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Marc Alan Fishman: Oh Captain, My Liberal, Commie, Black Captain

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Marc leans back on his heels as the audience hoops and hollers. His co-band leaders John Linnell and John Flansburgh wrap up their intro song, a peppy reprise of “Ana Ng.” The auditorium simmers down a tad as the music fades.

So… uhh… have you heard the news lately? Have you seen this? Seems that Fox News was amazed that Captain America wasn’t as pro-conservative as they’d thought. Have you heard about this? Yeah! It seems they missed the whole Civil War too!

The band hits a quick rim-shot and sting of “Doctor Worm.”

Ehh, don’t blame me if you didn’t laugh. My writers stink. And to totally honest, when I read this story I didn’t laugh either. Not only because it wasn’t surprising that Fox News blew something out of proportion without vetting their sources, but because I’ve never found that channel to be funny at all.
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Music: Music Review: They Might Be Giants: Join Us

On the commentary track for 2002’s Gigantic (A Tale Of Two Johns), They Might Be GiantsJohn Linnell wonders aloud whether the documentary will serve as the band’s tombstone. It was a valid concern—even for a band that deals so gleefully with death—and eerily prescient, considering Tmbg’s middling output following the film’s release. The weird, eclectic Join Us, however, serves as a refreshing corrective to years of kiddie albums and so-so grown-up discs, and reestablishes Linnell and John Flansburgh as geek-rock explorers of the highest order. The sparkling “Can’t Keep Johnny Down” kicks ...
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Blu-ray Review: Coraline 3D – Spooky Stop-Frame Animation That Doesn’t Talk Down To Children

For better or worse, in terms of entertainment this year is all about 3D. In a break from the blockbuster norm, the likes of Martin Scorsese, Wim Wenders and Werner Herzog have made movies in the format, prompting new cries of its coming of age as a respectable art form. Elsewhere, advertising for Nintendo’s new 3Ds games handheld has been ubiquitous, whilst Sky continues to tout its 3D TV subscription service with almost religious fervour. Meanwhile, consumer electronics companies are shouting increasingly loudly about their latest range of 3D capable displays and Blu-ray players.

Before 2011 is over, the chances are that we may be closer to knowing whether James Cameron’s most recent claim – that conversion to stereoscopy will be total within five years – is at all credible.

In keeping with this theme, recent months have seen a great volume of stereoscopic Blu-ray back catalogue titles released in the UK,
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They Might Be Giants return with another DVD/CD for children

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  They Might Be Giants have returned with more kids' music, with the forthcoming release of "Here Comes Science," a full-length animated DVD movie and album. The 2-disc set will come out exclusively via Amazon and iTunes on Sept. 1, with the rest of retailers getting dibs on Sept. 22. The duo -- John Flansburgh and John Linnell - will be updating their iTunes podcast with new tunes and video clips from "Here Comes Science" starting in August, and will follow up its release with a full-blown tour this late summer and fall. The project has a little chutzpah behind it,...
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