling skills he's putting on display with that under the leg dunk. And given the fact that Krang is lazily laying up the wrong object, they should have let him come in on the next game.
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Jury Awards $450K in Hollywood Cocaine Whistleblower Trial (Exclusive)

Andrew MacDonald, an award-winning visual effects guru who was fired from Ascent Media Group after blowing the whistle on the alleged drug habits of one of his superiors, was awarded $450,000 by a jury on Tuesday for wrongful termination. The jury award represents two years of salary and could climb higher after the parties reconvene in Los Angeles Superior Court over the issue of punitive damages. It comes more than three years after MacDonald spoke up about Alex Frisch, best known as the visual effects supervisor on the Pirates of the Caribbean films, who according to court papers

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Judge OKs Trial In Hollywood Cocaine Whistleblower Case

A nasty trial is set to begin over allegations that a top Hollywood effects artist was fired for complaining about a colleague's cocaine use.  Next month in Los Angeles Superior Court, award-winning visual effects guru Andrew MacDonald will try to make the case that he was wrongfully terminated from Ascent Media Group after blowing the whistle on the drug habits of one of his superiors -- Alex Frisch, best known as the visual effects supervisor on the Pirates of the Caribbean films. MacDonald alleges that in 2009, he raised concerns about the "open and notorious drug abuse at the

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Dredd Director Pete Travis Speaks Out On Rumoured Conflict With Writer Alex Garland

Both Pete Travis and Alex Garland denied reports earlier this year that a conflict between the two had arisen over the post-production stages of Dredd, with rumours even surfacing that Garland was seeking a co-director credit for his work on the film. However, in a recent interview with Empire Online, Travis went on record to clear up the rumours of some sort of conflict. "It was all bollocks, really. Dredd was always an extraordinary collaboration between lots of different people. Alex's interpretation of Dredd's world was the inspiration for me to get involved." Producer Andrew Macdonald continues by completely dismissing reports that Travis had been fired and not allowed to edit the film, stating that, "I have no idea where that came from. We stand by the unusual collaboration. Everything was built around the script and the character." So, an "extraordinary" and "unusual" collaboration, eh? It definitely sounds as if
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Fox Sports Network: Battle of the Generations: Pro-Skateboarding Competition with Sega

Tune in alert for this Friday, November 25th on Fox Sports Network to witness the biggest names in skateboarding history as they compete in the first-ever Sonic Generations of Skate. In celebration of Sonic the Hedgehog.s 20th Anniversary and the release of Sonic Generations, the one-hour special features top professional skateboarders from three generations such as Steve Caballero, Sandra Dias, Pierre Luc Gagnon (Plg), Tony Hawk and Andy Macdonald. Skaters from each generation battle it out in teams over four events; performing various tricks, jumps and team routines. Watch as one team is crowned the first Sonic Generations of Skate winner and receives their trophy from the legendary video game icon Sonic the Hedgehog. First Generation: Steve
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Olympic gold medalist Shaun White vying for new title Shaun White is one of snowboarding and skateboarding’s best athletes around. After coming off a gold-medal winning performance at the Vancouver Olympics in the snowboard halfpipe, he’s now vying for a new skateboarding title to add to his collection.

The Skateboarding World Champion will be White’s first time competing for the title of Skate Vert World Champion. White previously captured the 2007 Dew Cup in skate vert with three straight event titles.

“Now that I am finally off the snow I am looking forward to skating,” said White. “I have been gearing up for the tour trying some new tricks. It should be an awesome time for the fans.”

In addition to White, top skate athletes from around the world will be competing at the Skate Open in both skate park and vert, including defending Dew Cup champion and Skate Vert World Champion, Bucky Lasek. Boston-local Andy Macdonald,
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Dark Horse previews 'Terminator' series

Dark Horse previews 'Terminator' series
Dark Horse Comics has released a solicitation for the first issue of its upcoming Terminator series. Written by Zack Whedon with interior artwork from Andy MacDonald, the book focuses on Kyle Reese and takes place before the 1984 James Cameron film. The publisher's synopsis reads: "Who was Kyle before he met John Connor and was he thrust through time to face off with a T-800 and fall for a waitress (more)
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Dark Horse Announces ‘Terminator’ Creative Team

When it comes to the Terminator mythology, I often wonder if the War Against the Machines is best left unexplored. I mean, let’s be honest — it’s the glimpses of grilled rats and a desperate humanity that made it so frightening. Once Terminator: Salvation and Fox’s The Sarah Connor Chronicles spent a lot of time in the Can’t-Really-Be-Changed future, it became rather boring.

However, I think if you’re going to explore that bleak future, a Dark Horse series is the place to do it. As you may have heard already, Zack Whedon has been given the enviable task of penning a new series that will explore the life and times of Kyle Reese. Before Reese was sent to 1984 to save Sarah Connor and inadvertently fathered John, he was just your average soldier. Whedon’s six issue series aims to bring him to life, and describe just
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Remender's 'End League' concludes

The final chapter of Rick Remender's Dark Horse series The End League arrived in comic book stores this week. Running for nine issues, the series was illustrated by Andy MacDonald and Mat Wilson. Its storyline follows earth's remaining heroes as they prepare to make their final stand in a world overrun by super villains and threatened by a death god from beyond. "The biggest issue for me was art. This stuff was giant, and a lot happens in a short amount of time. Andy MacDonald and Mat Wilson came in and dumped so much love on this issue," Remender told Cbr. "When you've got something this battle-oriented, it's mandatory you have (more)
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Dave’s Weekly Comic Book Recommendations

This week we have at least one high quality comic from every publisher. From Image this week, I’m sad to see Rick Remender’s The End League go, but like all good things they must come to end. This time with brilliant art by some guy named Eric Canete and NYC Mech’s Andy MacDonald.

From DC Comics, I’m intrigued with the Great Ten spinoff series from Checkmate, with their spotlight in Final Crisis. This could make for an intriguing read.

From Marvel, we have the last issue of Captain America Rebirth in which we get an idea how Steve Rogers rejoins the universe. There is also the excellent new issue of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, which is about the most fun in a comic you can get. Also, check out the latest Deadpool book, this one is penned by Fred Van Lente, who I really liked the silent
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Keira Knightley to Star in Never Let Me Go

Keira Knightley will star with Andrew Garfield and Carey Mulligan in Fox Searchlight's upcoming science-fiction thriller Never Let Me Go. Andrew Macdonald, Allon Reich and Alex Garland (who also wrote the screenplay) will be producing and Mark Romanek (One Hour Photo) is set to direct. The film revolves around three friends growing up in a boarding school cut off from the outside world who discover they are clones raised for the sole purpose of organ donation. Filming will begin in April in London and Norfolk, England. I'll admit, I like the idea of cloning Keira Knightley but the plot reminds me a lot of film from a few years ago called The Island, staring Scarlett Johansson (I didn't mind them cloning her either) and Ewan McGregor. Source:Variety
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