‘Twins of Evil’ & ‘Countess Dracula’ Blu-ray Review

Hammer have had something of a renaissance on Blu-ray recently, with StudioCanal releasing a number of classic titles in new hi-def editions. And now, released as part of Network’s ‘The British Film’ collection, comes two of Hammer’s “sexier” films of the 70s: the infamous Twins of Evil, starring Playboy Playmates Mary and Madeleine Collinson; and Countess Dracula, which features a career-defining performance from Ingrid Pitt in the titular role.

Despite being made during Hammer early-70s fallow period, where the studio was running out of stories, out of budget and were being left behind by more “extreme” horror films and exploitation movies emanating from the Us (after all this was just after the release of Night of the Living Dead which ultimately changed the face of the genre forever), both Twins of Evil and Countess Dracula are beloved by fans of the studio, and with good reason.

Twins of Evil

Stars: Peter Cushing,
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The Blu-Ray Review: Goldfinger (1964)

Colin Jacobson reviews the James Bond classic in HD.

For my money, Bond never got any better than Goldfinger. The series got bigger and flashier, but no film ever portrayed the fun, action, and danger, and the high-tech nuttiness of the world of James Bond any more perfectly than this 1964 classic. This was the film that convinced me that Sean Connery was unquestionably the best Bond ever. It may sound like heresy, but for much of my life, I thought Roger Moore defined the character. It's a matter of timing. By the time I became interested in the series in 1979 with Moonraker, Connery had been without his license to kill for eight years and Moore was firmly ensconced in the role. Considering that these were the days before common and affordable VCRs, that meant that for all intents, Moore was Bond to my generation. We had very little experience with anyone else.
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