Fargo Season 3, Episode 2 Review: The Principle of Restricted Choice

Fargo has a history of bleak, black humor and sudden, shocking violence, which is key to its grimdark charm. So, if you thought dropping an air conditioner on a man's head from three stories up was a wee over-the-top, even for this show... welp, this may not be the week to invite grandma and the little ones over for a screening.

If last week's episode was pure table setting, this week we get delicious appetizers, as the tension rises and the conflicts are cranked a little tighter, yet very little actually transpires. We're introduced to a few new minor characters, such as Irv the attorney (Hardee T. Lineham) and Moe the new police chief (Shea Whigham), plus a pair of V.M. Vargas' "associates," who aren't nearly interesting as last season's mute Kitchen Brothers -- I assure you, what they lack in personality they more than make up in menace.
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Fargo Season 3 Episode 2 Review – ‘The Principle of Restricted Choice’

Shaun Munro reviews the second episode of Fargo season 3…

If Fargo‘s season premiere left a prevailing feeling of deja vu, the follow-up moves a little further away from the familiar, even if the key beats are still distinctly Fargo, and this is very much the lethargic second episode the show has essentially made its signature at this point. Like its predecessors, season three will clearly be a marathon rather than a sprint.

Instead of diving straight into the central Emmit-Ray setup, the episode begins by focusing on Gloria’s investigative plot-line, all while introducing two new cop characters, Gloria’s somewhat bumbling, possibly-comic-relief partner Donny (Mark Forward), and stern police Chief Moe Dammick (Shea Whigham).

Perhaps the most interesting revelation here is that Gloria is essentially a Luddite, harbouring a fear for technology and running a low-tech police station which Dammick understandably balks at. It’s an unexpected, refreshing route with Gloria’s characterisation,
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