Virtual Recall (2010) Movie Review

“Virtual Recall” is a mind-bending, genre-blending thriller that combines romance, psychological drama and ambitious science fiction elements in an attempt to explore the theme of parallel universes. Adapted from the popular novel “Symbiosis” by Lam Wing Sum (who also wrote “Magic Kitchen”), the film draws upon the wormhole theories of Stephen Hawking, trying to add a little scientific reasoning behind its grand ideas. Directed by Cheung Hoi Ching (“Devil’s Vindata”), the film was headlined by Stephen Fung (“House of Fury”), Cherrie Ying (“My Left Eye Sees Ghosts”), and Tang Yifei (“Future X-Cops”), with support from Hong Kong regulars Tvb star Sammul Chan, Samuel Pang (recently in the “Ptu” spin off “Tactical Unit” series), Mandy Chiang (“Yes, I Can See Dead People”), and “Troublesome Night” veteran Simon Lui. The labyrinth plot follows Tang Yifei as top psychiatrist Dr. Xiao Tingqin, charged with trying to cure the mysterious and beautiful Shen
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