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Elaine Cassidy Interview – No Offence return + musical Strangeways Here We Come

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Right from its opening scene – where a suspect is chased under a bus and his head squashed like a jam doughnut – No Offence marked itself out as a gripping cop show like no other. The brainchild of ShamelessPaul Abbott, it smashes together lightning-paced police drama with dark comedy and lashings of soap opera. At the centre is impulsive detective constable Dinah Kowalska, played by Elaine Cassidy, who we caught up with on the phone ahead of the second series beginning tonight (January 4th) on Channel 4. Key to No Offence’s success, she told us, was the Paul Abbott factor.

“It is like when you really like a band and you are waiting for their next album,” she said. “No Offence felt like his next album after Shameless, even though he has written films and stuff since. Paul’s writing is unique. It is just about three degrees left of reality.
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Review: The Violators

This is the Pure Movies review of The Violators, directed by Helen Walsh, and starring Lauren McQueen (The Mill, Ordinary Lies) and Brogan Ellis (Waterloo Road) alongside Stephen Lord (Penny Dreadful, Shameless, Route Irish), Liam Ainsworth (Kajaki), Derek Barr (Pride) and newcomer Callum King Chadwick. The Violators is a wounding look at a young woman’s navigation through life whilst encountering dangerous men at every corner, chipping away at her hardened exterior. Bestselling author Helen Walsh (The Lemon Grove) has translated her interest in transgressive sexualities, gender and class onto film. With a female writer and director, and starring two female protagonists, The Violators is significant in a time where there is a perceived dearth of women film directors. The events of the story are shocking but the waves this film will make in terms of disturbing the male-dominated status quo of cinema will be more deeply felt.
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Interview with the creator and writer of Marcella, Hans Rosenfeldt

Kat Kourbeti chats with Hans Rosenfeldt, creator and writer of ITV’s hit crime series Marcella

You come from the world of Scandinavian crime television, which is quite beloved here in the UK. Were there any major differences between UK TV and Scandinavian TV? Any particular challenges at all?

There weren’t many differences actually. I thought it would be quite a different experience, but it was very similar to the ones I’ve had in Sweden – especially when it comes to what I do, the script process was very similar, with the different drafts etc. At a certain point the broadcaster comes in and starts giving us notes, then production is coming in, giving you notes, then meeting the actors… It’s all very much the same, I have to say. I think what was different was that the production itself was on a much bigger scale here in
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The Violators review – atmospheric lo-fi tale of unease and dysfunction

Novelist Helen Walsh’s film about a teenager rehoused after an abuse case is well-acted and forthright, if a little contrived

Novelist Helen Walsh makes an interesting debut as a writer-director with this atmospheric piece of lo-fi British social realism. It’s flawed by a slightly unconvincing and anticlimactic gun-related ending, but well acted, forthright and confident in the universe it creates. The action is moored to a triangle of dysfunction: teenage Shelly (Lauren McQueen) has been rehoused by social services after an abuse case and comes into contact with a menacing, manipulative pawnshop owner and loan shark, Mikey (Stephen Lord). He appears also to have some kind of relationship with Rachel (Brogan Ellis) and this now discarded young woman – from an upscale part of town – forms a strange, parasitic friendship with Shelly. The news that Shelly’s scary dad is coming up for parole smothers the whole movie with fear and jumpy paranoia. It’s a movie of watching and being watched. Rachel gets Shelly to do a runner from a restaurant, but it isn’t until later, when we appreciate how the waitress in that scene fits in to the larger picture, that we discern a pattern of resentment and revenge. That pattern is a little contrived, but it doesn’t stop this film ticking radioactively with unease.

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Movie Review – The Violators (2015)

The Violators, 2015.

Directed by Helen Walsh.

Starring Lauren McQueen, Brogan Ellis and Stephen Lord.


A dysfunctional girl becomes tangled in a series of events after becoming involved with a local womanising hard-man in the poverty-stricken suburbs of Birkenhead.

Helen Walsh is no stranger to the urban dystopia in and around the areas of Liverpool. Two of her novels (Once Upon a Time in England and Brass) use the same setting; The Violators represents her directorial debut and the first attempt to translate the environment to the big screen from paper.

The Violators centres on Shelly (Lauren McQueen), a dysfunctional yet caring sister to a younger and older brother. The haphazard family of three are surviving on the bread line in a typical council estate on the outskirts of Liverpool.

Shelly carries an air of disillusionment and absentness throughout the film, withdrawn from her environment, she and her brothers are living in fear of their Father who is in prison and is set to be released.

We are given a glimpse into the urban dystopia of Shelly’s environment, in what feels like a regression to the late 90’s era of Chav culture. The area is clearly deprived and this gritty habitat is wonderfully captured by Walsh is some scenes that revel in cinematic delight.

The Violators springs to life when Shelly and Rachel (Brogan Ellis) meet. Both are from contrasting backgrounds but share the same appetite for excitement and form an unlikely bond due to their lack of companionship and interest in the manipulative wheeler dealer hard-man Mikey (Stephen Lord).

What begins as charming soon becomes disastrous. Shelly becomes involved with Mikey, who offers his protection from the release of her father in exchange for sex.

As the film draws to a close the audience is left with a feeling a desperation that shapes Shelly’s inner-core… the desperation to seek a better life for herself and her brothers, the desperation to be happy and the desperation for normality.

The Violators is an attempt at trying to capture the bland, British dystopia like Richard Ayoade’s Submarine or John Michael McDonagh’s Calvary. Unfortunately the script is incomparable to both and the audience is left with a stereotypical interpretation of Britain’s Asbo class that is out-dated. There were moments of cinematic delight and Lauren McQueen’s performance oozed potential and promise.

Flickering Myth Rating – Film: ★ ★ ★ / Movie: ★ ★

Sam Narr
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Film Review: ‘The Violators’

Film Review: ‘The Violators’
An ironic pink heart dots the ‘i’ in troubled-teen tale “The Violators” — perhaps the sole playful touch in this stern, striking debut from British novelist-turned-helmer Helen Walsh. Treading ground initially derivative of works by Andrea Arnold and Pawel Pawlikowski before going on its own genre-tinged tangent, this study of adolescent desire and alienation across class lines takes its time nurturing a tensely ambiguous relationship between its two young female leads — alertly played by newcomers Lauren McQueen and Brogan Ellis — only to squander a measure of that intrigue on a blunt third-act twist. Early berths in Edinburgh and Karlovy Vary portend a healthy festival run for this auspicious arrival, though distributors may hold back.

The picturesque English county of Cheshire is not typically associated with hard urban realism, so it’s fitting that Walsh has chosen it as the locale for a story in which the working classes seem pointedly disregarded even by their nearest neighbors.
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Michelle Keegan has landed her first film role

Michelle Keegan has landed her first film role. The 27-year-old actress - who is currently starring in BBC drama 'Ordinary Lies' - is set to star opposite former 'Shameless' actor Stephen Lord in 'Strangeways Here We Come', a comedy drama about a loan shark's downfall. Stephen said: ''We are thrilled at being able to present Michelle Keegan her first film role and she is embracing her character, Demi, fully, testing herself as an actress and showing no signs of being afraid of getting down and dirty with the rest of our great cast...Michelle is very excited about the film and the challenge.'' Michelle,
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Film Review: ‘Default’

Film Review: ‘Default’
A group of Somali pirates try taking to the skies in “Default,” which portrays the negotiating crisis that ensues when American journalists are held hostage on a chartered plane in the African archipelago republic of Seychelles. An effectively tense thriller shot in found-footage fashion, Simon Brand’s feature is releasing simultaneously Oct. 17 at the Arena in Hollywood and on VOD. Its modest immediate prospects will be brightened by rising lead thesp David Oyelowo’s imminent higher-profile turns in “Selma,” “Interstellar” and “A Most Violent Year.”

After a prologue showing the tragic end of a hostage drama at sea, we meet a quintet working for the network “American News Corp., wrapping up a trip to an island off Africa’s west coast, where they’ve shot a puff piece on how to avoid “the perils of paradise” while traveling near foreign danger zones. The divide between the four crew members (Katherine Moenning,
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Default | Review

Piracy Politique: Brand Uses Topical Subject for Common Critique

Colombian born filmmaker Simon Brand cashes in on the current fascination with hijacking pirates for his latest film, Default, moving the action out of the water and onto a plane. Utilizing the aesthetic of the found footage genre, the perspective is almost exclusively from the camera of the news crew trapped in the hijacked plane. But rather than lending the film a tense, guerrilla style quality, this effect creates a rather visually unappealing, downright drab aesthetic. Moments of violence punctuate this rather overly talkative drama quite effectively, but it’s dismal, almost gimmicky cinematography cheapens the film.

A veteran news correspondent, Frank Saltzman (Greg Callahan), has just completed an assignment in the Seychelles. But after he boards a dilapidated, private plane with his crew, they are taken hostage by a quartet of terrorists led by the well-spoken Atlas (David Oyelowo). As
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Exclusive: David Oyelowo Has A Question In Clip From Thriller 'Default'

Before he goes to outer space in Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar," fights for civil rights in "Selma," and mixes it up in "A Most Violent Year," David Oyelowo is hijacking a plane in "Default." The movie finds the ever busy actor in thriller mode, and today we have an exclusive clip from the upcoming film. Co-starring Katherine Moennig, Jeanine Mason, and Stephen Lord, the Simon Brand-directed picture follows an American news crew whose flight is hijacked by Somali pirates. The gang's leader, played by Oyelowo, demands an interview with legendary journalist Frank Saltzman. When the journalist agrees, it soon becomes clear that there is much more at stake, and in the scene below, even a simple question has grave intentions behind it. "Default" opens on October 17th. Watch below.
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Check Out This Exclusive Batch Of Stills For Hostage Thriller Default

There are few filmic genres that get your blood pumping quite like a good hostage drama, thanks to the back-and-forth between characters and the inevitable double-crossing along with last-minute bargaining between the two or more parties. So, following the award-winning success of last year’s astute hostage drama, Captain Phillips, Amplify is hoping to recapture that specific air of tension with this year’s Default.

Billed as a claustrophobic thriller, the film largely takes place 35,000 feet in the air, where an american news crew find their plane hijacked by a gang of Somalian pirates. Led by Atlas (David Oyelowo), the terrorists seek to record an interview with renown journalist, Frank Saltzman.

Default was directed by Simon Brand — known for his work on Paraiso Travel and Unknown — and is said to hone the socio-political undertones found in Tom Hanks’ aforementioned thriller. Joining Oyelowo on the casting list is Jeanine Mason, Stephen Lord
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Watch David Oyelowo Terrorize & Hijack American Plane in Trailer For Africa-Set Thriller 'Default'

Default, directed by Colombian director Simon Brand, and picked up by the distribution company Wild Bunch, had its world premiered at the NY Colombian Film Festival this year at the end of March.   Described as a claustrophobic thriller, Default, focuses on the hijacking of an American news crew's plan on an African runway, and stars David Oyelowo as Atlas, a Somali pirate and leader of plane hijackers, who want to tape an interview with Frank Saltzman, the plane crew's newsman.  With a script penned by Jim Wolfe Jr. and Dan Bence, Default also stars Greg CallahanKatherine Moennig, and Stephen Lord. Joining Oyelowo, other actors of...
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New Once Upon A Time Season 3,Episode 11 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By ABC

New Once Upon A Time season 3,episode 11 official spoilers,plotline revealed by ABC. Recently, ABC delivered the new,official,synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming "Once Upon A Time" episode 11 of season 3. The episode is entitled, "Going Home," and it sounds like it'll be quite intriguing and intense as Peter Pan's curse could just kill off everyone, and more! In the new,11th episode press release: In the Winter Finale episode, the race is going to be on to stop Pan from enacting another curse on the residents of Storybrooke, which could kill every living soul in town. Guest stars will feature: Lee Arenberg as Leroy/Grumpy, Keegan Connor-Tracy as Blue Fairy/Mother Superior, Tony Perez as valet, Raphael Sbarge as Archie Hopper/Jiminy Cricket, Beverley Elliott as Granny, David-Paul Grove as Doc, Gabe Khouth as Mr. Clark/Sneezy, Faustino Di Bauda as Sleepy, Jeffrey Kaiser as Dopey, Michael Coleman as Happy,
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New Once Upon A Time Season 3,Episode 8 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By ABC

New Once Upon A Time Season 3,episode 8 official spoilers,plotline revealed by ABC. Recently,ABC dished out the new,official,synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming "Once Upon A Time" episode 8 of season 3. The episode is entitled, "Think Lovely Thoughts," and it sounds quite interesting and intense as Pan tries to manipulate Henry into giving up his life, Emma and company rush to the rescue, and more! In the new,8th episode press release: Pan will lead Henry to a secret cave, where he has convinced the boy that he alone can save magic and Neverland itself. But a showdown between good and evil is about to go down as Emma, Mary Margaret, David, Regina, Mr. Gold ,and Hook find themselves directly on a path to Pan in an effort to save Henry. In the meantime, back in the Fairy Tale Land that was, young Rumplestiltskin is going to be given
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Once Upon a Time's Robert Carlyle, Michael Raymond-James Talk Major Daddy Issues

If you thought Baelfire had daddy issues being the spawn of the Dark One, just wait until you get a look at Rumplestiltskin's (Robert Carlyle) childhood during Sunday's Once Upon a Time (8/7c, ABC.)

"Think Lovely Thoughts" will take viewers back to the fairy tale land that was, where a young Rumple (portrayed in flashbacks by Wyatt Oleff) has an even rockier relationship with his father Malcolm (Stephen Lord) than his present-day self has with Neal/Bae (Michael Raymond-James).

Once Upon a Time returns to Storybrooke!

"The relationship is not good," Carlyle tells "The father only cares about...

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Once Upon a Time Villains’ Pasts Revealed With Stephen Lord and Zuleikha Robinson

  • Boomtron
ABC’s Once Upon a Time and its spinoff, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, are both looking to expand the backstories of its more villainous characters, both of which will require some guest stars. On Once we have Rumplestiltskin, who has been going through a very tough time in the fantasy drama’s third season. We’re learning a lot about his past due to Peter Pan’s capture of Henry and the near death of his son, Neal. Wonderland, a new series, will get into the past of Jafar. This will be the first time we get a look into this villain, who has been causing trouble for Alice and the Knave as they go about trying to find the genie Cyrus.

According to TV Guide, Stephen Lord was cast as Rumple’s father, who was previously branded as a coward. Though he didn’t want to be
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Once Upon a Time First Look: Hugs and Kisses in Neverland — Plus: Hook's Past Revealed

Once Upon a Time First Look: Hugs and Kisses in Neverland — Plus: Hook's Past Revealed
As things get even more dire on Once Upon a Time‘s Neverland adventure, comforting hugs and kisses will be doled out, and we’ve got a sneak peek at the surprising pair sharing an embrace in this Sunday’s episode (ABC, 8/7c).

Related | Once Upon a Time Season 3 Casts Stephen Lord as Rumple’s Father

Meanwhile, in the Fairy Tale Land that was, Hook’s backstory is unveiled, as Killian Jones and his brother set sail to find a powerful indigenous plant that could help heal any injury.

Click through the gallery below for all that intel and more,
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TVLine Items: Lost Reunion in Wonderland, Once Casts a Dad, Walking Dead Ratings Dip and More

TVLine Items: Lost Reunion in Wonderland, Once Casts a Dad, Walking Dead Ratings Dip and More
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland will reunite Lost frenemies Sayid and Ilana when Zuleikha Robinson guest-stars on the freshman ABC drama.

Robinson, who during Lost Season 5 came onto and then cold-cocked/captured Naveen Andrews‘ alter ego, will appear in the Jafar-centric Nov. 7 episode as Amara, a powerful sorceress from Agrabah. Teases series cocreator Adam Horowitz, “Jafar had to learn magic from someone….”

Robinson’s other après-Lost roles include Homeland, Covert Affairs and The Mentalist. Wonderland airs Thursdays at 8/7c.

Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

• Speaking of Once Upon a Time, British actor Stephen Lord (EastEnders,
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Stephen Lord Cast in Fatherly Role on Once Upon a Time

  • TVfanatic
Once Upon a Time fans will soon meet the man behind Rumplestiltskin.

TV Guide confirms that British actor Stephen Lord (Shameless) will guest star on Once Upon a Time Season 3 as the father of a young Rumplestiltskin, the man whose cowardice initially inspired his son to go in the opposite direction… only for Rumplestiltskin to end up just like dead old dad when he faked an injury to avoid fighting in war.

Look for Lord to appear in flashbacks on the November 17th installment of this ABC drama and for viewers to delve even deeper into his troubled father/son relationship.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC

Did you catch last night's strong episode?
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Once Upon A Time season 3 episode 4 review: Nasty Habits

Review Kylie Peters 21 Oct 2013 - 06:37

Robert Carlyle's Rumple is centre-stage in this week's Once Upon A Time. Here's Kylie's review...

This review contains spoilers.

3.4 Nasty Habits

It’s a Rumple-centric episode this week, and that means quality. How could anyone complain with Robert Carlyle’s creepy giggles and weird hand spasms gracing our TVs? Nasty Habits is an overall solid offering, too, with plenty of the staple family drama that provides Once’s best emotional moments.

Searching for Henry on his own, Rumpelstiltskin (who put war paint on his face, for some reason) encounters his son Neal/Baelfire, and their reunion is at once joyful and wary, as Neal still hasn’t gotten over being abandoned by his dad as a teen. Though Neal comes off as a bit angsty this week, I think his attitude is justified. It’s a lot to ask Neal to simply get
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