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  • (1916 - 1943) Active on Broadway [sometimes credited as Wanda Lyons] in the following productions:
  • (1916) Stage Play: Robinson Crusoe, Jr. Musical extravaganza. Music by Sigmund Romberg and James F. Hanley. Book by Edgar Smith. Lyrics by Harold Atteridge. Musical Director: Oscar Radin. Music orchestrated by Oscar Radin and Frank Saddler. Featuring songs with lyrics by Charles McCarron and Charles S. Alberte. Scenic Design by P. Dodd Ackerman, H. Robert Law and John H. Young. Costume Design by Faibsey and Aloys Bohnen. Choreographed by Allan K. Foster. Directed by J.C. Huffman. Winter Garden Theatre: 17 Feb 1916- 10 Jun 1916 (139 performances). Cast: John Berkes [credited as Johnnie Berkes] (as "Bob Van Astor/Happy/Trip/Sailor Johnnie") [Broadway debut], Frank Carter, Kitty Doner, Lawrence D'Orsay (as "Captain Chichester/The Spaniard/Bamboozla"), Claude Flemming, Frank Grace, Al Jolson (as "Gus Jackson, Dick Hunter's chauffeur/Good Friday/Fatima"), Barry Lupino, Helen Shipman (as "Diana Westbury/Lady Diana/Vanilla"), Ada Androva, Cecele Arno, Fay Arthur, Faye Atkins, Dorothy Barnett, Carroll Beerd, Gladys Benjamin, Mabel Booth, Rae Bowdin, Edward Bowers, Eleanor Brown, Evelyn Carberry, Margaret Carmen, Helen Carrington, Mae Chesterly, Ruth Christie, Harry Cohen, Mme. Comont, James Conners, Louisa Conti, Alfred Crocker, Babe Dakin, Vivian Darville, Harry Davis, Marjorie Dayton, Elizabeth Drew, Bert Dunlap, Edna Eaton, Pearl Eaton, Martha Ehrlich, Florence Elmore, Jean Forbes, Mabel Grete, Phyllis Grey, Jean Hackett, Agnes Hall, Grace Hall, Ona Hamilton, Rae Hartley, Mabel Hill, Frank Holmes, Helen Hudson, Alice Humphries, Kathryn Johnson, Ethel Kinley, George Lavender, Marie Leonard, Peggy Loris, Wanda Lyon [credited as Wanda Lyons] (as "Gladys Brookville/Slave Girl") [Broadway debut], Ruth Maybee, Carolyn Maywood, Laura McLure, Irene Mitchell, Marion Mooney, William Morris, Sue Nally, Helen Neat, Florence Nelson, Harry Nelson, Peter O'Neill, Kathryn Perry, Lee Phelps, May Poth, Homer Potts, Viola Quinn, Betty Randolph, Agnes Richter, Isabelle Rodrigues, Dot Rozelle, Clint Russell, Leon Shack, Mildred Simon, Peggy Smith, Mildred Stokes, George Thornton, Gladys Turner, Elinor Wallace, Frank Walters, Al Watson, Viola Watson, Pearl Weber, Jean White, Lois Whitney, Marie Wiereman, Harry Wilcox, Mabel Winters. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1917) Stage Play: The Passing Show of 1917. Musical revue. Book by Harold Atteridge. Music by Sigmund Romberg and Otto Motzan. Lyrics by Harold Atteridge. Musical Director: Oscar Radin. Additional music by Clifton Crawford, Benjamin Hapgood Burt, Ted Snyder, Burton Green and Harry Tierney. Additional lyrics by Clifton Crawford, Joe Young, Sam M. Lewis, Benjamin Hapgood Burt, Burton Green, Irene Franklin and Alfred Bryan. Musical Staging by Allan K. Foster. Choreographed by Jack Manning. Directed by J.C. Huffman. Winter Garden Theatre: 26 Apr 1917- 13 Oct 1917 (196 performances). Cast: Claude Allen, Effie Allen, Ted Andrews, Fred Ardath, Franklyn Batie, Gussie Berg, Kitty Berg, Henry Bergman, Hazel Black, Betty Brown, Nat Carr, Nell Carrington, Gladys Clark, E.B. 'Zeke' Colvan, Dolly Connolly, John Crone, Muriel Dae, Babe Dakin, Louise Dale, Jefferson De Angelis, Andrew Demarest, Peggie Dempsey, Adrienne Dillon, Johnny Dooley, Florence Elmore, Murray Evans, Nancy Everett, Dudley Farnsworth, Inez Francis, Irene Franklin, Elsie Froehlich, Ada Fuld, Bobbie Gaylor, Dorothy Godfrey, Yvonne Gouraud, Burton Green, Lenora Greenwood, Lillian Griffith, Agnes Hall, Grace Hall, Rae Hartley, DeWolf Hopper Sr., Grace Keeshon, Gladys Kelley, Helen Kelley, Donald Kerr, Elvira Kramer, Mildred La Gue, Marjorie Lane, Eleanor Leigh, Lois Leigh, Evelyn LeRoy, Tom Lewis, Wanda Lyon, James Mack, Carolyn Maywood, Bobbie McCree, Ed. McHenry, Dolores Mendez, Emily Miles, Clyde Miller, John Miller, Marilynn Miller, John Mills, Helen Montague, Marion Mooney, Glory Mora, John T. Murray, Marie Nordstrom, O.E. Patapovitch, Vera Pearsall, Stafford Pemberton, Edith Pierce, Rosie Quinn, Viola Quinn, Frances Ramey, Trixie Raymond, Jessie Reed, Nora Reed, John Ross, Tess Rubin, Yvette Rugel, Edna Russell, 'Charles "Chic' Sale', Dorothy Scofield, George Shiller, Rae Shirley, William Singer, Daniel Sparks, Jean Staples, Clay Stearns, Reba Stewart, Thamara Swirskaia, Charles Thatcher, John Thomas, Fay Tunis, Alice Van Ryker, Leila Von Holk, Irene Wallace, Lorraine Waters, Effie Weston. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1917) Stage Play: The Star Gazer. Musical comedy.
  • (1923) Stage Play: Mike Angelo. Written by Edward Locke. Directed by Clifford Brooke. Morosco Theatre: 8 Jan 1923- Feb 1923 (closing date unknown/13 performances). Cast: Byron Beasley (as "Peter Smith"), Leo Carrillo (as "Mike Angelo"), Wanda Lyon (as "Annabelle Carlton"), 'Dorothy MacKaye' (as "Carlotta Swift"), Adrian H. Rosely (as "Mischa Tarkoff"), Gerald Oliver Smith (as "Tommy Sloane"), Grant Stewart (as "Newton Carlton"), Robert Strange (as "Ivan Smirnoff"). Produced by Oliver Morosco.
  • (1923) Stage Play: In Love With Love. Comedy. Written by Vincent Lawrence. Directed by Robert Milton. Ritz Theatre: 6 Aug 1923- Nov 1923 (closing date unknown/128 performances). Cast: Berton Churchill (as "William Jordan"), Lynn Fontanne, Henry Hull (as "Robert Metcalf"), Wanda Lyon (as "Marion Sears"), Ralph Morgan, Maryland Morne (as "Julia"), Robert Strange (as "Frank Oakes"). Produced by William H. Harris Jr.
  • (1924) Stage Play: Madame Pompadour. Music by Leo Fall. Book by Rudolph Schanzer and Ernst Welisch. Book adapted by Clare Kummer. Lyrics by Rudolph Schanzer and Ernst Welisch. Musical Director: Oscar Radin. Directed by R.H. Burnside. Martin Beck Theatre: 11 Nov 1924- 17 Jan 1925 (80 performances). Cast: Berte Alden, Richard Allen, Florenz Ames (as "Joseph Calicot"), John Barney, Wilda Bennett, Alice Brady (as "Chorus"), Fred Burke, Zachary Caully, Eva Clark, Walter Costello, Raymond Cullen, Ursula Dale, Leonora Darcy, Oscar Figman, Florence Fitzwalters, Margery Flynn, Ivan Frank, John Fulco, Margot Greville, Pauline Hall, Louis Harriston, Alexis Havrilla, Christian Holton, Beatrice Hughes, Dorothy Irving, Irma Irving, Edgar Kent, Mabel Knight, Marie Lambert, Betty Lawrence, Frederick Lewis, Joan Lindsay, Wanda Lyon (as "Belotte"), Anne Makara, DeWitt Matthews, Rose Maynard, Pauline Miller, Mildred Mindell, Loe Moran, Margaret Morris, Elaine Palmer, Curt Peterson, Herbert Pickett, John Quinlan, Eileen Seymour, Elliott Stewart, Janet Stone, Rene Vanryha, Henry Vincent, Betty Wilson. Produced by Charles B. Dillingham and Martin Beck.
  • (1924) Stage Play: Close Harmony. Comedy.
  • (1925) Stage Play: The Stork. Comedy. Written by László Fodor. Book adapted by Ben Hecht. Directed by Frederick Stanhope. Cort Theatre: 26 Jan 1925- Feb 1925 (closing date unknown/8 performances). Produced by Laurence Schwab and Frank Mandel.
  • (1925) Stage Play: Just Beyond. Drama. Written by Reginald Goode. Directed by A.E. Anson. National Theatre: 1 Dec 1925- Dec 1925 (closing date unknown/7 performances). Cast: Leslie Barrie (as "Norman Towers"), Alison Bradshaw (as "Nancy"), John C. Carlyle (as "King Billy"), Madelane Hartford (as "Maloga"), Cyril Keightley (as "Major Gerald Towers/Bill"), Wanda Lyon (as "Marjorie"), Frank Terry [credited as Walter Plinge] (as "Jack"), George Romain (as "Dr. Jan Koetbrock"), Horace Sinclair (as "Hon. Cecil Broughton/Dead Fish"), Zeffie Tilbury (as "Mrs. Towers") [final Broadway role], "Wally" (as "Wally"). Produced by Charles K. Gordon.
  • (1927) Stage Play: Piggy [Production changed name to "I Told You So" in the middle of the run]. Musical comedy. Book by Daniel Kusell and Alfred Jackson. Based on "The Rich Mr. Hoggenheimer" by Harry B. Smith. Choreographed by John Boyle. Music by Cliff Friend. Lyrics by Lew Brown. Musical Director: Louis Gress. Directed by William B. Friedlander. Royale Theatre (moved to Chanin's 46th Street Theatre from 7 Feb 1927- close): 11 Jan 1927- 19 Mar 1927 (79 performances). Cast: Leon Alton (as "Ensemble"), Elizabeth Anderson (as "Ensemble"), Rodolfo Badaloni (as "Signor Chali-oppin"), Hester Bailey (as "Ensemble"), Louise Barrett (as "Ensemble"), Gladys Baxter (as "Lady Mildred Vane"), Rosalind Bernard (as "Maid"), Sam Bernard (as "Piggy Hoggenheimer"), Billie Blake (as "Ensemble"), Norine Bogan (as "Ensemble"), Louis Bradley (as "Ensemble"), Vera Braund (as "Ensemble"), Sydelle Bry (as "Ensemble"), Bobby Campbell (as "Ensemble"), Claire Carroll (as "Ensemble"), Joan Carter-Waddell (as "Edna"), Lillian Clark (as "Ensemble"), George Clifford (as "Totsie"), Eddie Conrad (as "Monsieur Hohuho"), Dan Corbett (as "Valet"), Guerida Crawford (as "Ensemble"), John Crone (as "Deck Steward"), John Cronin (as "Mr. Shapiro"), Edith Davis (as "Ensemble"), Jerry Dryden (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy Duncan (as "Ensemble"), Frank Flynn (as "Ensemble"), Jack Ford (as "Ensemble"), Paul Frawley (as "Guy Hoggenheimer"), George Freeman (as "Ensemble"), George Frierson (as "Ensemble"), Bee Goldyn (as "Ensemble"), Ruth Grady (as "Ensemble"), Ruth Grant (as "Ensemble"), William Hale (as "Ensemble"), Mabel Hill (as "Ensemble"), Brooke Johns (as "Bobby Hunter"), James Jolley (as "Butler/Inspector"), Karin Keith (as "Ensemble"), Ethelyna Koski (as "Ensemble"), Norman Lanning (as "Ensemble"), Lottie Linthicum (as "Mrs. Hoggenheimer"), Natalia Lord (as "Ensemble"), Beresford Lovett (as "Lord Tyrone"), Wanda Lyon (as "Suzanne Fair"), Marion Marchante (as "Betty Marshall"), Louise McCoy (as "Ensemble"), Constance McKenzie (as "Ensemble"), Harry McNaughton (as "Honorable Cecil Puffington"), Jack Mead (as "Ensemble"), John Meehan (as "Ensemble"), Marcelle Miller (as "Ensemble"), Goodee Montgomery (as "Hotsie"), Jack Newlon (as "Ensemble"), Wilma Novak (as "Ensemble"), Isabel O'Dell (as "Ensemble"), Jimmie Ormonde (as "Ensemble"), Anita Pam (as "Ensemble"), Polly Ray (as "Ensemble"), Tom Riley (as "Ensemble"), Wilma Roeloff (as "Ensemble"), Peggy Shannon (as "Ensemble"), William Stewart (as "Ensemble"), Ruth Stickney (as "Ensemble"), Helen Warner (as "Ensemble"), Al Wilde (as "Ensemble"), Paul Winkopp (as "Second Man"), Betty Wright (as "Ensemble"). Produced by William B. Friedlander.
  • (1931) Stage Play: Rock Me, Julie. Drama. Written by Kenneth Raisbeck. Directed by James Light. Royale Theatre: 3 Feb 1931- Feb 1931 (closing date unknown/7 performances). Cast: Jean Adair (as "Janet Satterlee"), Thomas Coffin Cooke (as "Joseph Satterlee"), Betty Hanna (as "Stella Satterlee"), Purss"), Otto Hulett (as "Guy Dexter"), Wanda Lyon (as "Mrs. Archer/Satterlee"), Helen Menken (as "Charlotte Satterlee"), Paul Muni (as "Steven Moorhead"), Dorothy Sands (as "Winifred Satterlee Dexter"), James Spottswood (as "Archer Satterlee"), Barry O'Moore (as "Raymond Purss"). Produced by Morris Green and Lewis E. Gensler.
  • (1934) Stage Play: The Wonder Bar. Comedy. Written by Irving Caesar and Aben Kandel. From the German of Geza Herczeg and Karl Farkas. Lyrics by Irving Caesar. Music by Robert Katscher. Additional lyrics by Manuel M. Ponce. Additional music by J. Peterburski and Manuel M. Ponce. Directed by William Mollison. Nora Bayes Theatre: 17 May 1931- 29 May 1931 (78 performances). Cast: Auguste Aramini, Roman Arnoldoff, Hugo Brucken, Stuart Casey (as "Francois Vale"), Medea Columbara, Armand Cortes (as "Pascal"), Henry Crosby, Michael Dalmatoff, Adriana Dori, Prince Nikolas Engalitcheff, Antonina Fechner, Clarence Harvey, Leo Hoyt, Marie Hunt, Mohammid Ibrahim, Al Jolson (as "Monsieur Al"), Patsy Kelly (as "Electra Pivonka"), Wanda Lyon (as "Liane Duval"), Jean Newcombe, Dagmar Oakland (as "Billie"), Rex O'Malley (as "Ramon Colmano"), Laura Pierpont, Gustave Rolland, Adrian Rosely, Al Siegal, Vernon Steele, Elvira Trabert, Arthur Treacher (as "Lord Cauldwell"), Trini, Bertha Walden, C. Jay Williams. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert. Produced in association with Morris Gest. Note: Produced as an Al Jolson vehicle by First National Pictures (Warner Brothers) as Wonder Bar (1934). The film version was substantially reworked by Warner Brothers' screenwriter Earl Baldwin.
  • (1943) Stage Play: I'll Take the High Road. Comedy. Written by Lucille S. Prumbs. Scenic Design by Paul Morrison. Costume Design by Rose Bogdanoff. Directed by Sanford Meisner. Ritz Theatre: 9 Nov 1943- 13 Nov 1943 (7 performances). Cast: Jeanne Cagney, Len Doyle, Wanda Lyon [final Broadway role], John McGovern, Ethel Remey, Allan Rich, Angela Willard. Produced by Milton Berle and Clifford Hayman.

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