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Star Trek Continues Comes to a Classy Conclusion

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The best fan-made web-series has come to an end. To Boldly Go: Part 2 was released this week and it not only concludes the show in style, it also brings the 5-year mission of the Starship enterprise to a solid, entertaining end.

It was a bittersweet moment watching the final episode of Star Trek Continues. On one had, it was great to see this excellent series get wrapped up so well, but it was also sad to realize that there won’t be any further episodes. The purpose of the show was bridge the gap between the end of the classic 1966-69 TV series (“Turnabout Intruder” was the final original series episode) and big screen cinematic adventures, which it does very well. It was a great ride, while it lasted.

Vic Mignogna, the executive producer/writer, who portrays Captain Kirk on the show, explains what he wanted to accomplish with this last episode.
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Exploring The Twilight Zone #69: The Passerby

With the entire original run of The Twilight Zone available to watch instantly, we’re partnering with Twitch Film to cover all of the show’s 156 episodes. Are you brave enough to watch them all with us? The Twilight Zone (Episode #69): “The Passerby” (airdate 10/06/61) The Plot: A Confederate soldier rests for a spell on the front porch owned by Lavinia Goodwin – a widow who watches hundreds of soldiers pass by on their march home from the war. The Goods: Season 3 is shaping up to be the strongest season. There are iconic episodes from others, of course, but so far there’s been nothing but quality from the third outing, and it represents a kind of maturity in the writing (which has thankfully gotten away from padding huge chunks of the script) and in the kind of actors that they can hire to guest star. More than just a clever concept, this
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