Happy 10th Anniversary!

Happy 10th Anniversary!
New York — Theater producer Robyn Goodman walked into the popular Broadway restaurant Angus McIndoe in mid-2003 and bumped into Nathan Lane, sipping wine.

He told her that he'd just seen her raunchy new downtown musical.

"You're not moving that to Broadway, are you?" he asked her in disbelief.

"Actually we are, Nathan," she told him.

Fast forward to the Tony Awards.

"Who hands me my Tony for the show?" asks Goodman, with a smile. "Nathan Lane."

The musical was "Avenue Q," the groundbreaking show that combined Muppet-style creatures with human actors to create something funny and dangerous, paving the way for "The Book of Mormon."

With its puppet-on-puppet sex, off-kilter songs like "It Sucks to Be Me" and general naughtiness, "Avenue Q" was a blast of tequila at a time when Broadway was safely drinking vino.

"Everyone in the business thought we were crazy," says Goodman, who would go on
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