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New NCIS New Orleans Episode 21,Season 1 Official Spoilers,Description Revealed By CBS

Recently, CBS released the new,official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming "NCIS: New Orleans" episode 21 of season 1. The episode is entitled, "You'll Do," and it turns out that we're going to see some very dramatic and interesting stuff go down as Lasalle's brother Cade is charged for killing his girlfriend, but Lasalle will stop at nothing to prove he's innocent, and more! In the new, 21st episode press release: Lasalle's Brother, Cade, Is The Lead Suspect In A Jefferson Parish Murder Case, And Lasalle Is Determined To Prove His Innocence. Press Release number 2: With no memory of the night before, Lasalle's brother, Cade, will turn to NCIS for help when he finds his girlfriend's body in the trunk of his car. Despite a mountain of evidence that implicates Cade, and the case being under Captain Jim Messier and Jefferson Parish jurisdiction, Lasalle is going to be determined to prove his brother's innocence.
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New NCIS Season 11,Episode 16 Intense Spoiler Promo Clip Hit The Net

New NCIS season 11,episode 16 intense spoiler promo clip hit the net. Last night,CBS released the new promo/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming "NCIS" episode 16 of season 1, and it appears to be very interesting as Tony's father shows up, eventually sees Tony have to shoot a man, and more! The episode is titled, "Dressed To Kill." In the new episode 16, Tony is going to confront a man impersonating a Navy officer,prompting guns to get pulled out and the perpetrator will be left dead. The subsequent investigation is going to uncover that the only eyewitness is Tony's father, who is in town to reveal a secret to his son. Guest stars are going to include: Robert Wagner (Anthony Dinozzo, Sr.), Bess Armstrong (U.S. Senator Denise O’Hara), Hugo Armstrong (NCIS Special Agent Eugene Coyle), John Livingston (Will Pritchard) , Aja Evans (Taylor), Desiree Hall (Jennifer Morrison), Everette Wallin (Navy
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New NCIS Season 11,Episode 16 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By CBS

New NCIS season 11,episode 16 official spoilers,plotline revealed by CBS. Recently, CBS released the new,official,synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming "NCIS" episode 16 of season 11. The episode is entitled, "Dressed To Kill," and it sounds like things will get quite interesting and intense as Tony Dinozzo gets involved in a major gun-filled situation, and more. In the new,16th episode press release: Dinozzo is going to be the subject of an investigation after guns are drawn and a man impersonating a Navy officer is left dead. Press release number 2: When Dinozzo confronts a man impersonating a Navy officer, guns are going to get drawn and the perpetrator will be left dead. The subsequent investigation is going to uncover that the only eyewitness is Dinozzo’s father, who is in town to disclose a secret to his son. Guest stars will feature: Robert Wagner (Anthony Dinozzo, Sr.), Bess Armstrong (U.
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2011 Stella Artois St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase starts this Saturday

Cinema St. Louis, our city’s non-profit cinema-related event planning group, will presenting its 11th annual St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase which begins this Saturday, August 13th at the Tivoli Theater (and ends with a party on the 18th at Blueberry Hill). The showcase, sponsored by Stella Artois Beer, is a chance for St. Louis-based filmmakers to show off their art. All of these films were written, directed, edited or produced by St. Louis natives or those with strong local ties. The 16 film programs that screen at the Tivoli from Aug. 14-18 serve as St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase.s centerpiece. The programs range from full-length fiction features and documentaries to multi-film compilations of fiction and documentary shorts. Many programs include post-screening Q&As with filmmakers. Watch for more coverage of this important local event here at We Are Movie over the coming days

Here’s the schedule:

Saturday, Aug.
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Star Leslie Simpson Talks A Reckoning

Horror fans everywhere should recognize the name “Leslie Simpson” from such favorites as Dog Soldiers, where he played Pvt. Terry Milburn, The Descent where he played one of the horrific Crawlers and Doomsday where he was Carpenter, one of the soldiers that were to escort heroine Eden Sinclair into the “Hot Zone”.

Well, forget about those excellent performances because Simpson has gone one Much better in his role as The Lone Man in writer/director Ad Barker’s A Reckoning (aka Straw Man). Whether the film is post-apocalyptic or the tale of a man who has taken himself out of society or simply the story of a man going insane, Simpson’s performance is nothing short of breath-taking. And the sad thing is is that so very few people have seen this film, to date. Hopefully That oversight is being corrected and quickly because A Reckoning Needs to be seen.
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Hollywood vet launches dream with 'Sex Tax'

Hollywood vet launches dream with 'Sex Tax'
When writer-producer David Landsberg invited friends to join distributors, sales agents and exhibitors for Thursday's screening of the low-budget, high-concept comedy "Sex Tax," his pitch wasn't just come to see the film but also to celebrate his life and the launch of his indie production company.

"What I told everybody is, 'Don't come to my funeral. Don't come see me when I'm dead,' " Landsberg said. " 'Come when I'm alive, when I'm doing something, not when I'm a little box of ashes.' "

It was pure Landsberg. After 35 years in Hollywood as a commercials and TV actor before moving behind the camera as producer and writer on "Herman's Head," "The Cosby Show," "Love Boat" and other series, Landsberg had suffered through several heart attacks -- an experience that changed his views about himself and the world.

"As a writer, I had been Tony Thomas' voice, Aaron Spelling's voice,
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[TV] Expedition Africa

As if attempting to undo the carnal sins perpetrated against the sanctity of television by I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!, Expedition Africa captures some glimpse of the truly savage visage of the outdoors while still giving reality tv junkies the “human drama” they so crave. Face it: I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! hasn’t a single redeeming factor. It wasn’t original as the basic blueprint comes from either Big Brother or Survivor. Nor was it daring or edgy as it took the basic premise of Fear Factor and put it in the middle of a jungle. The contestants never really had to worry about a force of nature endangering their lives as they may as well have been on a big set in a studio considering how many safeguards were in place. If you have to ask, yes, I would much
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Bones: Preview of "The He in the She"

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Last week on Bones, we followed the team in their quest to sort through the remains of a despised office manager, which was found in an elevator shaft. The team immediately set out to find out which employee was responsible for the murder and later discovers that the manager had more than enough complaints filed against him. We also saw Angela and Hodgins try to resolve their issues in the lab following their break-up.

Tonight, Bones returns with another new fourth season episode airing tonight at 8pm on Fox.

Spoiler Fix reports that on tonight’s episode of Bones, the team will set out to work on skeletal remains found in the Chesapeake Bay. To make things more complicated, only the upper torso of the victim is intact, leaving the team very little to work from, including the victim’s breast implants. Brennan and Booth head to a small church
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