Eva Green Facts: 27 Things You (Probably) Don't Know About the 'Sin City' Star

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Eva Green never let her role as a Bond Girl typecast her, and, today, the actress is working more than ever.

After getting her start in an erotic Bertolucci film and breaking out in 2005's "Casino Royale," Green has played one captivating role after another. She was a standout in Tim Burton's poorly received "Dark Shadows" (2012) opposite Johnny Depp and is currently earning rave reviews for her mysterious and supernaturally-charged Vanessa in Showtime's "Penny Dreadful." This summer, she can be found as the sexy and manipulative Ava in Frank Miller's "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For."

From her famous relatives to her connection to President Nicolas Sarkozy, here are 27 things you probably don't know about Eva Green.

1. Eva Gaëlle Green was born July 6, 1980 in Paris, France to Marlène Jobert, a French actress, and Walter Green, a dentist.

2. Her last name is pronounced "grain" and is derived from the Swedish word "gren,
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Tele Images launches Levy's 'Be There' series

PARIS -- Prolific author Marc Levy is heading back to his native France for the launch of Tele Images' new series "Will You Be There?"

The four-episdode, 52-minute series, produced by Mai-Juin Production for Gallic network M6, already sold to Antena 3 in Spain, TSR in Switzerland and RTL TVI in Belgium after the first day of the MIPCOM market Monday.

Also available in a two-episode, 90-minute format for international sales, the series, written by Franck Philippon and directed by Miguel Courtois, follows its cast -- Cristiana Reali, Elsa Lunghini and Philippe Bas -- from Paris to the tropical jungles of Santo Domingo over the course of 20 years.

Old friends Courtois and Levy thought the story could best be told in a longer format, so they opted for a TV series rather than a feature film and collaborated throughout the production.

"To me, a director becomes an author the moment he chooses to tell your story among the millions of others around.

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