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Alice Liu

United States .


Sue Lisa-Prostitute (Day Player) Dir: Amos Kollek
Sixteen Tongues (Sci Fi) Alik Silens-Geek Hacker (Lead) Dir: Scooter McCrae
Nowhere to Go But Up Restaurant Manager (Day Player) Dir: Amos Kollek
Stuido 54 Club Cashier (Day Player) Dir: Mark Christopher
Stepmom Ad Executive (Day Player) Dir: Chris Columbus
The Bumblebee Flies Anyway Mona Li (Day Player) Dir: Martin Duffy
New Rose Hotel Futuristic Geisha (Day Player) Dir: Abel Ferrara
The Empath Medical Examiner (Day Player) Dir: David Lowell Sonkin
Zoo Primate Medical Examiner (Day Player) Dir: Alexandra King
The Next Big Thing Poseur (Day Player) Dir: PJ Posner
City of Thieves Dance Director (Day Player) Dir: Jason Brandenberg
Wolf Party Guest (Day Player) Dir: Micke Nichols
The Giraffe (Meshugge) Bad Torch Singer (Day Player) Dir: Dani Levy (Germany)
Francis Hostage's Mother (Day Player) Dir: Angelika Monning (Germany)
The Last Aristocrats (Zui hou de gui zu) Wife (Day Player) Dir: Xie Jin (China)
King of New York Prostitute Dir: Abel Ferrara
Artful Dodgers Karen Dir: Takuo Yasuda (Japan)
Educated Mrs. Wang (Day Player) Dir: Georgia Lee
She Hate Me Oni's Girlfriend Dir: Spike Lee
Restaurant Street Hooker Dir: Eric Bross
People I Know Opium Girl Dir: Daniel Algrant
The Believer Neo-Nazi Recruit Henry Bean
Here Now Woman (Lead) Dir: Yunah Hong
Pride & Joy Ester (Principal) Dir: John Vidor
Strictly Business Secretary (Day Player) Dir: Kevin Hooks
To Hide and Seek Woman (lead) Dir: Suet-Yee Au (Susie Au) (Hong Kong)
Urban Romance Video Date (Day Player) Dir: Mark Bilgrey


Gothams (pilot) Psychic Mei Chang (Lead) Dir: Adam Burns
New York's New York King Kong Jr's Mother (Day Player) Dir: Mike Figgis
Deadline ("Red Herring") Butch (Day Player) Dir: Bob Berlinger (NBC)
The Beat (series premiere - "The Beat Goes On") Nurse (Day Player) Dir: Barry Levinson (UPN)
Law & Order ("Bitter Fruit") Karyn Sasabe (Recurring Day Player) Dir: Constantine Makris
Law & Order ("Mad Dog") Karyn Sasabe Dir: Chris Misiano
Law & Order ("Humiliation") Karyn Sasabe Dir: Matthew Penn
Sesame Street ("Maria in the Hospital") Nurse (Principal) Children's Television Workshop
Sesame Street ("Porridge Lovers Visit Sesame Street") Porridge Lover (principal/singer) Dir: Victor DiNapoli (CTW)
Buying a Landslide Studio Technician (Principal) Dir: Simon Curtis (BBC-TV)
MTV's Dysfunctional Family Lesbian Supreme (Principal) Dir: Tom Schween (MTV)
Another World Nina Kreiter (Recurring U5) NBC-TV
Another World Set Deisgner (U5) NBC-TV
Another World Announcer (U5) NBC-TV
Another World Reporter (U5) NBC-TV
All My Children Paramedic (Recurring U5) ABC-TV
One Life to Live Nurse Stevens (Recurring U5) ABC-TV
One Life to Live Luna's Fan (U5) ABC-TV
One Life to Live Coroner (U5) ABC-TV
One Life to Live Reporter (U5) ABC-TV
Loving Lab Assistant (Recurring U5) ABC-TV
ESL Television ("Hospital") Interpreter Lin Peng (Principal) Dir: Luis Argueta/City of NY


Legendary Siren Iva "Tokyo Rose" Toguri (Lead) Urban Stages/Soho Rep
Wrong Impressions Junko/Sandra/Yakuza Nuyorican Poets Cafe/5th Night


Let It Snow (Soundtrack) "Mary and May" (my music) Dir: Adam Marcus
Let It Snow (soundtrack) "a.k.a. Pocahontas" (my music) Dir: Adam Marcus
"I See the Dark" (music video) Self (Lead) Dir: Scooter McCrae
"Mary & May" (music video) Self (Lead) Dir: Don Gaile

Voice Over

NBC Olympics - Beijing 2008 ("Guo Jing Jing Profile") Guo Jing Jing Dir: Brian Brown
Dangerous to Know Anna May Wong & Filmmaker V/O Dir: Yunah Hong
Hiroshima Maidens (documentary) Hiroko (lead) Dir: Rosemarie Reed
Escape From China Li Yan/Filmmaker Dir: Irsi Kung/PBS - P.O.V. Series
NBC Olympics - Beijing 2008 ("China Beach Volleyball") Tian Ja/Xue Chen/Wang Jie Dir: Brian Brown
NBC Olympics - Torino 2006 Chinese Athlete NBC Sports

Video Games

Grand Theft Auto-San Andreas Horny Bag Lady Dir: Dan Houser/Navid Khonsari/Rockstar Games
Motocross Mania 3 Mei Kay Chan-Biker Take 2 Interactive


Producer, "I See the Dark" music video * * * Producer, "Mary & May" music video * * * Producer, "The Resemblance is Uncanny" album


Author, "The Hunter: A Middle-Aged Urban Zen Fable" * * * Author, "Bubba" Television Pilot Script & Comic Book * * * Author, "Elliot Dare: Agent of the Stars" Television Pilot Scipt * * * Author, "The Mighty Gwin" Television Pilot Script * * * Columnist, "The Comic Bible"

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